Smart Guy

Season 1 Episode 6

A Little Knowledge

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Apr 30, 1997 on The WB
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A Little Knowledge
T.J. gets more than he bargained for when he lands a spot on the game show Knowledge College, only to earn a bit of money. However, he soon begins to use too much coffee as his medium to study, putting his state-of-mind at risk.

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  • It's a very funny episode!

    T.J. gets a chance of a life time when he is accepted to go on the game show, "Knowledge College," where 3 students answer hard questions to win a large amount of money. At first, T.J. is happy he's going on the game show and is not nervous at all. But when he gets to school, everyone is talking about T.J. going on the game show and how they are all going to watch it. So, now with all this pressure on T.J., he is filled with anxiety. The night before he is going on the show he stays up all night long, drinking coffee, and studying.

    I think this episode is so funny and entertaining. I really enjoy watching this episode.moreless

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    • T.J.: Yvette can't get the coat that she needs, and Dad can't go to the reunion he was looking forward to, and you can't get the motorcycle that could kill or cripple you. I just feel so bad.

    • Marcus: You got a job?
      Yvette: I have a pre-executive position removing the biproducts from poultry at the Cluck Bucket family restaurant.
      Marcus: You're yanking the gushy stuff out of chickens?

    • Travis' dad: You know Travis wrote his first sonata at the age of seven
      Amy's mom: Amy was a published author at six.
      (all look to Floyd)
      Floyd: T.J. actually has a life.

    • Floyd: How're you feeling?
      T.J.: Like that Nazi in Indiana Jones right before his head exploded.

    • Yvette: Oh speaking of Craig, I just saw a garbage truck hauling a dumpster down the street with your new bike dragging behind it.
      Marcus: My bike!? That thing cost me seventeen hundred dollars!
      Floyd: Cost! I thought you said this was just a test drive
      Marcus: No I bought it.
      Floyd: With what?
      Marcus: T.J. said he was gonna give me some of his prize money. Which he's not winning right now because he's too hopped on up on coffee and candy to remember any of the answers. And I just told you way too much, didn't I?
      Yvette: I'll go get some chalk... for your body outline.

    • Floyd: (To TJ) Your job is to be running around in your underwear with a Batman Cape.

    • Floyd: Have a heart, the kid's exhausted.
      TV Host: TV doesn't have a heart, only contracts.

    • Floyd: Looks like we're going to have to buy that economy sized warehouse ketchup.
      T.J.: But that stuff's so big, I can't even lift it!
      Floyd: That's life, son, when your belt gets tighter, the ketchup gets bigger.

    • TJ: Oh look....there's a bed in the air...(falls over)

    • TJ: Hey! Marcus? How you doing!? I'm doing great!! You know why!? 'Cause I've got coffee! Coffee coffee coffee!

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