Season 2 Episode 7

Musical Chairs

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 2013 on NBC

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  • Jimmy's a jam

    Please either flesh out some balance for the character of Jimmy so that the audience can BEAR to be with him for even 5 minutes. His musical genius is not enough for us to empathize with him in any way. He's so annoying and bratty that he makes Karen annoying because she likes him. Karen is nice and she would know that he's not. He has NO redeeming qualities. Derek's genius, and womanizing is bearable somehow because he's committed to his work and he GETS the business. Jimmy's character is almost enough to make me stop watching all together. He's a log jam in the flow of the rest of the characters.
  • All smashed up!

    What a shame. They have ruined this show. The 1st season was a total pleasure. It was sexy, fun, and the musical numbers were great. This season is boring. The actors are all so talented but the writing and the changes to the show they made have left the actors to do thin performances. Bring back the the show we saw last season.