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  • One of the best TV shows ever made!

    This was literally the second time I thought this show was made from Disney Channel, the first is Sister, Sister. But anyways, I love this show.
  • Classic

    I loved this show as a kid and i still do to this day. Everyone on the show were enjoyable especially mo , The show didn't do too much and didn't stay on too long so it avoided becoming a drag to watch. I No it was a big part of the plot to have tj in the same grade and classes as Marcus and mo but it was obvious that he should have already been in college, like the episode when he worked for the DVD company.
  • Smart and Cool!

    He is a superb young actor that sets the record for upcoming, extra young actors... I enjoyed watching him experience life in high school, he played his parts well whether it was to be funny or to be extreme. He is multi-talented!
  • This show is wonderful!

    This show is wonderful! I wish that the show never ended. It was a trendsetter and non stop comedy! I don't recall one episode that I watched which wasn't funny. The cast is great they all fit their characters well. The show is set up like a regular family with a gifted child and is very beleivable. If there was a way for the show to come back on I would be siked. I am watching the marathon right now and it's hilarious! IF you haven't watched the show you have and are missing a real treat! Smart guy rocks!
  • All Good Things come to an end

    Smart Guy, - Smart Guy was about a 10 year old kid who skipped a couple of grades and is in highschool. The show dealt with the problems a 10 year and other teens have to go through in high school. The show was around the 10 year old named T.J.. And his brother and sister and father. As the smart one his brother named Marcus tries to out do his brother. And his friend Mo usually being the person who brings him done. Overall the show was funny and one of the best, it's a shame the show ended it was funny.
  • Underrated!

    This may be the biggest under-appreciated Sitcom to ever grace the television screen. I never met anyone who didn't love this show but for some reason it never made it. Tagh Mowry is charming as T.J.and his whole family was played very well. However the gem of the show is Omar Gooding (Cuba's little brother) who is absoluley hilarious as Mo. The show also had a funny supporting cast including the white guy Mackie and the crazy gym teacher, Coach Gerber. This show combined off the wall humor, compassion, and important lessons and is the most under-appreciated television show of all time.

    Some of the great one's are...

    -When T.J. must tutor a dumb and violent basketball star and turns him into a Gandhi worshiper -When T.J. meets a young girl Brandy and Mo and Marcus pimp him out -When T.J. and MO must marry for a class assinemnt and the guys build Yvette a bathroom
  • On number 10 of my favorite shows, smart guy will always be remembered as one of the funniest shows ever to me.

    This show's comedic appeal can stand with family guy, the simpsons, and the chappelle show. It is the only show that I would rate each episode 9 or above.

    Every character is funny in there own way and It seems like shows like black comedies always make most of the white people dumb. That's racist too, you know. I also noticed that TJ's dad always puts Moe down. Come on, he doesn't eat out of your fridge that much, does he.......whatever. Well I'm going to go play some super smash bros brawl.

    Storylines: So good that I wish they made over a 100 episodes-10
    Characters: GO PENQUINS-10
    Theme song: I have no idea what there saying in season 2-9.5
  • It's such a shame this show is so underrated.

    Hey people I have been experiencing many difficulties with glitches on which include my sentences being squashed together so I will be using a - dash to seperate my paragraphs.
    I just absolutely loved this show.- A ten year old boy is enrolled in high school because of his very high IQ and intelligence but he has a serious problem in fitting in especially that he is in every class of his girl loving brother Marcus and his stupid yet funny friend Mo and it won't be long until T.J also joins his brother's band and his basket ball team.- The T.J chronicles which is what I call smart guy is one of these disney show that got cancelled or ended when they were actually great and fun to watch like so weird.

    I loved this when I was a kid and I still love it now.
  • I loved this show! It was soo good.

    I loved this show sooooooo much! I grew up watching this show! It was one of the best shows. A little genius kid in high school! I loved it! THis was so good. I wish they had it back on the air. I used to watch this show all the time. It was one of my personal favorite shows. Why did Disney Have to take it off air?!?!?!? Why?!?!?!?!?!? One of the worst decisions everr! I wissh they would bring it back! It was such a great show! Too bad Disney had to make room for other shows. If only they could find a way to squeeze this show back in!
  • This is another D-Channel Classic I came to like.

    Tahj Mowry was the star of this show. I liked the cast of it. I first started watching this show when I went to my friendshouse and he had Disney channle on then I started watching shows n this channel and I liked this one. T.J. who is like a 6th grader who is in high school because he is so smart. And his brother who is like 6 years older than him isn't as smart as him. The his sister the actress who plays her is good I think her name is Megan Gooding or something like that and she is a great actress. Mo who is like the dumb friend is funny and that is Omar Gooding who is funny. This is one of my all-time disney channel favorites.
  • I remember when i used to watch this show all the time.

    The little kid genies who is related to sister,sister is so cute. Hes all grown up now he about 20 and has appeared on a whole sort of things like movies are we done yet, 17 again, and visits on a lot disney channel. Like kim possible as wade. As you notice he plays a lot of parts in which he is really smart. He also appeared on full house. The others on the show haven't done that much since then because his sister on the show was on half and half but that ended soon. His brother on the show also just guest stared on a lot of things not getting many movie parts but the sister did.
  • This show is awsome, its a classic old show, watch it its haliriouss!! =)

    This show is really old, about 10 years old. I love this show and i still watch it sometimes. Ive watched all the episodes and it still cracks me up. TJ and his brother and sister live alone with there father in a big house. They have no mother. There closest friend named Moe Tibs is one of the main characters of the show. I love all the episodes there all funny. This show can be very sad at some points and very exciting, happy at some points. You guys should watch this show its a classic and i love it!! WATCH IT!!
  • im suprised this show only lasted three years because it was pretty funny,

    im suprised this show only lasted three years because it was pretty funny, it had a pretty good plot too, It had a Tenth Grade normall high schooler dealin with his ten yyear old brother being smarter than him and goin to the same classes as him it also has a stupid character Mo and the single father who's name i cant quite remeber right just about now, and a sister who's character was sometimes nice and sometimes mean, 9 which could get kinda confusing)im suprised this show only lasted three years because it was pretty funny,yeah yeah yeah yeah
  • I used to watch this show al the time. i reli miss was a great show!

    This show was reli good. i reli lked it..n i wish i knew when it was on tv. i dont knoe when its on..i dont even think that its on disney anymore. anyways..this show was reli good. n i totalee remember watching it. it was a great show, n i wish it would have lasted longer. i think it should have. i dont even knoe whi it got cancelled. it could have went on fore longer than 3 seasons. al in al, this show is great, n im sryie fore any of you who didnt get to see it.
  • Not so interesting.

    I'm not so interested in this show. The show lacks a compelling hook that makes other high school shows watchable. The show just didn't interest me, it doesn't have an interesting premise. This show must have been made just for people under 12, the concept doesn't have that must see factor. It's not an exciting viewing experience. This show needed more and it just wasn't there. The characters were okay, that's a good part, but the storyline wasn't strong enough characters to appear in. This show went on for awhile, but i just didn't find it that interesting, i wasn't hooked.
  • Amazing

    This is probably one of my alltime favorite shows.its was the kind of show that even though it only lasted 3 seasons it was still great. Its the kinda of show that you know you have seen the same episodes a hundred times but you still love to watch them over and over again. I dont think alot of shows can do that but thats just me. Its too bad they axed it but sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do. All in all great show and lets all remember the good times we had with it R.I.P Smart Guy

    If you take the poo out of poor that leaves the R and thats the begining of rich- Mo Tibbs lol
  • Another short lived black family sitcom. With nothing new to offer to the table that we haven't seen before, this show was still refreshing enough to win my heart from the 1st episode.

    This was a childhood favorite of mine and still one of the shows that I think about all the time, wondering what would've happened if it's run wasn't cut so short. This show was about T.J. Henderson, a 10 year old 10th grader who tries to fit in.

    Every episode was refreshing and fun to watch. This is one of the few shows that I can't think back on remember hating one. I haven't watched it in a while but every episode has a way of sticking in your head.

    This is one of the shows that you sit back and wonder what was it that caused it to be cancelled. It was a brilliant show with a wonderful cast and refreshing episodes, some which were taken more seriously than others. This show dealt with issues from good girls with bad reputations to online predators. If this show was given the right chance, it could've been so much more. I can already see it.

    Overall, this will always remain a cult classic in the short lived black sitcoms and always remain one of my favorite shows of all time.
  • This is a show focusing on the main character TJ Henderson and his family.

    TJ Henderson is a smart guy (hence the title), He goes to High School, although he is only 10 years old. Part of the show is set in the home of TJ and his family, his dad, brother Marcus and sister Yvette, and the other set in school. Dad is a single parent and always has good advice for especially TJ. Marcus, much to his embarrasment is in the same year as TJ. Yvette is the only female in the household, she is growing into a young lady. Mo is also almost part of the family, spending lots of time at the house.
  • This show is about a ten year old who is promoted to high school because he is a child genius/prodigy.

    I absolutely loove this show and I just wish they would

    bring it back. This show was hilarious and interesting and

    and it's fun to watch. I liked Essence Atkin's character

    and her role as the oldest. I also liked Jason Weaver's

    character as the middle child because he would always

    make a joke and give life lessons to T.J on his journey to

    fitting in high school.
  • This show is one of my all time favorite disney shows I wish this show and wish that disney would bring it back or at least reruns.

    Smart guy is a show that follows a smart guy named TJ and His brother on a wild advertures of high school. TJ is a wiz kid in high school although he is only ten he is much smarter then his class mates and he soon finds out that although he may be a genius when it comes to homework he is lost when it comes to girls.
  • Who didn't love the little and mightly TJ?

    This show was a Disney channel classic. It was a show that parents could watch with their kids and did not worry that their kids were watching it. Following TJ allow if rough roads, showed kids how to stand up for yourself and be who you are. I hope someday to see it back!
  • TJ is a very smart and funny kid in this hilarious show.

    I watch this show as much as i can. It just never gets old. Mo is so dam hilarious!!! TJ can be funny in his own way. Marcus always worries but tries to keep his cool, and then looks like an idiot. Evvette tries to be all smart and grown up but she can be just as dum as Mo. And the Dad tries to keep everything together. I love this Show!!!

  • Smart Guy is about TJ Henderson, a VERY smart 10-year old who is in High School.

    Smart Guy was an awesome show. When I looked and saw that it only had 51 episodes, I was shocked! It seemed like everyone matured so much in the show and it was very good. It shows the smart African-Americans out there and teaches good lesssons. I don't know why Disney Channel stopped showing the reruns, because people were watching them! It's WAAAY too late to continue with this series, but I'd like to see Tahj try his hand at his own show again. William Smith, Martin Lawrence, Jamie Foxx, Kyla Pratt and Raven-Symone have all had their own TV shows which have been VERY successful, so I think that now that Tahj is older he can do that too! I think he could have did it when he was younger, but I know don't why the show was cancelled
  • A 10 year old in highschool??

    TJ Henderson is a ten year old genius how joins his brother, Marcus and sister, Yvette in highschool.
    I personally wish for one more season, this show was off the wall funny. With the addition of Mo this show was perfect, it had comedy drama and pure hilarity. I liked Mo the best because Mo was so dumb and funny. There isn't one episode I didn't like, I liked all of them and I wish it didn't get cancelled so soon.
  • It sucks they took this show off the of my favorites.

    Smart Guy was actually a show that I would come home from school, bust out my homework, and turn on the TV to disney and watch Smart Guy. Even my parents liked Smart Guy...and that's a surprise when you can watch a tight show with your parents. I'm mad that they took the show off the just plain garbage. Maybe one day I can find episodes to download and watch some time.
  • its ok

    smart guy was on wb then disney chanlle its benn on 4 channles its n ok show with smart guy dumb guy and smart girl a a a a its a smart guy catchey thing song to sing along with its better than some shows its an oK show for all ages
  • this show is a sad drama that i have loved for years, as it involves young genius t.j. henderson. well, in fact, it is a family comedy, but i see it as a sad drama.

    this show is truly influential. it is widely regarded as the first show on the television, in fact, outdating even rugrats, i love lucy and space cases. the reality of it is that no other show in television history has ever dealt with issues such as child abuse, dating two twins at the same time and racism.
  • smart guy is the best show ever par none

    best show ever par none it was funny crazy intense it had every thing mo and marcus together were hilliarous as can be and tj was a riot floyd always a blow his top at his kids and yvette was so good looking as well as all the girls who appeared in the show to name one deliver us from eva star gabrielle union
  • I used to watch this show all the time why did they stop playing the reruns to it.

    I used to watch this show all the time why did they stop playing the reruns to it. This show was about a smart 10 year old guy who is so smart that he gets to skip grades and go to the high school in the same classes as his older brother. Sometimes the situations they were in were a little unrealilistic but other that that I think this was a good show to watch if it was still on
  • Why'd they take it away!? :(

    This was an instant classic even from the first episode! It was funny and heartwarming, and it was the perfect sitcom... I started watching it when it came to Disney Channel, but unfortunately they took it away about two years ago. Now, all I want is for them to bring it back on TV or on DVD which i'd like even more!!! Please WB do this for us fans...
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