Season 4 Episode 11


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 26, 2005 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • During the scene at the ice rink, Clark doesn't seem to be too worried about anyone hearing about his powers. Alicia skates up to him and says quite loudly "your super powers can't save you now" and when he gets up off of the ice he almost yells "I do have heat vision." The rink was pretty busy and so anyone there could've easily heard them.

    • Clark superheats Alicia's hot chocolate at the ice rink and according to the bubbling sound it's apparently supposed to be boiling. She's not wearing gloves, and yet when she takes the plastic cup she doesn't react to what should be very intense heat.

    • When Clark throws Dr. McBride through the barn wall, you can see that the boards were all pre-cut along the bottom at the same angle.

    • When Alicia displays the necklace it has more then one red-k rock in it? They're relatively large - it seems impossible she got all that from just the one ring she stole.

    • In the hotel in Las Vegas when Clark puts on his black shirt in a hurry the collar is stuck up, but when the camera switches to Alicia's view his collar is down.

    • If Alicia's own physician, the one who declared her "cured" and released her, is himself declared insane, then she'd be put back in Belle Reve immediately. Particularly since she was the one McBride was nuts about.

    • Secret ID much? Clark first superspeeds away directly in front of a minister, a minister who knows his name ("Do you, Clark Kent...?"). Then he shoves McBride 20' into a barn wall - isn't the guy going to remember that Clark used superpowers on him?

    • While you can certainly obtain a marriage license in Las Vegas this late at night, you can't do so without a parent or guardian's approval if you're under 18. Without a license, this ceremony couldn't have taken place.

    • Intentional lead poisoning, anyone? Alicia's bracelet would cause permanent brain damage and cut decades off her lifespan. And yet, no one seems to think this a problem, not even Dr. McBride, who presumably went to medical school.

    • Exactly how does Alicia know about red kryptonite? Clark hadn't been exposed to it for a considerable period before she met him. Unless somebody is keeping records that Alicia could have teleported in and stolen, she had no chance to observe its effects on Clark. Unless she can teleport through time back from when she met Clark (in "Obsession") to when he was last exposed to red-k (in "Exile"/"Phoenix"), there seems no way she could have known about the stuff or what it does to Clark.

  • Quotes

    • Martha: We know how much you want to be with someone you don't have to lie to, sweetheart, but... Alicia isn't the one.
      Clark: So, what should I do? Just wait for the next cute girl with special abilities to knock on my door?

    • Alicia: It's just... we don't have any kind of commitment or anything.
      Clark: Baby, no one is more committed in making this happen than me.

    • Clark: What's he say about Alicia?
      Chloe: Well, according to Dr. McBride, Alicia really is cured.
      Clark: She was telling the truth.
      Chloe: And that, I take it, is exactly what our young Mr. Kent wanted to hear.

    • Alicia: (after being shot by Dr. McBride) We should probably get to a hospital, don't you think?
      Clark: Alicia, why'd you do that? You know I could've caught that bullet...
      Alicia: Because I promised you that I'd always protect your secret.

    • Clark: I wanted you with or without that rock.
      Alicia: Past tense noted.

    • Alicia: I'm so sorry for what I did to you, Clark. I guess I just don't want to lose the one good thing in my life.
      Clark: Well I'm not so sure that drugging me was the best way to preserve the relationship.

    • Alicia: So what's Smallville's star quarterback doing up here alone on a Saturday night?
      Clark: Alicia.
      Alicia: I'm kinda surprised you remember my name.
      Clark: How could I forget? You tried to kill me. And Lana.

    • Minister: Do you, Clark Kent, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?
      Clark: Hell yes!

    • Lex: Dad. You can stay in the guest house.
      Lionel: Thanks – it'll be much easier keeping an eye on me.

    • Alicia: I want this to last forever.
      Clark: I'm not sure that's one of my abilities, but I'll do my best.

    • Lionel: Corporate maneuvering doesn't interest me any more.
      Lex: So killing me is going to be a full-time job now?

    • Lex: Well, the prodigal father returns.

  • Notes

    • The song playing when Alicia and Clark are in the hotel room is "It's Now or Never" by Elvis Presley. John Schneider recorded a cover of this song in 1981.

    • Music: "Life For Rent" by Dido, "It's Now Or Never" by Elvis Presley, "Beautiful Soul" by Jesse McCartney, "Break So Easy" by Johnathan Rice, "Funny Little Feeling" by Rock N Roll Soldiers, "Laura" by Scissor Sisters, and "Welcome To My Life" by Simple Plan.

    • Allison Mack (Chloe) comes on at the end of the episode and talks about the importance of safe sex and where to find information:

    • The WB advertised this episode as "Mr. & Mrs. Clark Kent."

  • Allusions

    • Alicia: ... you have buns of steel.
      Buns of Steel is a work out program. It could also be a reference to Superman's later nickname, "The Man of Steel".

    • Chloe: ...couldn't handle "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock."
      "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" was a poem written by Thomas Stearns Eliot about a lonely, but wealthy, man who is too timid to tell a woman he likes about his feelings for her.

    • Chloe: On the risk of going all Afterschool Special on you . . .
      Referencing the series of hour-long afternoon specials dealing with various teen issues.

    • Chloe: His name was Jimmy - he was very cute in a bow-tie kind of way.
      As odd as it may sound to longtime Superman fans, from the sound of Chloe's confession to Lana, Chloe may have been involved with Jimmy Olsen, who in the comic books was a young newspaper photographer who often worked with reporters Clark Kent and Lois Lane, as well as being known to many readers as "Superman's Pal."