Smart Guy

Season 2 Episode 19

Strangers on the Net

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 04, 1998 on The WB
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Strangers on the Net
T.J. buys bootleg computer games but soon runs into trouble with a sinister stranger. Meanwhile, Marcus and Mo buy a used car that doesn't run.

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  • Great episode and probably the most valuable of the whole series for parents and kids to watch.

    Probably a first in its time to be a family show warning about predators on the internet. Without going into too many graphic details, this episode of "Smart Guy" shows kids why it's never good to jump to a wrong conclusion in thinking somebody on the internet is a friend. T.J. and his friend Karen buy bootleg games from a guy named Marki412 in a kids' chat room. When they meet to buy the games they find out Marki412 is an adult, who smooth talks his way into gaining T.J. and Karen's trust. He warns them that if they tell their parents about him, they'll get in trouble for buying bootleg games, so T.J. and Karen keep him a secret. When they go to buy another new game from Mark, they find he's building a virtual surfing game. However he tries to convince T.J. and Karen to take off their jackets and jeans to make the visual effect believable, and shows them pictures of other kids he got to take their clothes off for the image in the game. T.J. gets he and Karen out of there and tells his dad what happened, and they find that Mark is on probation for doing this very thing before. High praise to "Smart Guy" for maintaining their show at a level for kids while simultaneously in this episode, warning them why it's never good to keep 'friends' met online a secret from their parents.moreless
  • This episode is excellent!

    T.J. and a friend want some new computer games but can't afford the games that are in the computer store. So, they go on a kid's chat room and they find someone who is selling the computer games for a cheaper price. They agree to meet at a local fast food place to get the computer games. But what the kids soon realize is that the person who is selling them the games is much older than a kid. Meanwhile, Marcus and his friend Mo buy a junky car and try to fix it.

    This episode is one of my favourite episodes of this show because it shows us that you can't always trust people who you don't know over the internet.moreless

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    • T.J.: What are you doing down here? I went in your room and you weren't there.
      Floyd: I came down here 'cause I couldn't sleep. I just came down to read.
      T.J.: Well then leave a note or something. Don't just not be in your room.

    • Mo: Here's your money. Now why isn't the engine working? And no paper clips this time. That was embarrassing!
      (T.J. inspects the car)
      T.J.: Hmm. You're right, the engine's fine. You're out of gas.

    • Floyd: This is what scares me about the whole Internet thing, when you meet someone on there, you never really know who you're talking to.

    • Karen: I've been talking to a guy who's selling bootlegg games for only $20, I can find that much in my dad's couch.
      TJ: That's because they're bootleggs, as in not 100% legal, hence, a crime.
      Karen: The only crime is charging fifty bucks for a game it costs two dollars to make.
      TJ: Good point.

    • (Mark has let TJ and Karen try out his virtual surfing game he's making)
      Mark: The problem is you're wearing sweaters and jeans, it kind of ruins the whole effect. You really should be in swim suits.
      TJ: Yeah, that may be winter weather in Hawaii but not DC which stands for darned cold.

    • Detective Shelven: This guy has been arrested before for this thing. He was out on probation. Just talking to your son and his friend was a direct violation of that law.
      Floyd: Will he be getting out anytime soon?
      Detective Shevlen: No sir.
      Floyd: Lucky for him.

    • (Honk)
      Mo: Horn's working
      (Honking Continues)
      Mo: Horn won't stop working

  • NOTES (1)

    • When the Disney Channel first began airing Smart Guy in September of 1999, they did not not air this episode until many months later, perhaps after realizing the educational value of this episode.