Season 4 Episode 11


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 26, 2005 on The CW

Episode Recap

Clark is studying at the Talon and forced to turn down an invitation to a local party. Meanwhile Alicia is released from Belle Reve because she's cured and promptly goes to visit Clark. She's wearing a bracelet to prevent her from teleporting and apologies, then leaves. Chloe checks up Alicia and her doctor, Dr. McBride, and her story seems to check out. Relieved, Clark gets together with her, but Dr. McBride is watching her from nearby. She meets with him and he warns that her getting together with Clark may lead to a relapse. Alicia remains with Clark but when he doesn't go off with her immediately, she searches Chloe's office and finds a red kryptonite ring.

Meanwhile, Lana goes to visit Jason on campus but he still doesn't think she's ready for their relationship to continue. And Lionel visits Lex and confesses his miraculous transformation – Lex isn't buying it.

Alicia returns to visit Clark and when he still doesn't go with her, she puts the red kryptonite on him (in the form of a necklace). While they end up in bed, Lana goes to Chloe to confess her problem and Chloe advises her to do it with someone special. Red Clark offers to marry Alicia and takes her to Las Vegas, removing her bracelet. They're married and off to the honeymoon suite, while Lana offers herself to Jason. Jason stops her and tells Lana the real reason behind his hesitation – that he believes his mother is responsible.

Back in Las Vegas, Alicia removes the necklace so she can have "all of him" and Clark is taken aback – Alicia leaves before he can stop her. McBride confronts Clark and shoots him to eliminate the competition – Alicia shows up and confesses her love for Clark, and McBridge shoots Clark – Alicia teleports to intercept the bullet and Clark takes her to the hospital. They share a moment but Clark leaves the lead bracelet. Lex calls for a meeting with Lionel and invites him to stay at the manor.

Dealing with his parents' disappointment in him, Clark and Alicia talk after she voluntarily dons the bracelet. She still has feelings with him and he asks her to stay.
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