Smart Guy

Season 2 Episode 2

Working Guy

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 17, 1997 on The WB



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    • Mr. Murdoch: Isn't there anyone in that entire room that has a fresh idea on how to solve this problem?
      T.J.: You could use a better methodology for your FFTs.
      Mr. Murdoch: Who said that?
      T.J.: The little kid in the funny hat, sir.
      Mr. Murdoch: Will that work?
      T.J.: Sure. It just seems to me that you could do with a more elegant sine, cosine transformation that hand over motion compensation problem. (Turns to an executive) So you want chips with that?

    • T.J.: You're mad that I missed your game.
      Floyd: Look that game has nothing to do with this. Although all the other dads' kids made it.

    • Marcus: (enters the kitchen in a business tux) Please don't hate me because I look good in Armani.
      Yvette: That's not why I hate you.

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