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Smart Guy

The WB (ended 1999)



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Smart Guy

Show Summary

T.J. Henderson (Tahj Mowry) is a high school sophmore. He isn't just a regular one though. He is a ten-year old tenth grader! After being promoted to high school, T.J. deals with the usual problems of fitting in as a genius, while being a little kid in a big school. He can figure anything out, and homeworks a sinch. Well, one thing he can't figure out is what's wrong with his brother? Marcus (Jason Weaver) is in the same grade as T.J., which only embarrasses him. Especially since T.J. always rubs in his genius factor. Marcus also deals with problems, such as finding a steady date, and doing homework ... make that getting T.J. to do his homework. There's also Marcus' goofy friend Mo. Mo (Omar Gooding, "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper", "Zoe") always seems to be annoying T.J.'s dad Floyd (John Marshall Jones, "John Doe"), with his goofy, and pointless ideas. Floyd himself deals with troubles. He owns his own business, always putting in hard work in at work, as well as at home! After his wife died, Floyd was left to raise all three of his kids on his own. So with work, and homelife, where's the time for dating? Luckily for him, there is his daughter Yvette (Essence Atkins, "Half and Half"). She always keeps the rest of the family grounded, while also being a fighter for equal rights. Runner of the school paper, and top notch student, she does it all. In the life of a smart guy like T.J., there are many ups and downs, but as a close-nit family, they are always there for each other. Theme Song Lyrics for Season 1-2 A slice of life is T.J. Henderson, super intelligent, a fine young gentleman, a ten year old whiz kid bussin high school, a penacious little shorty with a thousand IQ. He's got a way with the ladies, and he's keepin it real, your favorite little study buddy, he knows the deal. Dad says just a kid, on the ball, very clever, you could say that he's bright, brainy, gifted, whatever. (Mo's Voice)Yo brother is smaaaart! He's a smart guy, du du, du da du du du smart guy, du du, du da du, smart guy, du da du du du, he's a smart guy, du du, du da du du du.

Jason Weaver

Jason Weaver

Marcus Henderson

John Marshall Jones

John Marshall Jones

Floyd Henderson

Tahj Mowry

Tahj Mowry

T.J. Henderson

Essence Atkins

Essence Atkins

Yvette Henderson

Omar Gooding

Omar Gooding

Morris "Mo" L. Tibbs (Season 2+)

Jordan Wood

Jordan Wood


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  • Classic

    I loved this show as a kid and i still do to this day. Everyone on the show were enjoyable especially mo , The show didn't do too much and didn't stay on too long so it avoided becoming a drag to watch. I No it was a big part of the plot to have tj in the same grade and classes as Marcus and mo but it was obvious that he should have already been in college, like the episode when he worked for the DVD company.moreless
  • Smart and Cool!

    He is a superb young actor that sets the record for upcoming, extra young actors... I enjoyed watching him experience life in high school, he played his parts well whether it was to be funny or to be extreme. He is multi-talented!
  • This show is wonderful!

    This show is wonderful! I wish that the show never ended. It was a trendsetter and non stop comedy! I don't recall one episode that I watched which wasn't funny. The cast is great they all fit their characters well. The show is set up like a regular family with a gifted child and is very beleivable. If there was a way for the show to come back on I would be siked. I am watching the marathon right now and it's hilarious! IF you haven't watched the show you have and are missing a real treat! Smart guy rocks!moreless
  • All Good Things come to an end

    Smart Guy, - Smart Guy was about a 10 year old kid who skipped a couple of grades and is in highschool. The show dealt with the problems a 10 year and other teens have to go through in high school. The show was around the 10 year old named T.J.. And his brother and sister and father. As the smart one his brother named Marcus tries to out do his brother. And his friend Mo usually being the person who brings him done. Overall the show was funny and one of the best, it's a shame the show ended it was funny.moreless
  • Underrated!

    This may be the biggest under-appreciated Sitcom to ever grace the television screen. I never met anyone who didn't love this show but for some reason it never made it. Tagh Mowry is charming as T.J.and his whole family was played very well. However the gem of the show is Omar Gooding (Cuba's little brother) who is absoluley hilarious as Mo. The show also had a funny supporting cast including the white guy Mackie and the crazy gym teacher, Coach Gerber. This show combined off the wall humor, compassion, and important lessons and is the most under-appreciated television show of all time.

    Some of the great one's are...

    -When T.J. must tutor a dumb and violent basketball star and turns him into a Gandhi worshiper -When T.J. meets a young girl Brandy and Mo and Marcus pimp him out -When T.J. and MO must marry for a class assinemnt and the guys build Yvette a bathroommoreless
  • Coming to BET
    Smart Guy will begin airing on BET this Saturday September 6. There will be a 10 episode marathon starting at 11am Eastern. I'm...
  • Where are they now?
    Anyone know where some of the stars are today? I know Tahj is on Kim Possible...
  • Kent masters King!
    Shes the hottest girl ever!
  • Smart Guy TV shows
    Does anyone know of any place I would be able to find the Smart Guy episodes. Either on the web or for watching on TV? I have been...
  • hi
    wellcome three months after Smart Guy was cancelled on The WB, reruns began airing on the Disney Channel from September 199...

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