Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2003 on The CW
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After a schoolmate claims to be an alien and proves it by using heat vision, Clark investigates and believes the boy is from Krypton. Meanwhile, Helen confronts Lex over the locked room in the mansion that holds his investigation of Clark's secrets.

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of smallville they are in a tech lab and clark and pete and others see this guy use heatvision supposive on the jocks stuff and clark thinks he is from krpton . and clark starts to beome friends with him and learns that he thinks the aliens are coming to pick him up to take him home. though from reasearch from cloey learns that he was just a young boy when his parents were killed and leartns that the fire that was caused in the tech lab were just things set up before to make that happen and the healing thing that he made the horse do was just emporary. and we learn that lexes wife wantes to know whats behide the door and we learn lex is stil uspesed and he has everything on th kents like info and backrounds and stuff.moreless
  • A Smallville High classmate believes he is an alien, and prepares to leave the Earth, dodging school bullies while enlisting Clark's help. Lex and Helen's relationship moves further.

    A new, disaffected classmate of Clark, Cyrus, is pushed around by ho-dad bullies in the electronics lab at school, but he sets off a fire using an unknown force. Dr. Helen Bryce is distressed by a tabloid article, "Gold-digging Doc bags Billionaire Baldie," but Lex presses her to move to the Luther mansion anyway, and she finally agrees.

    Lucky Chloe, in her new orange-red VW New Beetle cabriolet, suggest to Clark that Cyrus may be an alien - and Cyrus then shows Clark how he's trying to contact his extraterrestrial parents. Lex gets a clever line, "C'mon Clark, if you were an alien, would you go around telling people about it?"

    Martha secretly visits Dr. Bryce, against Johathan's wishes, for an exam and advice about her pregnancy, and appeals to Helen to keep everything she knows from Lex. Clark wants to believe Cyrus, but Chloe opines, "He's no more extra-terrestrial than you are!" Clark discovers Cyrus has drawn a space vehicle identical to Clark's as seen in his dreams. But a transmission tower Cyrus built for his off-world hop with his alien parents looks like a pile of electronic trash - bet the crew had fun throwing this thing together.

    When Cyrus is confined to the hospital for evaluation, Clark frees him, but the high school harassers show up again to sabotage the tower, which gives off a nice light-show. Cyrus at last helps one of the injured bullies, but collapses and Clark later speculates that Cyrus probably saw Clark's ship arrive years earlier - an imprinted memory on the young mind of Cyrus.

    Back at the Luthor mansion, Lex finally agrees to let Helen see his Kent-obsession room - he is surprisingly open to her. In an odd plot-skip, we never learn the results of Martha's visit to Helen for an exam - this potentially important scene is simply dropped. Re-run rating C.moreless
  • New Alien on The Block

    Visitor-After a schoolmate claims to be an alien and proves it by using heat vision, Clark investigates and believes the boy is from Krypton. Meanwhile, Helen confronts Lex over the locked room in the mansion that holds his investigation of Clark's secrets.

    An episode that starts out interesting but runs out of steam mid-way through the episode. The idea of another Kryptonian is interesting even exciting, but it's so obvious that Cyrus isn't one after the opening teaser. So the episode tries to build suspense over Cyrus possiblity being from another planet but your just fooled. None the less, Clark and Cyrus have a interesting dynamic as you feel sorry for Cyrus' situation despite him being very weird. Jeremy Lelliott does well as the offbeat character and the the dispaly of his healing power were good. I just he used them on a person instead of on Whitney's horse who falls ill. I found that scene cringeworthy, especially Lana crying over the horse and Clark trying to comfort her, ehw! The most standout aspect of the episode is Helen's suspicions over Lex's mysterious locked door in his mansion. It's a shocking revelation that the room is a complete shrine of meteor rocks with pictures and files on Clark and the Kents, not to mention kryptonian symbols. It makes Lex's obsession with Clark seem more disturbing, I just we got a better reaction from Helen when she say the room. "Visitor" isn't the best episode and rather weak, but it's great revelations and mystery help to make it a least watchable.moreless
  • Great Episode

    A classmate at school, Cyrus, displays abilities similar to Clark's. Clark Kent discovers that Cyrus believes he is an alien who arrived during the meteor shower, leading him to believe Dr. Swann was wrong when he told Clark he was the only Kryptonian on Earth. Cyrus shows Clark Kent the transmission tower he is building to contact his alien parents, but evidence surfaces that proves that Cyrus is human. "Visitor" is another great episode of "Smallville". Clark Kent continues to seek information about Kripton and increases his expectations of being not alone on Earth. The obsession of Lex Luthor is disclosed.moreless
  • Alien invasion!...Not!

    I liked this episode for about 10 minutes, until i realised that this Cyrus guy was obviously just your average meteor freak. I didn't really like the guy who played the freak of the week, i thought he was a poor actor. I still liked parts of the episode, including the dialogue, especially from Lex (Helen: Lex, we need to talk.

    Lex: Is this a closet space issue? Because I can use the walk-in across the hall.)

    But overall i found this episode quite boring and predictable, though i was happy that Cyrus saved the horse from dying! ! ! !moreless
Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Sam Jones III

Sam Jones III

'Pete' Ross

Annette O'Toole

Annette O'Toole

Martha Clark Kent

Jeremy Lelliott

Jeremy Lelliott

Cyrus Krupp

Guest Star

Chad Faust

Chad Faust


Guest Star

Kris Pope

Kris Pope


Guest Star

Emmanuelle Vaugier

Emmanuelle Vaugier

Dr. Helen Bryce

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • If Clark really wanted to see if Cyrus was from Krypton, why didn't he ask Pete to test him with a green meteor rock?

    • After showing Clark the magnesium burst into flames, Chloe sprays it with water to put it out. Water will not put out a magnesium fire. Also magnesium does not burn with orange flames. Magnesium is used in "sparklers" and underwater welding and burns white hot.

    • After Jonathan tells Martha he doesn't want her to be examined by Dr. Bryce because he "doesn't want our family secrets to become pillow talk", you can still see Jonathan saying something when the camera is on Martha, but no noise comes out.

    • So didn't Cyrus' real parents have any family or friends? It seems kind of odd that in over a decade no one picked up on the fact before Chloe did that the missing/vaporized kid and Cyrus might be the same.

    • Why is Clark so convinced Cyrus is right? Part of Cyrus' case rests on the fact that someone's coming from Krypton to pick him up and "take him home." But Clark knows Krypton disappeared. Does this mean Clark doesn't trust Swann's explanation, or thinks some other survivors are going to show up, or doesn't he want to break the bad news to Cyrus, or what? Still, he seems awfully convinced Cyrus is heading home - maybe it's just wishful thinking.

    • Clark and Cyrus break into the school and then "sneak" out...right through the front door under the bright lights and all.

    • Chloe says Cyrus planted the magnesium strips behind the blackboard, but the fire burst out on the front of the blackboard. If they were on the front, someone would have seen, where were they?

    • Just as in "Rosetta," they talk about Krypton being "millions of miles" away - this is a pretty trivial distance in astronomical terms. Why don't they just say "light years"? It's like the writers don't even seem to have heard of the term.

    • Okay, they explain why Cyrus happens to have "dreams" about Clark's spaceship...but how did he happen to come up with the exact coordinates of Krypton?

    • So the scene where Cyrus comes to heal Whitney's horse, he rushes over and takes his hat off. The camera pans out as he heals the horse, then the next scene has him coming up beside Clark on the opposite side and he has his hat on securely. Even if he put his hat on quickly, it's still impossible....bad editing jobs.

    • A sheriff in Smallville is mentioned in this episode. Didn't the previous sheriff get fired for framing Clark's dad? The Official Smallville Website states that Smallville is looking for a new sheriff, and Sheriff Nancy Adams does not appear until the next episode. Even if there is an interim sheriff, it seems odd Chloe doesn't mention anything about it (i.e,. "the temporary sheriff").

    • It seems unlikely that the tower wouldn't be damaged with the truck pulling in one direction and Clark pulling in the other. Even if Clark is stronger than the truck, the towing chain would probably be much more sturdy than a hodgepodge structure built by an insane teenager.

    • How did the bullies find Cyrus' tower? If they were following him, wouldn't they have attacked him when he was alone, at any point before he got where he was going?

    • Just how stupid are these bullies to pick on Cyrus again after they thought he blew up their truck?

    • So where the heck did Cyrus' healing power come from? Are they natural/psionic (like Ryan), or green-meteor radiation induced? Presumably natural, since he gives off yellow energy and it doesn't hurt Clark (maybe he's related to that guy in "The Green Mile"). Then again, he was practically at ground zero at the meteor storm. They never really say.

    • Is Clark's internal physiology identical to a human's - same bone structure, # and type of organs, etc.? You wouldn't think so, but then why doesn't he x-ray Cyrus and see if he has a human body?

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Chloe: (referring to the new kid) His name is Cyrus Krup. He transferred in a couple of weeks ago. They asked me to give him the new student propaganda tour, but he said he wouldn't be here long enough to need it.
      Clark: Maybe that's why he's trying so hard to win friends and influence people.

    • (Pete and Clark have wires hooked up to oranges)
      Chloe: What are you doing to those poor citrus?
      Clark: Well, apparently there's enough acid in them to act as a battery.
      Chloe: How very Survivor of you. What are you going to call it? A Clockwork Orange?
      Pete: Don't you wish you were the first one to say that?

    • Helen: There's a lot here about the Kents.
      Lex: Yeah, they're an interesting family – don't you think?

    • Lex: Montaigne said obsession was the wellspring of genius and madness.

    • Helen: Lex, we need to talk.
      Lex: Is this a closet space issue? Because I can use the walk-in across the hall.

    • Clark: Lex, what are you doing here?
      Lex: I always wanted to meet an alien.

    • Lex: Do you believe there are aliens among us, Clark?

    • Lex: I never figured you for having an identity crisis, Clark.
      Clark: It's for a friend.
      Lex: I haven't heard that one before.

    • Chloe: Compared to most people, aliens would be a step up.

    • Clark: Chloe, there's nothing romantic about mucking out horse stalls.

  • NOTES (7)

    • This is also the first time that meteorites are called meteorites, instead of the unscientific "meteor rocks".

    • John Glover doesn't appear in this episode.

    • When Pete asks Clark if "Kryptonite" starts with a "c" or a "k," it's reminscent of Superman: The Movie when Lois and Superman were on her terrace and she asked him if "Krypton" was spelled with a "c" or a "k."

    • The meteor rocks are called kryptonite for the first time in this series

    • Music: "The Other Side" by David Gray, "Kiss The Moon" by Hathaway, "Phantasmagoria In Two" by Neil Halstead, "Wartime" by Stephanie Simon, and "Diamonds and Guns" by Transplants.

    • Once again Principal Reynolds gets mentioned, repeatedly, but we never see him.

    • Cyrus' "origins" about being adopted by an elderly couple sounds suspiciously like the comic book Superman's origin, where for much of their lives Martha and Jonathan are/were pretty elderly, relatively speaking.


    • Clark: Maybe that's why he's trying so hard to win friends and influence people.
      First published in 1936, How to Win Friends and Influence People was a self-help book by Dale Carnegie that was supposed to help readers become successful by getting them to appease others.

    • Chloe: What are you going to call it? A Clockwork Orange?
      Chloe is referring to either the novel by Anthony Burgess or the film by Stanley Kubrick. Both of which are titled A Clockwork Orange and portray a dystopic future.

    • Chloe: This kid is more David Blaine than he is Wall of Weird.
      Chloe is referring to magician/illusionist/stunt performer David Blaine, who had done his act in front of television cameras on specials such as David Blaine: Street Magic, David Blaine: Magic Man, and David Blaine: Mystifier.

    • Chloe: How very Survivor of you.
      Chloe is referring to the popular reality television show, Survivor, where contestants are isolated at a remote location and compete for cash and prizes.