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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2009 on The CW

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  • Confussion

    I loved this episode except for being confused. I was have way thinking Clark was not on the plane... after all, Clark does not drink!!!
  • A hospitalized Jimmy sees Davis commit murder--or is it the drugs talking? Davis has a unique way of controlling Doomsday, and Clark may have to reveal his secret to Tess to save her when their plane is disabled.

    Some shows that are on eight years grow stale, show the writers are running out of ideas, or otherwise make you shake your head and remember it "when it was good." Smallville is not one of those shows, and Turbulence proves the point. The title refers, of course, to Clark and Tess' plane trip, but it can sure refer to what happens to Jimmy as well, with his witnessing first a murder committed by Davis, then later a long embrace by Davis and Chloe. There's no small amout of turbulence in his angry breakup with Chloe either. In fact, the Jimmy Gone Wild/Davis the Villain Slayer storyline is as every bit an 'A' plot as is Clark and Tess' plane trip. It was one thing to watch, and shake our heads, as Lex did things we knew would only lead him to become the sinister Superman foe of legend. It's quite something else to watch Jimmy rant at Chloe, take four pills at once, knowing he's only supposed to take three in an entire day. It's also something else to see Davis reason that it's ok to murder common criminals if that's what it takes to keep Doomsday at bay. Unlike Lex, we know Jimmy's not destined to go to the Dark Side, and there's no reason Davis has to either. They can still be saved (well, at this point, anyway). But the road to salvation is not the ones they are on. And then there's the little matter of Tess and her interest in Clark's secret. She scoffs at Lex's friendship with Clark, telling Clark it was just obsession. She does this while trying to build trust with Clark, and feeding her own growing obsession with him. She even goes to the extreme measure of placing her life, and Clark's in grave danger (should Clark actually BE a normal man) with the bogus plane trip. Yes, Smallville has been around many years, and for the obvious reason--Superman doesn't begin his career at 50--it can't last much longer. But it sure doesn't feel old or tired, and it will be one of those handful of series we'll watch from beginning to end more than once.
  • WAY Too Many References.

    Ok so it's great that this show has been able to last for 8 seasons, and it's because of this that I find myself in the same situation as a lot of you fans out there. I watch, not because it's so great, but mostly because I'm loyal to the show, and want nothing more than to see it ended right. Some moments are amazing, and others are flat. I don't know what it is that I've been paying attention to all these years, but it wasn't until this episode that I noticed how awful the dialogue is; almost to the point where it's painful to watch. Case in point:

    1) Cloe makes a reference to "America's Next Top Model" when talking about clarks' Transformation.

    2) Cloe Makes a reference to "Highschool Musical" (This one just about made me cringe, but I guess it is the CW after all)

    3) Tess makes a reference to "Nip/Tuck" on the plane.

    4) Tess makes a reference to E "True Hollywood Story" on the same plane. Which leads me to ask the question: for someone trying to uncover Clarks Deep secrets, Running a company as big as the Daily planet as well as Lex's other assets, how and when exactly does Tess Mercer find the time to catch-up with Nip/Tuck and E-True Hollywood Gossip (leave that to the actual reporters)

    Last, but not least, there were way too many Cinderella references in this episode, and I don't know who Florence Nightingale is; another reference I think should have been edited out.

    Overall, it was an ok episode. It was pretty Hilarious how many times Davis practically pulled one over Jimmy. Scene with Cloe and Jimmy at the end, Strong as always. Allison Mack is an acting prodigy who is not only good, but she's done enough camera work that she knows how to Nail every single shot; which is why she gets the majority of the face time in every scene that she's in. Clark "Jumping" out of the plane with Tess looked like a really cheap computer game from the 90's...He looked like a small speck of dust in the air, but I can understand if the special effects department didn't want to waste their recently acquired stimulus package on bad writing.
  • This ep was alright, but honestly, did anything relevant happen? Sure there was some character building with Davis and Jimmy and Chloe broke up which made good side plots, but Clark's story; completely irrelevant. New writers are definitely overdue.

    These writers are way past their expiry date which apparently was at the end of 2008 because ever since the beginning of the new year not a single episode which has aired deserves 9/10 or higher, and trust me folks, 8/10 for smallville is embarrassing. Smallville's been on a dry streak ever since the Bride episode. Yeh it's OK to have a couple weak episodes per season, but now they're exaggerating. Most people think that season 7 was the worst season, but season 7 was not only sick, but at this point in time the plot was building up to something intense with the death of Lionel Luthor, and Lex and Clark racing to solve the secret of Veritas) This season they've flooded the show with too many meaningless side-plots featuring the whole Davis Bloom/Doomsday story. They need to stop teasing us with these below average episodes and make the show more intense and interesting, cause right now it's slowly dying because there's no rising action, and whenever there is, it doesn't lead to anything meaningful.
  • Oh boy.

    It is clear that nobody on Smallville - the cast, the writers (Clark gets Tess drunk!), the director (this is very slackly paced, not a usual problem on the show) - can be bothered with the show anymore. Those of us who are sticking with it are only doing so out of a sense of misguided loyalty and that we really want to see, after all the misery and violence and stupidity we've been subjected to (seasons 4,5, 7 and 8), some kind of happy, or at least hopeful, climax to let Clark Kent go off into the sunset and future super-deeds. However, writers without ideas cannot think positively and American shows are required by law to be 'dark' and 'edgy'. So, there won't be a happy ending and while the 'creative' forces tread water Smallville will continue to embarrass everyone involved with it.

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  • Very intense.

    It was a good story. Two different plotlines (Clark with Tess, Jimmy with Davis and Chloe). Some people are bashing the show, saying things like '...I don't know why I am still watching this show, writers are bad, etc etc...'.
    These people don't miss a single episode and after the very end of each one come running to this site to write their crap review. I think these bad reviews to be very funny, because they talk so much nonsense...
    Must be because these people knows everything about the comic character and they know how to produce and tell a story, huh? And let's not forget that mostly they are teenagers trying to pose as very reasonable adults, hahaha...
    I know when an episode is good or not. Every time I read a bad review - even when the episode is not good - I laugh and laugh and laugh...what else to do?
  • What an amazing episode

    Much better than I thought. So many things going on here. The Chloe+Jimmy marriage is over, Jimmy knows what Davis done, Clark is embracing his double identity, Jimmy quit the daily planet and told Tess to meet Davis. Jimmy was the man. He's not putting up with Chloe's stupidity anymore. Tess is appearing good, but really has the "Lex" motives. Can't wait for the upcoming episodes to see what else happens between Tess and him. I'm blown away by how good these episodes are getting. I'm back loving Smallville. Season 8 is on fire and there's no sign on it stopping.
  • love triangle

    "Turbulence" is an interesting episode of Smallville that focus on the love triangle of Chloe, Jimmy, and Davis. Chloe seemed a little out of character to pick sides, Davis over Jimmy. Jimmy sees Davis killing people and warns Chloe what Davis is doing but she does not believe him. She thinks the medicine is making him disillusional. There is one scene where he has Davis tied up in a street and hits him with a weapon. Then, he calls Chloe to see what Davis is up to. Davis eyes turn red and is close to turning into Doomsday, Chloe zaps Jimmy with some kind of taser. Later, they go to a hospital and Jimmy says, "You first pick Clark over me and now you pick Davis. You pick Davis over your husband." This episode leads me to believe that Chloe is under Doomsday's power and Jimmy or Chloe could die at the end of the season.
  • I watch it only because I've been a fan for years...

    I mean, who's Tess? How did she end up as Lex Luthor's replacement? I don't think it was properly explained and she just ended up as an alleged new "villain" who tries to be as charismatic as the eternal Alexander Luthor..

    Smallville has been always like major season finales with interesting twists and compelling cliff hangers (of course with everything going back to normal in the first episode of the season.. but who cares, right?) but now.. I feel lost.. and like one review said already.. the doomsday plot is what keeps the show floating because Tess wanting to find out Clark's secret is a boring deja vu..

    Dunno why Erica Durance ain't signed for a full season but I like seing her on screen. Not only for her good looks but the Lois Lane character is sort of a mix of Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan.. I mean, a good sidekick.. not only good, but interesting to watch..

    Anyways, it feels like they ran out of ideas and are just doing random stuff til the season finale where doomsday and clark will battle and Clark would leave for the world.. that if Smallville hadn't been renewed for a ninth season.. so I guess it'll just end up with Clark lying on the ground half dead or something..

    When you can guess what will happen next.. it shows that the show has ran out of juice...
  • Nothing Special.

    This wasn't a bad episode, but it feels like they are running out of ideas...again somebody suspects Clark has powers, again testing him...enough with this crap. Lucky us that they didn't bring back Lana...

    The doomsday plot is what keeps this season floating but I really think they should start considering a series finale...
    I really think that this show should start thinking about other plot lines or just end before it starts looking like Heroes or god forbid prison break with insane plotlines and insulting twists. Clark is really starting to sound like a broken record with his lines. I know what he is about to say before he opens his mouth. It's one of this shows that you watch only to see the special affects in the last 10 minutes...
    I think they are getting seriously close to the point where we want to see Batman around...
    And BTW previous seasons were pretty good but I think the fact that Michael Rosenbaum left and Kristen Kreuk should have told the writers that the whole thing is becoming boring...
    Get some new ideas or get the Superman suit on Clark and send him flying away from TV...
  • So Tess is givin us signs that she knows Clark's secret. She invites him on her private jet to get an exclusive on her appearance in LA. Back home, Jimmy is going crazy thanks to Davis. Long story short, Clark saves the day and no more jimmy and chloe.

    Is it just me or was Chloe's role in this episode way out of character. She has been feeling guilty abut the whole doomsday sending jimmy to the ER and kissing Davis and what does she do, she hits Jimmy in the head and sides with Davis?? What the hell? Chloe was really holding everything together throughout the past episodes but this sent her to the list. The list of disappointing performances, Lois and Lana are very popular on the list because their character is constantly switching roles. Chloe has always been a great character, fortunately, I'm sure she'll bounce back in the next episode. Oh, and whats with the misleading us to believe that Clark was going to fly. I was bummed to see that they didn't take the opportunity to get Clark airborne yet again. The end of the season is approaching and it would be great to see Clark fly. please. that's what makes him super.
  • Clark Klent is still trying to desperately become a grown-up in a man's world while Jimmy Olson proves that sometimes being a man isn't enough to defeat a monster.

    After last week's weak episode, I was desperate for a well-written, exciting Smallville episode. I got my wish. And the reason I know this episode was a good one was because I ended up watching it at midnight after a Friday night spent partying like I was almost 21 again. And I say almost because by the time we reach 40+, none of us really can remember what it felt like to be 21 and "dangerous." C'mon, for those of you, like me, leaning toward the darker side of the great dirt nap, keep it real and have that too often delayed honest moment with yourself. And this leads me to my next highly relevant point: Clark Kent's honest moment with himself is long overdue!

    Watching Clark and Tess on the plane, I could not help but to think that Clark KNEW that Tess KNEW that he KNOWS that she KNOWS his secret! C'mon, people, this isn't high school anymore! It would have been much more exciting for Tess to jump from the plane and have Clark be forced to jump after her in order to save her. The manner in which the scene played out suggests that maybe Tess isn't all the way certain that Clark has super powers. But we, the audience, are also led at the same time to believe that she is VERY certain; hence, the whole conversation Clark has with Chloe at the end of the episode. It is time for Clark to quit pretending he's in high school and for the writer's to let him grow up and deal with a real world in which some know for certain that he is Superman! It's been 8 seasons already!

    As for Chloe and Jimmy, I kept watching Aaron Ashmore wishing that Tom Welling could act as well as this guy. Aaron is amazing in his ability to make you forget that you are watching someone "play" Jimmy Olson. I actually felt for the poor guy as Chloe kept playing him while entertaining yet another desire to get her freak on with another man. First, Clark and now the Doomsday guy. By the way, enough with the red lipstick on the actor playing Doomsday – and bring back more shots of this guy walking around without his shirt on. Can we say Super Hot? I'm not motivated enough to confirm who the actor is that's playing Doomsday because I'm finding his performance a bit "one note." He's playing creepy and that's all he's playing. I think folks are most creepy when they make you forget that they really are creepy. C'mon, show me why Chloe might really want to fall in love with you and leave Jimmy.

    And finally, I missed Lois. Didn't you?

    Peace Out!
  • Not much happens this episode. You see Clark use his powers a little, but this was definately the Jimmy Chloe show, with a little bit of Davis thrown in.

    THough not one of my favorite episodes, Turbulence is much better than some of the past episodes. Aaron Ashmore, as Jimmy Olsen, shined this episode. We finally get closure on the CHloe Jimmy relationship as well, and we also learn that Tess is trying to discover Clark's secrets just as Lex did.

    Overall not bad, but when comparing this show to its later sibling, Supernatural, not even close. I like both shows, but Supernatural is going above and beyond to be better, where Smallville is remaining stagnant. Like I've said in other reviews, Smallville has gone on way too long. Eight years, and now it has been given the green light for a ninth season. THis is way too long for this series, but I'll continue watching to see where it finally leads.
  • Davis continues to fight the beast within, and comes into conflict with Jimmy. Chloe suffers heartbreak. Tess puts Clark to the test at Flight Level 350.

    Got Tess back (good!), lost Lois (bad!) Of the two storylines, the Chloe-Davis-Jimmy line was more interesting, and intense. Mr. Ashmore really came out well in this conflict - showing more acting ability and character maturity than he has had a chance to do for some time - even if the basis was his insecurity over Chloe's relationship with Clark (get over it!) and now Davis (trust her!). The scenes of Jimmy and Davis caused lots of questions about which were reality and which were Jimmy's drug-induced hallucinations - excellent writing. Not so excellent is the plausability of Jimmy in enough pain to require heavy doses of medication, but later feeling well enough to run around in the hospital and out to the ambulance stand.

    Interesting that Davis is shown as quelling his inner beast through Chloe's touch - this apparently is a manifestation of her healing power - so it's back! None of the other reviewers mention that, so maybe I'm seeing something that isn't intended in the script. We'll have to see what the producers intend - is it a future storyline? She moves ever closer to discovering his secret, and the end of the season approaches, so she's going to catch on soon. That should end her unwitting support of Davis, but he's going to continue seeing her as a hope for his salvation.

    How will the Chloe - Jimmy split be resolved? Looks like a chance for some relationship intervention by Clark, who needs to hear from Jimmy about his suspicions of Davis, while he also reassures Jimmy about Chloe's intentions. And if Lois gets back in the cast soon, she should be counseling Jimmy, too. I can't see this marriage ending, unless the strategic plan for Chloe is eventual elimination - and that won't be popular with me. For Chloe, failing to tell Clark about Jimmy's delusions about Davis seems out of character, and an omission that could threaten Clark even more in a future episode.

    The Tess - Clark trip revealed that she knows far too much about his abilities, to the point of risking their lives just to test him. And she hauled him off to the bizjet without even giving him a chance to pack a toothbrush? She almost seemed romantically attracted to him - and he wasn't totally distant, but of course this prospect will go nowhere. Their discussion about secrets is the first post-Rosenbaum scene about Lex that did not seem forced or gratuitous.

    I was impressed by the aircraft scenes - good special effects, disregarding the lapse in the physics of rapid decompression, lack of noise, and the probable plunge of the aircraft after most of the flight station is blown away. Oh, well, the rest was good - except for the omission of Clark's landing with Tess-in-arms. Dang! Was it just a slow descent? Or almost...flying?? And will Oliver's feelings for Tess overcome his annoyance at losing a $50 million Gulfstream G-5? She got no return-on-investment either, except a continuing suspicion that Clark is special. Surely there are cheaper ways to test him - such as the sword thrust at Clark by Lex several seasons ago. Despite her claims to Clark to be trustworthy, we later see her paying off the G-5 pilot, a scene right out of Michael Rosenbaum's playbook.

    "Turbulence" is a pretty good episode - better on a second viewing. Not a classic, just a continuation of the Davis-Doomsday struggle. The Jimmy-Chloe breakup could be easily re-wound next week, but if not, it's a more significant episode, if not a must-see. Re-run rating C+.
  • Lol....I was so glued to the tele......

    That was a good one all had me all waiting on Clark to fly.....but I guess his first time will be with Lois his true Wow I wonder how many others were glued to the tele like I anyway it was a great show and I'm so glad that you have developed Davis the way you have I can see where you are going with this....Doomsday has a time fighting who he is and also his version of justice and Clark doing his duel identity thing the two will clash and its going to rock Thursday night!!! I see Chole being killed in the mist of this fight and Doomsday going really postal...and I'm so glad that you gave Jimmy a back bone, but I'm not quite sure where he's going to go from here. You can not make him into a vigilante he's not supposed to have that much back I luv this show. Tess is playing a dangerous game, but I don't see her making it much longer cause the real lion of the keep is coming back to take his rightful place. Well until next time.
  • To fly or not to fly?

    I must say this episode was a great improvement over last week and even though I knew Clark wasn't going to fly I still felt disappointed that he didn't. The CW needs to stop being so misleading in their trailers, they did the same thing last year and we all thought Clark was going to fly. But In a recent promo has me think flight may come soon enough. Anyway while Clark wasn't really the main focus of the episode that honour goes to Jimmy and Davis. I was starting to think we weren't going to see Jimmy again because it had been what? 5, 6 episodes? but With his rerurn appearance aaaron Ashmore really showed some great acting ability. I like the fact that he stood up to Chloe and I know this may sound horrible but I hope they get divorced. I mean I could tell that the marriage wasn't going to last. I was hoping that Jimmy would take off his wedding ring and give it to Chloe and then walk away. Davis was also a great part of the episode, trying to keep the monster closed by killing people, even though he had the best intentions. Then he realized that Chloe calmed him down enough that he didn't transform. This was great and I'm really looking forward to next week.
  • Tess invites Clark to a press conference in NY, but an explosion forces Clark to try and save her without revealing his powers.

    Turbulence suggested we may get a glimpse of Clark flying for the first time as himself and not his alter-ego, Kal-El. While this didn't come to pass the episode was an exciting one, paticularily for Doomsday storyline and the Jimmy/Chloe relationship. More of a subplot then the main plot, Clark and Tess aboard the ship allowed for some more private and intimate scenes with Tom Welling and Cassidy Freeman. In delving into Tess' backstory a little, Cassidy showed some strong acting skills and the strength of the chemistry between her and Welling is beginning to show. The decision to make Tess more of a mixed character then an out right villain is an interesting choice and her intentions and plans in finding trying to find out Clark's secret are not layed out in stone. Her motivations are unknown, making for an interesting relationship between the two characters. The main plot of the story was the Doomsday arc. Sam Witwer seems to be really throwing himself into the role these past two episodes and is showing alot of promise as an actor. The Chloe/Davis/Jimmy triangle is heating up, not as a love relationship, but more as a trust issue. Doomsday's arc is taking an interesting route and seeing the conflict Davis is going through to his inner demon is pretty interesting writing. The real star of this episode however, is Aaron Ashmore. Getting chance to show his true acting chops, Aaron plays the angry and determined Jimmy extremely well, His final scene with Allison Mack is heartbreaking but also, in some senses, a moment for cheer to finally see Jimmy stand up for himself and call Chloe on her inability to choose others over him. Aaron played that scene amazingly. Again, the special effects were pretty impressive this weeks, with the plan crash being a rather exciting scene. Smallville is really getting excting this season and while flightless Clark disappointed, the story and the where the characters are going is more than making up for it.
  • ''Ashmore finally gets to strut his stuff, and it's refreshing to see the writers give his character some much needed back-bone''

    It's a welcomed return to form for Smallville, with some great character moments, and rather shockingly, the majority of them coming from a character so underused you often wonder why they have him on the show at all - Jimmy.

    Ashmore finally gets to strut his stuff, and it's refreshing to see the writers give his character some much needed back-bone; his scenes with Davis played out wonderfully, with the majority of the episode maintaining an unusual amount of conflict between everyone involved.

    It's funny, because the promo solely emphasised Clark's in-flight troubles with Tess, and yet I found the scenes, which were handled well, to be a complete distraction from the more compelling storyline involving Chloe, Davis and Jimmy. Nevertheless, it was an interesting verbal spar between Clark and Tess, and it's always good seeing a more resourceful Clark in times of panic.

    Tess, meanwhile, reveals some rather disturbing and unfortunate background about her childhood, but I can't help but wonder, given that she lied about the parachutes, if it was all just an elaborate ploy to play on Clark's emotions. As well as looking as good as ever, there's still a gigantinormous question mark hanging over her head - she attempts to reassure Clark she's not like Lex, but she almost seems to be equally obsessed with Clark.

    The direction in this episode was masterfully executed. It was an admittedly talky episode from Smallville, but it was exceptionally paced and generally speaking, the scenes involving Davis were very stylistically done. That shot where Davis is transforming, with Chloe arching over his shoulder, was fantastic looking.

    Overall, it's a solid episode all round, but by no means perfect, For every gutsy showdown between Jimmy and Chloe, there's a cheesy it-has-to-be-raining-to-be-dramatic montage to undercut the tension. Oh, and, just to show how over the line Jimmy has gotten, he's taken 4 pills instead of the recommended 3 a day. So badass!

    - As with all of this talk of Double Identities, I can't help but think Chloe...isn't exactly Chloe...traces of Brainiac still reside within her?

    - Am thrilled Clark is actively saving as many as he can (too bad we don't get to see any of it).

    - The Plane and jump FX shots were fantastic for a season with half its budget cut.

    - Doomsday looked a bit too silly when in full sight, a bit too rubbery. Having said that, that delusional sequence was really cool.

    - Yes this episode had a lot of moody, atmospheric moments, but the score was dreadful, often unintentionally hilarious (check out the scene where Chloe and Davis hug, it's horrid).
  • Jimmy is brought back to Metropolis. He witnesses David kill a guy. Davis lies about Jimmy's pain medication, and everyone believes Davis. Meanwhile, Tess stages a plane crash in order to find out more on Clark. Clark saves Tess.

    This is one of those episodes that makes my head hurt. I am not a Chloe Sullivan fan, and this was Chloe overkill. About 80% of the episode was devoted to the Chloe/Jimmy/Davis storyline. This show is about Clark Kent, not Chloe Sullivan. Clark should be the focus of the series not Chloe. And where was Erica Durance? She has now been M.I.A. in five of the last six episodes. That is being stupid. Back to Chloe and Jimmy, I really can't blame Jimmy for going off on her at the end of the episode. She didn't seem to even consider that he might be telling the truth. The only thing is, I would not have broken them up again. The relationship with Jimmy is the only thing that really makes Chloe tolerable for me. If I were writing, I would have had Jimmy ask for some space, have Chloe send Clark to find him, have Clark reveal to Jimmy that he doesn't trust Davis either, and they make a pact to keep an eye on him. Anyone else think that Sam Witwer looks like the WWE's Randy Orton? The secondary storyline involving Clark and Tess was more interesting to me. She almost had me buying that she was playing it straight with him. It should be interesting rest of the season to see how this storyline plays out.
  • Matters of trust

    Those who prefer episodes devoted to Clark will likely dislike this one. That's too bad, because it's easily one of the darkest episodes in recent memory. This is the disintegration of the relationship between Jimmy and Chloe, and it has everything to do with Jimmy's well-established jealousy streak. Jimmy was willing to get over Clark (for the most part), but Davis is another story.

    Jimmy's not completely aware of what has passed between Chloe and Davis; if he was, his reaction would have been a thousand times worse. As it is, when push came to shove, Chloe chose to believe Davis over him. It doesn't matter that Chloe has every reason to question Jimmy based on what she's seen and what she's been told.

    In other words, Davis did an incredibly good job of using Jimmy's already fragile psychological state against him. Frankly, I didn't think the writers would go as far as they did, even if in retrospect, it made perfect sense. Jimmy was the one on the pain medication, not Davis, and Davis was in the perfect position to cover his tracks. And with Jimmy quickly succumbing to addiction to painkillers, he's not exactly going to be in a position to get others on his side.

    The implications are not pretty. It's unlikely to push Chloe towards Davis, but it does give Davis a reason to pursue his own interest in her. After all, he had to realize that she was a calming influence on him, and that alone is a reason for him to want her around. At least, that applies as long as he wants to hold back the worst of his destructive urges. Once his deadly crime-fighting spree is exposed and his tenuous hold on a normal life is over, it's unlikely that he would bother with self-control.

    This is also another instance in which the writers foreshadow Chloe's death at the hands of Doomsday. It's happening with enough frequency that it might actually feel like a cheat if she manages to survive the end of the season. Then again, the writers have been toying with the audience expectation of Chloe's eventual death for so long that this might be just another example to prove the rule.

    Clark's part of the episode was far less impressive in comparison. While it was interesting to see Tess try to worm her way into Clark's confidence, especially now that she and Oliver have taken firm control of LutherCorp, there was little chance that it would work. Especially after Clark came to the conclusion, in the previous episode, that hiding his identity is paramount.

    If nothing else, this episode has helped to bring the season back on track. The ill-advised Lana mini-arc is behind them, and they can focus on everything that was so promising at the beginning of the season.
  • Nice to have characters back

    It was a good episode, Clark is developing his ability to fly, which is one of the best know things Superman can do. And we are getting to know Tess Mercer a little bit better… or not? Is she good or is she bad? I honestly don't know but its intriguing.

    Finally Jimmy is back, but he had to take all the bad vibe from Davis and yes, from Chloe too. I don't blame him for being mad at her, lets face it she has never trusted him. But being the brave man he is he stood up against Mr. Doomsday and well, that didn't go very good… But I really loved the fact that this episode was more centered into the actual "Superman" theme, they were facing the bad guys and Clark fought to kept his secret, and it was very good, I can't wait till next week I hope it'll be even better than this one.

    By the way… where is Lois? I did missed her in this episode
  • This show keeps surprising me!

    Just when I think that Smallville can't come back, it does! The greatness this show has had since the beginning is still there! This episode was just another proof that deciding to have a season nine was a right decision!

    Tess Mercer is still very much intriguing. Just when you think she's the Devil Incarnate, she shows her soft side and makes you believe she is indeed good. But then, she shows her dark side again and just leaves you confused. Plus, we still have to see the reason for recruiting the Meteor Infected early in the season. She is not Lex, but what if she has a dark plan of her own?

    Clark has finally stopped whining about things and taken up the role of a super hero. Nice for a change. I felt really bad for Chloe at the end, for the words Jimmy said were something he can hardly take back. As for Davis, he's still doing great. Everyone was at their best in this one. I'm very clumsy with words, so I'm not sure I can express my feelings and opinions well enough (I've noticed I'm rambling). Which means I'm just going to say... Wow!!!
  • This show never ceases to amaze me!

    Just when I think that Smallville can't come back, it does! The greatness this show has had since the beginning is still there! This episode was just another proof that deciding to have a season nine was a right decision!

    Tess Mercer is still very much intriguing. Just when you think she's the Devil Incarnate, she shows her soft side and makes you believe she is indeed good. But then, she shows her dark side again and just leaves you confused. Plus, we still have to see the reason for recruiting the Meteor Infected early in the season. She is not Lex, but what if she has a dark plan of her own?

    Clark has finally stopped whining about things and taken up the role of a super hero. Nice for a change. I felt really bad for Chloe at the end, for the words Jimmy said were something he can hardly take back. As for Davis, he's still doing great. Everyone was at their best in this one. I'm very clumsy with words, so I'm not sure I can express my feelings and opinions well enough (I've noticed I'm rambling). Which means I'm just going to say... Wow!!!
  • Tess probes the mystery of Clark Kent. While Jimmy probes the mystery of Davis while still in recovery at the Hospital.

    This is one of those episodes that if you were grading it like it was ice skating. It had fine artistic merits but emotionally it was kind of metallic and hollow.

    First the good. I felt it was very creative and set up a lot of things nicely. Davis is brilliantly portrayed. And they have hit home that he has kind of been like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde the entire season. And his alibi after killing or hurting people was he was just there to help them with their medical care. This was well done and well executed.

    Before I get into the bad, it is kind of neat the triangle they set up with Chloey, Davis and Jimmy. They kind of set it up that Chloey will be the lever to make him Doomsday once and for all.

    One, other thing I just noticed and remembered. The red blue blur thing that I have hated for a while actually is straight out of the comic book. In the sense that when Superman first came on the scene it was hard to get a good picture of him. The writers have stretched this out even further and I'm not sure I buy how far their stretching it to, but it's still kind of cool. He needs a mask though quick!

    OK, here is the bad. Chloey for the first half of the episode played her role like she didn't really love Jimmy just for the necessity of the plot and than they decided to bring the love back later on while betraying him. Look I myself am not the biggest Jimmy fan either but he definitely had a point. She trusts anyone not named Jimmy more than Jimmy. Except I don't believe that. The writers want her with Davis and are ignoring reality. I still like where there going with it, but I don't agree how they got there.

    In addition the whole Tess story sucks! She is not a sympathetic character. She isn't interesting. I tuned out when she was talking about her boring secrets to Clark on the plane. She is no Lex Luthor and they can make her act like him all they want I don't buy it for one second. If your not going to give me Lex, I don't want Lex light. There are other better villains to use, so do that but not this.

    And finally the blue boy has got to learn to fly already for crying out loud. Did they make him do a super jump? Look, I know that's what could have happened. But the least they could have done was show the freaking scene. But no it was a tease. The show writers were liars. The very episode's title was turbulence and it only dealt with the main storyline for 5 minutes maybe? And I saw the previews for the episode with him jumping out the window. They knew we would be tuning in to see if he could fly. Hell not only did he not fly, they weren't even descent enough to let us see him land. And that was wrong!

    But still I did like the episode, but it was not directed very well. A tweak here and a tweak there and this episode might have at least merited a 9. It didn't have enough action to merit higher but I still think this show is heading in the right direction. Hopefully, next time I hope they fly to that direction instead of all of this quick walking. Enough already!
  • Turbulence.Job for Superman?

    Going in to this episode we knew two things for sure:1)Tom Welling would not feature much because he was originally pened to direct Hex.2)Jimmy was back after a long 5 episode hiatus.To be honest i wasn't expecting much seeing how the other Clark-lite episodes had turned out.Needless to say,i was pleasantly surpised.This episode was a revelation and it served notice that after the mid season blip caused by the over the top Power story,Smallville is reaching it's peak again.In seasons past,this episode on paper would have been a filler.Not this time.We got a bit of character development for all of them.Clark is refocused on being the Red Blue Blur,Chloe and Jimmy's relationship took a drastic turn,Tess is still intriguing and Davis' arc got even darker.So for the second episode in a row,kudos to the writers Septien/Meyer as well as the director Kevin Fair.The only problem i have with this season is the limited appearances by 5 out of the 7 cast members.I would have liked to have seen the aftermath of last week's Clois developments.In the same sense i will miss Tess in the next episode.Since this show got picked up for a ninth season,i hope they rectify this situation.As far as the flight situation is concerned,I don't want to speak since i don't know who's fault it is.All i have to say is that the network shoud respect it's viewers more.I wasn't expecting flight but many people did.So if they are wondering why Hex might have less viewers,they should look in the mirror.

    The 5 cast members turned in solid performances,but it was the 3 lesser known actors that stole the show for me.Clark didn't appear much but he was very Supermanly when he was on the screen.I liked the way he protected his double identity life style to Chloe as well as the "devious" way he knocked out Tess so that he would jump of the plane with her.I have always thought Superman was sneaky when it came to protecting his identity!Chloe's story is the biggest question mark at the problem.I don't know where they are taking her.Maybe it has become a bit confusing to Allison Mack herself because there were times yesterday that i felt she wasn't on form.The hospital scene with Davis is a fine example.Maybe it was a bad say at the office.Every actor has had one and Allison was overdue one since she has been such a great performer for the last 8 years.Chloe seems conflicted at the moment and you do wonder what could that mean for her future in the show.Jimmy was back and with a vengeance.It was good to see his story go straight away to a differenct direction.I have said that i like Jimmy as a joyvial photographer.With him leaving the Planet,we might not get there yet but his new arc is more interesting than a romantic arc with Chloe.Is he becoming addicted?Is he a man on a mission against Davis?We will have to wait and see.Congratulations to Aaron Ashmore though for turning in his best performance in Smallville.Tess Mercer was my favourite part of the episode.It's really evident what she is trying to do.She is like Lex in the sense that she wants to get to know Clark and will do anything about it.There scenes at the jet resembled a chess game,just like the Clark-Lex scenes of the early seasons.She even payed someone to sabotage the jet.At the same time she is not like Lex because you feel that she does care about Clark and that she sees somthing in him that she never knew existed:a good hearted honest man.Cassidy really shone in this episode and i hope that will finally convince the writers to put more faith in her.Finally,you feel that Davis is going to a road with no return.At the start of the episode,he it seemed like killing criminals was his fix.Then it looked like Chloe had an effect on him.But knowing who Doomsday turns out to be,you know that he is fighting a lost cause.Nonetheless,once again fantastic performance by Sam Witwer.Davis Bloome and all the burden that goes with him,is not an easy role but Sam has made it his own and each week he is giving you reasons to care about his arc.Him and Cassidy have been top notch additions to a Smallville cast that looked depleted after Season 7.

    Overall,you might say that Smallville is picking up steam again,and if the last trailer is to be any indication,we are in for a wild ride up until the finale.With or without flight.Roll on Hex!
  • Well my first reaction was to hate this episode. But after rethinking, I have to admit, it wasnt the episodes fault...

    Well my first reaction was to hate this episode. But after rethinking, I have to admit, it wasnt the episodes fault. The episode was pretty damn good. It was the hype and the title for the episode that angers me. For an episode titled "Turbulence" and all the scenes stating about "flight this" and "flight that" and all the airplanes shots in the previews, this episode had about 5 minutes of that. Seriously. I mean its like they took that airplane scene, edited it here and there, and BAM we have the preview. Despit there being 40 minutes of something else entirely. I hope this wont be a continuing trend, because I actually look forward to the previews, and since I cant seem to trust them anymore, that will be dissapointing for me. Anyways, good episode. I loved everything from Jimmy being drugged (he was fantastic in this episode.) to Davis fighting with his "Inner Demon" (nice church scene) to Chloes broken heart. Lets admit it, Jimmy has a point. Chloe should have believed him. He was right about Clark being the Red Blue Blurr. Jimmy isnt the type to just state something false. And its not the first time shes chosen someone else over him. I think I would have done the same thing. Chloe was wrong, and she got what she deserved.
  • Great Episode!

    A great episode, one of the best Smallvilles ever.

    Finally, the characters are motivated by something real. I understood how conflicted Jimmy was. How angry he became! I also understood how Chloe could be so mistaken, how she could be so terribly wrong. This was actually a tightly plotted episode... on Smallville... amazing! I got angry at Chloe, I felt sorry for Jimmy... and I also got angry at Jimmy and felt sorry for Chloe. Davis... I mostly just got angry at Davis!

    I had long figured that Chimmy likely wouldn't last. But I never saw such a dramatic, effective bust-up. This was legendary!

    And the acting... my goodness but AM is a fine actress. And AA was superb! Jimmy was always so nice before, so mild. To see him in a spitting rage... wow. AA has terrific range as an actor.

    The only problem with the episode was that the A plot was so fine, the B plot looked weak by comparison. And TW had the B plot! Though by Smallville standards the Clark/Tess stuff was still exceptional. The psychological games these two were playing were intriguing. And I never thought I'd see Clark Kent trying to get a woman drunk on champagne!!!
  • An Epic Fall!

    Turbulence-Tess Mercer invites Clark to accompany her to a press conference in New York City, but when an accident cripples the plane, Clark must choose between saving Tess and revealing his powers, or letting her die. Meanwhile, Davis tries to control the Doomsday monster within.

    Wow, I didn't expect to like this episode as much as I thought I would. As soon as I realized this episode would be pretty Clark-lite, I got pretty worried. Usually, Clark-lite episodes end up being horrible like "Void" and "Static". But fortunately, "Turbulence" has a good dose of character development. The whole Jimmy/Chloe/Davis triangle was actually written well in this episode. Not to mention, all the actors performed the material with strong performances. After a long absence since "Bride", Aaron Ashmore returns as Jimmy and gives probably his best performance of the series to date. Usually stories centered on Jimmy suck ("Sleeper" anyone?) But this one was great for the character and you couldn't help but feel bad for Jimmy. After being nearly killed to death then have your wife believe another man over you, watching her being consoled by him, being drugged and made to look insane must have hurt him. I mean I felt so bad for Chloe at the end of the episode. Chloe was faced with a tough decision, believe her husband or the man that wanted to have an affair with her and is a psycho killer/ultimate alien destroyer. Okay, that's not a fair assumption considering Chloe still doesn't know Davis is Doomsday but, realistically, she should have had more faith in her husband. Yet, Jimmy was acting crazed and she had every right to be a little skeptical. It really shows how well this episode was written as the core 3 characters are conflicted in believable ways.

    Sam Witwer really is becoming my favorite aspect of this season. Ever since "Prey", Davis has been such an awesome character as his constant struggle against his inner beast has been so wonderful to watch. Sam just sold every scene with ease in this episode like the opening teaser with the confession/flashback with the priest. Sam just shifts between sincere (like his scenes with Chloe) and sinister (like drugging Jimmy) so convincingly, it's uncanny! The whole criminal bloodlust plot was played well by Sam as well and I just love his whole journey toward becoming full on Doomsday. The end of the story with Jimmy breaking off his marriage with Chloe was pretty heartbreaking. Just Jimmy delivering "marrying you was the worst mistake I ever made" and Chloe tearing up was so well done by both Aaron and Chloe, probably the best Chimmy scene so far. Clark and Tess are reduced to the "B" plot of the episode this week and it's not necessarily a bad thing. While the whole plane dilemma was very brief and a little underwhelming, the interaction between Clark and Tess made up for it. I really liked the scenes between these two and the whole cat and mouse game they played throughout. I loved how Clark was written in episode, especially how he dealt with Tess trying to make him reveal his secret. The first scene with Clark and Chloe, him not wanting to give up his job at the DP or stop being the RBB and Clark doing the iconic phone booth quick change towards the end of the episode were all nice character development. It was just great seeing Clark so confident, having fun and being happy about the changes he's making as the RBB. But I don't think he should trust Tess completely yet. Tess was also great, loved how Cassidy played Tess' vulnerability while on the plane with Clark. You can see that Tess is trying to be there for Clark as well as being very deceptive, like her planting the bomb on the plane in the first place. Of course, the resolution of Clark and Tess' plane plummet with another one of Clark's heroic super jumps (or more like a super fall, lol.) was pretty rushed, but it didn't hurt the episode at all. Other great scenes are Jimmy's disturbing daydreams like Doomsday killing Chloe in front of him (foreshadowing of Chloe's death coming up?) and the conclusion of the episode in signature Smallville style with an excellent music choice that plays out with some good scenes for each character. "Turbulence" actually does a really good job of setting up the last run of episodes of the season. You can tell something very tragic is coming and there is gonna be more hell for the characters when the final episodes hit.
  • Jimmy's back. With a vengeance!

    Well, Jimmy's back. And it looks like he was pretty ticked about being left out of the last, what, 5 episodes? Have to say, I got a little tired of Jimmy and Davis's story. It might not have been that bad, but I stupidly allowed the commercials to let me think Clark was going to fly out of the busted plane, so I got real exasperated waiting for that to go down. Which it didn't.

    But I did kind of enjoy Jimmy's rant on Chloe. He even got the cop to jump back, and that was hilarious. He makes a good point, Chloe does tend to ditch him a lot for other dudes. And it has been nothing but death, doom and destruction for Jimmy since the day he met her. I was wondering how they would erase the marriage, and at least it was in a realistic manner. No time travel or clones or anything. Just two people who didn't get along. Tess was back as well. I love Tess. She has turned into a 3-dimensional character all her own. That's why I was worried when she renounced Lex. I was afraid she was going to become good and boring and then die. But here again she proves that she has her own agenda and is still a fun character. I love how she played Clark throughout the episode. I'd love to see more interaction between them. Why did I believe Clark would fly? I mean, it should have been obvious. If he was going to fly, we'd see articles and posters and crap announcing it for weeks to boost ratings. They wouldn't just give it to us loyal fans as a surprise. So that was just one big tease. I'm really glad that we are back on track with the whole "Clark as a Superhero" storyline. Seems like we got derailed there for a while. Changing in the phone booth was great, and I love that now he saves his red and blue suit for his heroics. And that he actively protects the city. Proactive Clark is my favorite Clark. I'm just kind of surprised at Chloe's sudden reversal. All this time she's been on Clark about letting the world see him and now that he is, she's freaking out and telling him to slow down. That's a bit annoying.

    I'm glad that Clark and Tess's stories are back in full swing. Now if they had just spent more time on those two instead of whacked-out Jimmy, I'd be happier. This would have been a good episode for Jimmy if it wasn't placed after about 8 others that dealt with people other than Clark, and if I hadn't been waiting for Clark to do something he was never going to do in the first place. Oh, well. I'm sure I'll like it better down the road.
  • You never trusted me!

    Ahhh!!! Great episode, we how Clark is getting used to the changing of clothes (like SM) and Tess is slowly knowing a little more of Clark. But I wonder, is she exactly like Lex? I think she has more good than Lex. Well finally Jimmy took a big step from Chloe's shadow. It was kinda sad :( the ending but it was the right thing..(for now...)

    My fear is that because of Jimmys investigation he is putting everyone in danger because Davis is trying to control itself but once Chloe knows he is Doomsday then Everyone will be IN GRAVE DANGER!!!

    Can't wait for next week!

    PS:Clark, Fly!!!!
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