Season 4 Episode 11


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 26, 2005 on The CW

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  • Clark's friend Alicia is released from confinement at Belle Reve, with her powers under control, but she's still pursuing Clark, and she uses red kryptonite to get him to succumb to her desires

    At the Talon, Clark turns down invitations to a party, feeling sorry for himself. Alicia, from the Season 3 episode "Obsession," is released from an inhumane dungeon - how could she improve mentally in such a place? - and comes to Smallville. She's "fixed" so she cannot use her Krypton-like powers. That Belle Reve is creepy. Clark is mistrustful, and Jonathan and Martha advise against his relating to her again. Is she cured? Clark yearns for a relationship with someone like him, so he's drawn to her anyway.

    While Lana heads to the Central Kansas A & M campus to see Jason, Clark and Alicia (Sarah Carter) are having a day at the skating rink, where he demonstrates a complete lack of skating skill. Alicia's doctor from Belle Reve is furtively observing her - sinister dude that he is - and whispers to her to stay away from Clark. Picking up her obsession where she left it, she searches the Talon office for the red kryptonite ring - why doesn't someone get rid of that troublesome gem? Well, because it may be needed to write a future episode! She begins urging Clark to go to California with her, but when he declines, she slips him the red rock in a necklace and he's hooked, meaning inhibitions and common sense gone.

    Lionel is at the mansion, talking of redemption and creating a charitable foundation, and we wonder if this is an enduring change of character. Lana tells Chloe about her relationship with Jason, but it's not been intimate. Meanwhile, Alicia is seducing Clark, and he removes her lead wristband, which has been all that kept her stable and free of the temptation of power uses. Next thing you know - they're married! In Las Vegas!

    Lana has set up a romantic rendezvous with Jason, but he's reluctant - time to fess up, Jason. He believes his mother set up their meeting in France, and all that story about Isabelle and the spell-book (see "Spell"). At a honeymoon suite with typical Vegas decadence decor, Alicia removes Clark's necklace, hoping he will remain her lover of his own free will. No such luck; Clark regains his senses, berates Alicia, and the wedding is off. Alicia disappears, but is back when McBride threatens Clark for taking her away - she takes a bullet for him, and McBride winds up in Belle Reve himself for the assault. In the hospital, Clark leaves her the lead bracelet, hoping she will use it to stay sane.

    Lionel is still living at a cheap motel, and visitor Lex leaves, still exceedingly suspicious about Lionel's "reform." Clark gets a dressing-down from Martha about the sanctity of marriage and the values they have tried to teach him - yet he desires to be normal and special. Hey, he wasn't himself! Tom Welling shows his ability to shed real tears on cue. Alicia stops by once more to pledge to keep Clark's secret...and his love. A sad ending of another relationship which can never be for Clark. Pretty good acting all around, but it looks like the end of the Alicia appearances in Smallville. Re-run rating C+.