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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2006 on The CW
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Clark discovers that the new assistant at the Daily Planet, a bespectacled, bumbling woman named Andrea, is actually a mysterious female vigilante who stalks Suicide Slum. Her path crosses Clark's as they both seek the same criminal. Meanwhile, Clark's bottled-up grief threatens to get the best of him and LuthorCorp experiences a shakeup.moreless

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  • Vengeance Wears A Mask!

    Vengeance-Clark discovers that the new assistant at the Daily Planet, a bespectacled, bumbling woman named Andrea, is actually a mysterious female vigilante who stalks Suicide Slum. Her path crosses Clark's as they both seek the same criminal. Meanwhile, Clark's bottled-up grief threatens to get the best of him and LuthorCorp experiences a shakeup.

    While not the strongest follow-up to "Reckoning", you can't really write off "Vengeance" as features the saddest scene in Smallville history. Although the A plot was surprisingly average, considering it introduces the Smallville's first full fledge superhero in the form of the Angel of Vengeance. But the only thing awesome about the character is her superhero name. Denise Quinones does nothing special in the female vigilante and the character seems too much like the Clark Kent/ Superman double identity which I'm sure that's what the writers were going for, but it doesn't work. Also, the shots of Angel of Vengeance leaping the buildings of Metropolis look really fake, which takes away from the epic, feel the writers trying to pull off. I do give credit to the writers for trying to create their own superhero, but why couldn't they have used the Huntress instead, whom the Angel of Vengeance resembles a lot like. But what really holds this episode together is Martha and Clark dealing with life after Jonathan's death. The scenes between mother and son hold very strong with Tom Welling giving a great performance throughout. The episode ends with probably the saddest scene of Smallville as Clark enters his home to find Martha watching an old video of him and his father when he was a child. Just the sight of Clark tearing up then breaking down in his mother's arms as see the still image of Jonathan in the back ground was so moving that even I began to tear up and Smallville never makes me cry! If there's any reason you should watch "Vengeance" it's for that scene alone. A truly powerful piece of acting from Tom Welling that I think he has never topped 'til this day!moreless
  • If you want to use Batman, why not just use Batman?

    Let's see, she's a superhero who does her thing because of her dead parents, she uses the phrase "blind as a bat", she's all about the importance of brains, and let's remember this, whenever that big old strings theme comes up, it's the theme from "Batman: The Animated Series".

    But she ain't Batman, cause Batman's way cooler than this chick, and frankly, not everyone has to be some kind of meteor person. So it comes down to the question, why not just make it Batman, who's got olympic class everything, plus he's a genius, and could humble Clark a bit because he's just a normal person and he does way more than Clark. This way, you could also just avoid her offing the guy and have Clark convince Bruce in the end that he shouldn't take vengence. Clark moves past his father's death, Bruce never becomes a killer, we get to see a twenty-something Batman. Everybody wins!moreless
  • After the 100th episode I expected something much better, smallville went high at episode 100th and suddenly got down, as in a roller coaster.

    I really waited for this episode and it disappointed me. This serie started quite OK, but now I am getting tired of the little adventures used as fillers, If this continues I'll quit this show

    Seeing this Cat woman, Zorra girl, or whatever was wasted time, if I see her again I'll change the channel.

    Better luck for the next episode.

  • Clark's grief.

    It's hard to follow an episode like Reckoning. Where do you go from there? How do Clark and Martha get on with their lives? I think that Vengeance turned into a very good episode. Clark's grief was handlev very well and it felt realistic. Martha(being the older and more mature one) also grieved, but you could tell how differently she was handling it. This episode achieved something very vital. Clark got over his grief, but at the same time hept his morality intact and showed why the future Superman's ethics are second to none. Hopefully the Angel of Vengeance will take some pages of his book. Another great thing about this episode was Chloe's role. Season 5 was a time when she was practically part of the Kent family. It hasn't been the same ever since unfortunately.

    Undoubtedly, the best part of this episode is the final scene. It was a gold scene. Everythig fell into place perfectly: Annete O' Toole's and Tom Welling's reactions as well as the sad music. It was the saddest scene in Smallville history, but one that featured Tom Welling's best acting on this show to date. Fantastic scene.

    Bring on Tomb.moreless
  • Still grieving over the loss of Jonathan, Clark is faced with a new superhero, a masked woman seeking vengeance for her mother's murder. Lex and Lionel battle for control of Luthorcorp.moreless

    Clark is grieving over the death of his father, and has dropped out of Central Kansas for the rest of the semester- too much work to be done on the farm, even at superspeed. Martha has been called to the Governor's office about the senate seat Jonathan had just won; everything is a reminder of one who has left. Lana was saved from death last week, but she is also lost to Clark. Martha leaves for Metropolis to donate some of Jonathan's clothing to a shelter; but when two ugly muggers knock her down, suddenly there's another rescuer on the scene, a masked woman (Denise Quinones) who takes care of the bad guys in a hurry. How did that Canadian police helo get on the scene so fast (registration number begins with "C," rather than "N")? And caped crusader splits.

    Lana has come to see Clark that evening, and she wants to talk, but he's not ready to face his grief and anger. Martha returns, a bit beat up, to tell Clark the muggers took Jonathan's watch too, and that someone rescued her. That's a valuable keepsake; Clark and Chloe try their police sources to learn what they can about the theft. At the Planet, Chloe has been tracking the masked vigilante, whom the police consider armed and dangerous, but has only been assaulting known criminals. Just then Clark bumps into a female DP staffer; nothing happens in a script for no purpose, so we fans can tell she's probably the Vig.

    Quiet night at the Talon, Lex is there to see about Lana, given his fresh hope about a relationship. They talk about Clark, but he's offering himself as someone for Lana to lean on.

    Chloe is looking for a catchy moniker for the masked hero; "Dirty Harriet?" Listen closely to Chloe, she gets the clever quips. But the "Angel of Vengeance?" A little ponderous. And who suddenly swoops down to threaten Chloe but the Angel herself, peeved that Chloe is going for way more publicity than a secret hero(ine) would want. And she hits good too, sending Clark clear across the room. So "Round One goes to the "X" chromosomes," says Chloe, taking the scare in stride. With no police leads, Clark realizes he may have to consult the Angel about the wristwatch thieves. So Chloe is going to play decoy down in the Suicide Slums, but when a masked mugger attacks her, they can only play it for a few seconds - it's Clark! Coaching Chloe a bit more makes Tom Welling sound like he's ready for his directorial debut.

    Angel drops in on cue, giving Clark the chance to unmask her, but then she, too, is leaping tall buildings in a single bound, ok, maybe three, but she's no match for Clark. So it's a tense meeting, with Clark pretty open about his abilities, and Angel remembering what it was like to be "normal." She gained powers through a heart transplant from someone who died in the meteor shower, and she carries a meteor rock as a reminder - oops, that repels Clark fast. She's bitter over the death of her mother at the hands of the muggers, and is after justice.

    Lex sees Lionel about a hostile takeover of Luthorcorp by the Apex Group; rewind the recording and see that company's sign down in the Slum during the attack on Martha. Lex thinks Lionel is behind it, but Lex depleted funds in his election campaign and Lionel says he doesn't have the means to stop the takeover. Lionel intends to control Luthorcorp once again.

    Martha goes to the Planet to find Clark, Chloe has the insight to summarize Clark as "willing to feel anything but the pain of saying goodbye." Martha fears what Clark might do without the steadying influence of his father.

    Angel and Clark team up to look for watch-mugger #1 down in the seamy side of town. Guys who think they're bad news are everywhere, but Clark get the drop on a cell phone to lead him to the thief. Chloe, Angel and Clark use the phone to find the mugger's address. That was easy! Just as Clark is about to do in the thief, Angel brings him to his senses, but then pulls out the meteor rock, putting Clark on the ground, and now Angel is ready for her act of "Vengeance" against her mother's murderer. But he claims it was a hit, arranged by Apex, which is tearing down the Slums...and Lionel's name was used. Angel commits the act; Clark is powerless to stop her.

    Lex is still opposing Lionel's actions, using whatever he has - blackmail will do. Lex knows about Lionel's meeting with Jonathan, implying he could let that be known to Martha. "What do you want, Lex?" Looks like continued control of Luthorcorp. Next visitor - Angel - whose Mother stood up to the Apex Corp. and it's land grab, and to Lionel - and she's about to push him to his death, but Clark intervenes in time to rescue him. Angel is gone.

    Lionel visits Martha, he already knows she has been offered the senate seat; she's wary of him. He refuses to accept repayment of the campaign contribution he made to Jonathan. He even pledges his support and friendship; still it's hard to trust the man.

    Chloe concludes that Angel is "playing Amelia Earhart." And only the memory of Jonathan kept Clark from going too far in his confrontation with the mugger. And there's the watch, found by Lana in a pawn shop. The writers and director have shown a great understanding of grief and loss; the final scenes with Lana and Clark, then Clark and Martha offer hope, as they begin to say goodbye to Jonathan. Re-run rating B.moreless
Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

John Glover

John Glover

Lionel Luthor

Annette O'Toole

Annette O'Toole

Martha Clark Kent

Douglas Arthurs

Douglas Arthurs

Snake/First Robber

Guest Star

Gerald Wang

Gerald Wang

Ono/Second Robber

Guest Star

Floyd Faircrest

Floyd Faircrest


Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • Andrea stated that she had her heart transplant six months ago and one of the thugs later explained that it was Lionel Luthor who hired him to kill Andrea's mother. Six months ago, Lionel was in a catatonic state at Belle Reve from the events of "Commencement" so he couldn't be behind it.

    • In the beginning when the muggers attack Martha, they throw the box and cloths that she brought on the ground. After the Angel saves Martha and takes off, the camera zooms out and the clothes and box are nowhere to be seen.

    • When Chloe is typing up her story about the vigilante, she's also typing up the headline in big, front page-style letters. However, she's just a writer, who has no say in how the story looks (or where it's located) once it's printed. She should just be typing it up in a regular word processor so it can be sent to the Layout department, who are the ones who handle that sort of thing.

    • When Andrea was saving Martha Kent at the beginning of the episode, the helicopter flying overhead clearly had a Canadian registration number on its underside.

    • How does Lana even know what Jonathan's watch looks like so that she could find it? We've never seen Clark or Jonathan with it, so it seems highly unlikely she would have known it well enough to scour pawnshops to find the right one.

    • Once Clark gets the address from the pizza place, he just says thank you and hangs up. He doesn't place an order, and the pizza place doesn't ask for one or tell him the price or anything.

    • After the mugging incident, Martha presumably made a report to the police, then drove three hours back to Smallville. But Clark doesn't know anything about what happened to her until she walks in the door. Sometime in that four hours wouldn't she have called him from the police station telling him she almost died? Or one of the cell phones they on-again/off-again have?

    • Again, why is Martha so comfortable with Lionel at the barn - she's looking up into his face all misty-eyed when he's offering to be there for her as a friend. Last season she was using kryptonite on him when he was in Clark's body, and then Lionel threatened Jonathan for info (in "Transference"). Not to mention his being convicted for murder, etc.

    • Why does Martha drive six hours (three hours each way) to Metropolis to tell Chloe she can't call Clark on his cell phone? Why doesn't she call Chloe on Chloe's cell phone to tell her? If she's concerned about Clark doing something rash, shouldn't she get hold of Chloe as quick as possible?

    • When the Angel punches Clark in the Daily Planet, he just lies there. He's not hurt or anything, and he has time to talk to her. Why doesn't he super-speed after her when she runs off? This makes even less sense when later when he and Chloe are playing "Lure the vigilante," that's exactly what he does do when she runs off, and he has to superspeed up/around several buildings.

    • When the Angel punches Clark, she...punches Clark. And is unharmed. In the past we've seen that even when Clark is hit by surprise, things that hit him hard shatter. Shouldn't the Angel break her hand? Or at least shouldn't she notice that Clark is really really hard-skinned?

    • Why does Martha take a 3-hour drive to Metropolis (six hours round-trip) just to drop off clothes? Isn't there a Goodwill or homeless shelter in Smallville, a city with a population of 40,000? Or any homeless people? Yes, she's supposed to meet the governor (at night?), but wouldn't it be...safer to drop off the clothes in Smallville?

    • When Clark calls the pizza place with the cell phone that he took from the "13 Gang" member and tells them the cell phone number, he says "my number is 555-0138." The closed captioning, however, reads "555-1138."

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Clark: I should've listened to you, Chloe. You tried to warn me. I had my hand around that guy's throat. And I thought that if I just kept squeezing the life out of him, it would make everything right again.
      Chloe: God, Clark. But you didn't.
      Clark: No.
      Chloe What made you stop?
      Clark: My dad's voice. (smiles) This is gonna sound weird, but I...I could hear him. He was always the one who kept me from going over the edge when I was too close.
      Chloe: It's too bad Andrea didn't step back in time. I think Metropolis could really use someone like her right now.

    • Martha: He's trying to find those guys, isn't he? Chloe, I know you have a lot of secrets you have to keep, but this isn't one of them.
      Chloe: He feels really guilty about the watch.
      Martha: And me?
      Chloe Well, honestly, I think right now he's willing to feel anything except for the pain of saying goodbye.
      Martha: But that doesn't keep it from being real. The more he refuses to go through this, the worse it's gonna get.
      Chloe I know. I'm trying to do everything I can, but I don't think denial's that unusual.
      Martha: But Clark is. He's gotta take all those emotions out somewhere.
      Chloe: Or on someone.
      Martha: And when he does, I'm afraid of what might happen. We both know what he's capable of.

    • Andrea: Sorry, but there are people down there who need a lot more help than finding some missing Timex.
      Clark: It belonged to my dad.
      Andrea: You lost him, didn't you? And you can't say goodbye.
      Clark: What makes you say that?
      Andrea: Because I've never been able to. My mom and I were coming home from my gymnastics meet. And these two guys mugged us. I didn't even feel the knife go into my heart. When I looked up, I saw her lying there. And they walked away, laughing.
      Clark: Is that why you do this?
      Andrea: She dedicated her life to this group, Akrada. They fought the gangs, the dealers, even the suits who wanted to tear down our homes. She was this... little woman, but she was a badass.
      Clark: It's not fair. It's not fair to have someone like that just ripped out of your life.

    • Andrea: You want a show-and-tell, meathead? Why don't you go first?
      Clark: I don't know. I was born this way.
      Andrea: You're lucky. The worst part is remembering what it was like to be normal.
      Clark: Then how did you...
      Andrea: Turn into a freak of nature? When I got a heart transplant, six months ago. A girl dies in a meteor shower, and suddenly I get a souped-up second chance. You have no idea how it feels to know that someone's life has been traded for yours.

    • Clark: Your Angel of Vengeance might be the only one who can I.D. the guys who mugged my mom.
      Chloe: Well, after the way she chop-socked you tonight, I wouldn't hold out for an invitation to tea.

    • Clark: I'm sorry for the way I've been acting. I know I should be able to move on, but life without him, it doesn't feel real.
      Lana: It's like you're frozen and the whole world's going on around you. No matter how many people want to be there for you, you end up going through this alone.

    • Chloe: All right, now this is what I need, Clark. A catchy moniker for our new crime fighter. "Miss Death Wish," no that's lame. "Dirty Harriet," no, that's too derivative. I got it, I got it Clark, so your mom said she swooped down from the heavens, so how about "The Angel of Vengeance"?

    • Chloe: I thought the glasses were fake.
      Andrea: Are you kidding? I'm blind as a bat. Besides the mask doesn't look so good with glasses over it.
      Chloe: Acuvue to the rescue!

    • Lex: Look, Lana…
      Lana: Lex, it's okay – you already said "I'm sorry."
      Lex: Yeah, but it means more when it's coming from someone who's not drunk.

    • Chloe: I guess Round 1 goes to the x-chromosomes. And how about that costume – how cool was that?
      Clark: It was a little over the top if you ask me.

    • Clark: You're not screaming loud enough.
      Chloe: Clark! I have freaked out every alley cat within a four-block radius.

    • Clark: I didn't come here for a fight.
      Andrea: Well I'm not wearing dance shoes.

    • Clark: I'm kinda allergic.
      Andrea: To a rock? Whatever.

    • Chloe: Well, I guess my go-to status has been reinstated. For a while I thought I had been replaced by the leather-clad version.

    • Andrea: Those were some impressive moves you used to jack that phone. I could use a sidekick more often.
      Clark: I'm not a sidekick.

    • Lionel: It must be humbling to pull all those strings and find out they're attached to nothing.
      Lex: Especially when your father is the one holding the scissors.

    • Lex: I suppose I should be thanking you. I mean, if you hadn't tried to take it someone else would have.
      Lionel: Exactly. What good is having a family if they don't watch out for each other?

    • Chloe: Do you think you could ever do what she did? Play the mild-mannered reporter by day and a crimefighter by night?
      Clark: Honestly? I'm kinda hoping I can find a way to not hide who I really am.

    • Lex: (to Lionel) If I knew we were going to duel, I would have brought my own pistol.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Erica Durance does not appear in this episode.

    • John Schneider receives his normal up-front credit but is only featured briefly in pre-recorded original (rather then recycled) video footage near the end. His final words on the videotape are, appropriately, "Bye bye."

    • This episode was sponsored by Acuvue, which gets a blatant product placement (Andrea uses their contacts). Acuvue sponsored a Reveal-the-Real-You Sweepstakes during the episode's initial run.

    • The title of this show as shown on "Tivo" was called "Vengenance."

    • Injoke: Angel of Vengeance is wearing glasses while she's posing as Andrea Rojas, the same as Superman was while he was posing as Clark Kent in the original movies and comics.


    • Andrea: Way to put the pieces together, Brenda Starr.
      Brenda Starr is a comic strip that was introduced in the 1940s by Dale Messick for the Chicago Tribune Syndicate. Brenda is an attractive and audacious reporter with an active romantic life.

    • Batman Allusions There are several Batman allusions scattered throughout the episode, including:
      1) When we are introduced to Andrea in Suicide Slum and several times thereafter, the music cue references either Danny Elfman's music cues for Batman in Batman(1989), or the subsequent "borrowing" of those cues for the various Batman animated series.
      2) Andrea describes herself as being "blind as a bat" without her contacts.
      3) Andrea's outfit resembles that of Zorro - Bruce Wayne was inspired to become Batman in
      part from the Zorro stories.
      4) Andrea was inspired to fight crime because of the death of her parent at the hands of a mugger.
      5) Batman is driven in part by vengeance, which often puts him in conflict with Superman in the post-Crisis universe.

    • Chloe: Do you think you could ever do what she did? Play the mild-mannered reporter by day and a crimefighter by night?
      This is a reference to Superman. A common description of Clark Kent's alias as a mild-mannered reporter.

    • Chloe: Miss Death Wish... Dirty Harriet...
      This is a reference to two movies - Death Wish (1974) and Dirty Harry (1971) - in which both the main characters are vigilantes ruthlessly fighting criminals. The former starred Charles Bronson while the latter starred Clint Eastwood.

    • Clark: (to Andrea) You always change in a phone booth?
      In the comics Clark originally changed to Superman in a phone booth. They've dropped that in recent years but it's often the basis for Superman's parodies and in-jokes.

    • Jonathan: (on tape) This young man is a Man of Steel.
      One of Superman's nicknames was The Man of Steel.