Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2003 on The CW
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Clark runs up against super-strong robbers who are apparently tied to LexCorp. And Chloe begins to ally with Lionel, while Lana and Henry Small bond.

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  • The Fudge?!

    Am i the ONLY one who thinks it's wierd that after this episode, you never hear from or see Henry Small. THATS LANA'S DANG FATHER, and that little witch wife of his needs to shut her mouth because how is she gonna blame her divorce on a 15 year old!!!!! at least, she didn't have to tell her that she was the reason! Okay, and who else is tired of Chloe being Jelous all the time? Maybe Chloe should, um, i dont know, TALK to them about it instead of acting like another witch! maybe her and Ms Small should start talking! But whatever, for those of you who have seen seasons ahead, i'm sure you know that Chloe being in love with Clark does not stop at this season, or even the next. Ugh! The main Plot of this episode was good, but the back stories with the Clark/Lana/Chloe triangle and the Lana/Henry/Jennifer triangle were ridiculous!moreless
  • this was a really good ep

    in this ep of smallville clark sees a truck being robbed by robbers he does not think nothing much until they show that they have incredialbe strenth and knock him quite a distance. clark tells his family and wants to investgate so him and pete go look at the baseball feild because clark reconizes one of the people an they go to smallville. so he goes and watches one of them hit and how he can hit monster home runs. he hit s one at clark to send a message. clark decides to follow them and leads to a bandoned building were clark sees them using loads of krytponite refinding it and then inhealing it. clark gets over powered by them and they through clark into a incineratorer. clark comes out of it and clark tells the police and he gets taken in by them but clark had realized earler they were luthor corp trucks that were doing it lex sets something up but its only so help his benfit to see what his dad is doing it back fires but clark was laready in the truck . and saves the day and the guy gets sent away. this was a really cool ep i thougt.moreless
  • Masked thugs rob a Luthercorp truck on a dark road, and toss Clark into the ditch when he attempts to intervene. One is a Smallville High student, and Clark must fight to find the source of his super-powers and put the perps down.moreless

    Clark attempts to foil a late-night truck robbery, only to be thrown aside easily; the crooks can match his super-powers. Clark spots one of the thieves in school, and we see that a meteor-rock inhalant is the power source.

    Lionel is back to congratulate Lex on his engagement to Helen Bryce, and sees Chloe's Torch article (with easy-to-spot punctuation errors) about the truck robbery being linked to Luthorcorp, but Lex denies involvement. The side story has Lana getting closer to birth-pop Henry Small (Patrick Cassidy).

    Clark and Chloe battle over the Torch deadlines - or is it really Lana? - and Clark packs his files and quits. Our thugs are brewing up small beakers of meteor-tock cocktail in an oddly-outsized furnace, giving them the ability to fling Clark into the kiln, but he just won't be fired - although his clothes will.

    Jennifer clues Lana into her pending divorce, virtually blaming Lana for absorbing all Henry's time. Lionel meets Chloe, but rebuffs her attempt to get details on the truck robbery cargo. Lex tries the same on jailed perp Eric, who has strung up the Kents in their own barn. Has Clark met his match? Lex reveals to Clark (in the midst of some annoying steadicam spinning) that the cargo was meteor rocks, and he sets a trap for the thieves, but Clark intervenes anyway, and the stunt crew takes some mighty hard knocks before Clark prevails.

    Lana's story with Henry wraps with her urging him to reconcile with Jennifer. Lionel offers a donation to Chloe's journalism efforts, but is he trying to influence her to go easy on the Luthorcorp exposes? Of course! Other than the Lionel - Chloe relationship being established, this episode is pretty routine. Re-run rating C.moreless
  • Clark is a Snitch...and Chloe's a B!%@#

    Witness-Clark runs up against super-strong robbers who are apparently tied to LexCorp. And Chloe begins to ally with Lionel, while Lana and Henry Small bond. A very entertaining episode that sees Clark being tested physically by some worthy opponents. Most of the meteor freaks up to this point have been barely a match for Clark and it's nice to have ones that actually are. Continuing the Home Improvement reunion this season, Zachery Ty Bryan guest stars and gives a good performance as Eric Marsh. The action set pieces are aslso great throughout the episode, like the big fight towards the end. This is the first time Clark actually strategizes during a fight and I loved how he used his other powers to win. It was very Superman-eqse.

    I also liked the sub-plot with Lana (surprise, surpise!) It was a tough situation for Lana to be in as she had to sacrifice her own father so she could save his marriage. It's great character development for the character and shows Lana making a tough but right decision. My only grip with the episode Chloe! The whole fight between her and Clark was yet another jelous Lana induced spat. The issue of Clark not being there for Chloe becuase of Lana was already addressed in the first season! Do we really need a weepy, angry Chloe walking around whinning about that again? Yet at the same time, this is where the Lionel and Chloe partnership begins and becomes a great little side storyline for the rest of the season into Season 3. All and All, a pretty solid episode with good opponents and developments despite Chloe being an unbearable b!%@# throughout.moreless
  • Great Episode

    A group of thieves hijack a LuthorCorp van, and steal a shipment of refined green meteor rock. Clark stumbles upon the robbery, but is no match for them. It turns out that they are manufacturing and inhaling liquid kryptonite, which leads to enhanced strength. Lionel offers to fund the Torch and a position at the Daily Planet, if Chloe does an investigative report on Clark. In this episode, Lana Lang is the pivot of two separations, between Clark and Chloe, and between Jennifer and Henry. The conclusion of the story is flawed, since Eric Marsh and his gang see the abilities of Clark Kent without any further consequences.moreless
Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Sam Jones III

Sam Jones III

'Pete' Ross

John Glover

John Glover

Lionel Luthor

Zachery Bryan

Zachery Bryan

Eric Marsh

Guest Star

Woody Jeffreys

Woody Jeffreys


Guest Star

Eileen Pedde

Eileen Pedde

Jennifer Small

Guest Star

Camille Mitchell

Camille Mitchell

Sheriff Nancy Adams

Recurring Role

Patrick Cassidy

Patrick Cassidy

Henry Small

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (21)

    • When Clark was thrown into the furnace by Eric and his gang, Eric opened and closed the iron door of the furnace with bare hands. Even if he was super strong, Eric's hands should have been burnt.

    • There's some liquid kryptonite outside the fire chamber, but Clark isn't weakened by it.

    • When Clark is thrown into the furnace, the thieves make a getaway in their truck. You can hear the usual sounds of an accelerating engine as it's driving away. However, the brake lights are on.

    • Why did Clark x-ray all the way down to the robber's skull? Wouldn't x-raying through only the mask have been more helpful?

    • When Clark goes outside the warehouse, its sunny and dry, but in the next shot he walks into the warehouse and you can clearly see that it is raining outside the open door behind him.

    • In many early episodes things break if they collide with Clark's body (i.e., the axe blade in "Lineage") while in this episode the pipe doesn't break.

    • So...apparently kryptonite is fatal if ingested in liquid form (see "Jitters," "Duplicity") but gives super-powers if inhaled or injected as a tattoo. This doesn't seem to make much sense...

    • Clark hits a fence and tells Jonathan it hurt. Not only does he not really show it, but he's impacted with lots of other stuff (and had buildings fall on him) and he's never claimed it hurt or appeared to be in pain.

    • The bad guys drive off from the crime scene in a bright yellow SUV which Clark clearly sees - why didn't he report that to the police? Or are there a lot of neon-yellow SUVs in Smallville?

    • A van stopped in such a manner wouldn't flip forward - Newton's third law would jerk it back (although the driver would probably keep going, as well as all those kryptonite bricks).

    • When Clark hits Lex, Lex is on the phone talking to someone, when Lex seems to stop in mid sentence and not reply wouldn't the person who he was talking to alert someone or do something? Perhaps even cancel the operation?

    • Doesn't Clark still feel the effects of kryptonite even if it's under dirt? Lead is the only thing that blocks the effects and in the second episode of the first season, "Metamorphosis," there are meteor rocks under the floor and they still affect Clark.

    • Does Smallville jail really put a prisoner in an orange jumpsuit just a day after being arrested? That's more of a prison/institutional kind of thing, and they haven't put such suits on Clark and Jonathan when they were arrested in the past.

    • Couldn't Clark have dug the hole (and made it a heck of a lot deeper) and then had Pete bring over the kryptonite vials and bury them? Way to make your buddy work for you...

    • Maybe it's kind of the point, but...Eric is rather a dim-bulb, isn't he? Not only does he hide the mask in his locker room at school where presumably Clark saw it with his x-ray vision (why doesn't Eric hide it with...well, the hidden kryptonite ingots?), but he doesn't seem aware of the fact the police can search school lockers - there's been news reports and editorials on that kind of thing for years.

    • Lionel says Chloe interned (past tense) at the Daily Planet "this summer" (present/future tense). Doesn't he mean "last summer"? Either he meant to say, "You interned at the Daily Planet last summer," or "You will intern at the Daily Planet this summer."

    • So is Donatello Whitney's horse or Lana's? Lana visits it at the Kents' stable, and he was supposedly keeping Whitney's horse. But then whatever happened to Lana's horse?

    • Can't the Kents identify Eric and his buddies?

    • What does Lana mean she knows about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, "metaphorically speaking"? She's been in the wrong place at the wrong time literally speaking at least a dozen times throughout the series.

    • At the end, why don't the three guys talk about Clark after they're arrested? They have no incentive to avoid spreading the news about Clark's special abilities (he used strength, speed, and heat-vision whereas they only had strength).

    • Why didn't Clark use his super speed all along? Are we to assume he just doesn't think about it? Strength is all well and fine, but speed applied to strength would have sent these guys flying. Does he really need Jonathan to point out the benefits of using super-speed and not get his butt kicked?

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Lionel: You know journalists are the midwives of history. Perhaps with my help we could... make history together.

    • Pete: Meanwhile, in Lana Land, it looks like your ship's finally come in.
      Clark: Oh, me and ...
      Pete: ...just friends. You better invest in a new set of cue cards, Clark. I've never seen her so happy.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This marks the final appearance of Patrick Cassidy as Henry Small.

    • Music: "Room To Bleed" by Ben Lee, "Anybody Listening" by Marty Irwin/Peter Northcote, "The World Outside" by Paloalto, "Gone Away" by Stretch Nickel, "Swing, Swing" by The All-American Rejects, "Safe Enough To Wake Up" by The Ben Taylor Band, and "No Blue Sky" by The Thorns.


    • Sheriff Adams: The driver--he came to long enough to tell us about the "aliens" that trashed his truck. Don't worry now. You can use your one call to phone home.
      "Phone home" is a sly reference to the movie E.T. which has the line, "E.T. phone home."

    • Pete: I didn't know quitting was an option.
      Alludes to the line in True Lies, "Fear is not an option." It also echoes the line in Apollo 13, 'Failure is not an option."

    • Clark: When did he go from zero to hero?
      Clark's line matches the promo line for Disney's Hercules movie, with the superstrong Greek hero.

    • Eric: I know you're unbreakable...
      Presumably, this refers to the movie of the same name, starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. Willis' character in the movie is believed to be invincible (and a superhero) by Jackson's character, who is more than a little insane.

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