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While Lois advises Clark on how to maintain a low profile, a new hero, Booster Gold, travels from the future to present-day Metropolis to become a media darling as a superhero. However, one of his rescues goes wrong, causing an alien scarab-weapon to attach itself to a teenage boy, growing into a battlesuit and transforming him into the Blue Beetle.
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Dec 30, 2013
Summary:This episode and Homecoming don't jive together. It seems to me that there is a flaw in the story line.Details: Booster Goldis from the future and obviously knows aboutClark Kent'sfuture and aboutLois Lane.Skeetshas access to all of history up to whenBooster Goldstoled home. It is clear he knowsClark Kentis theBlurand he will becomeSuperman. During the episode it is also clear he keeps going afterLois Lanefor an interview and endorsement and to this point everything seems fine, but for one point. We knowClarkandLoismarry based upon theHomecomingepisode, which also shows the world and thus history books recordLoisandClarkbecoming man and wife. Additionally, by this point in the time line, history would show them engaged. Thus how canBooster Goldexpect to get any help fromLois Lane?IfBooster Goldwanted the support ofLois Lanehe would need to go back in time to before her falling in love withClark Kent.OK, now you know my concern. Can anyone help me see th flaw in my reasoning, understanding, etc OR is there a flaw in the story line for this episode?moreless

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