Smart Guy

Season 3 Episode 22

Never Too Young

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM May 16, 1999 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Never Too Young
Floyd refuses to believe T.J. drank beer at a party with his pals. Meanwhile, while on cafeteria duty, Marcus and Mo becomes disgusted with the slop the lunch lady serves and decides to cook some real food.

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  • It was good

    This was the last episode of the show before or after The WB announced the cancellation.
  • Well-written, all around excellent episode.

    I loved this episode. TJ goes to a party, and his friends from elementary school encourage him to try drinking. After hesistating, TJ agrees to take the drink. When he gets home, he has a hangover in the morning. Evette notices, but Floyd refuses to notice that TJ could of been drinking at the party.

    Afterwards, a parent calls Floyd and says there may have been drinking at the party. He asks Floyd if he has any idea on what is going on. Floyd doesn't, but afterwards he asks TJ if TJ knows anything about that. TJ says that he doesn't. Floyd believes him, and when Evette attempts to explain to Floyd the situation, Floyd gets mad at Evette because he refuses to believe his "perfect son" would do anything like that.

    In the end, Floyd discovers TJ in the garage with his friends, holding a drink that his friends offered him to drink. Floyd then gets mad at TJ and apogolizes to Evette for getting mad at her and not believing that it could happen to his son. Floyd accepts that TJ is growing up.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Marcus and Mo were working in the cafeteria for the rest of the week, but TJ never came by the line. Also, TJ went to the party on Friday night, Marcus and Moe were working the next two days, schools are closed on Saturdays and Sundays!

    • Marcus and Mo were working in the cafeteria for an amount of days to know they eat actual food. Well, at the end of the episode they just find out they don't eat the stuff they make. Unless they haven't been sticking around the cafeteria long enough to know the lunch lady eats different meals, they should've known.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Floyd: He was sick, he was hung over and I didn't see it, why?
      Yvette: Because you still think he's your little boy and he'll come to you about anything.
      Floyd: So what, now that he's a teenager he's going to start lying?
      Yvette: No, now that he's a teenager he probably won't talk to you at all.
      Floyd: I screwed up.
      Yvette: Dad, he's not selling his blood for liquor money, I think there's still time.

    • Floyd: Do you know where that pamphlet is about how to talk to your kids?
      Yvette: The one about alcohol?
      Floyd: Yeah.
      Yvette: You threw it out, along with the old phone books. You said that you had good kids and that it would never come up.
      Floyd: Well it did. You were right and I didn't believe you, and I'm sorry.
      Yvette: It's okay Dad, and you don't have to worry about the pamphlet, I know all about that stuff. They hammer it into us at school.
      Floyd: What do they say?
      Yvette: They say first of all not to overreact.
      Floyd: 0 for 1.
      Yvette: The punishment should be equal to the crime.
      Floyd: 0 for 2.
      Yvette: And basically just talk to your kids about it and don't think it can't ever happen.
      Floyd: That's good morning, good afternoon and goodnight.

    • Yvette: It's just...
      Floyd: Just what?
      Yvette: Well T.J. slept later than he usually does and he was sick when he woke up.
      Floyd: He had a stomachache.
      Yvette: He also had a headache.
      Floyd: So?
      Yvette: So that sounds like a hangover to me.
      Floyd: You heard me ask him, he said he wasn't drinking.
      Yvette: That's not what he said.
      Floyd: All right, I asked him if he saw anybody drinking and he didn't. T.J. is too smart to do something dumb like that.

    • Yvette: She said that she heard some kids were drinking at the party T.J. was at last night.
      Floyd: Drinking drinking? Yvette these kids are 12 years old.
      Yvette: It's not unheard of, Dad.

    • T.J.: You hear about Hector? He's dodging some dumb girl named Kelly in the can.
      Girl: I'm Kelly.

    • Mo: Wow! There's so much food here I think I could kiss you!
      Mrs. Tudjman: That can be arranged...
      (Mo puts on a disgusted look on his face)
      Mrs. Tudjman: You are 18, no?
      Mo: No, (shoves Marcus up front) but he is.

    • Floyd: Did you eat too much cake again?
      T.J.: Oh yeah, with a lot of red frosting, and I washed it down with a chili dog and nachos.

  • NOTES (4)