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  • A very good Show

    I am so sad that this show is cancelled. I loved this show so much.

    This is without doubt the best of the best shows of it's kind. The actors and singers are outstanding and have so transformed me into their world. I love it and am always there waiting for the next episode. I hope it is out on dvd as my mother would absolutely love it. The two main singers Karen and Ivy as fantastic, you just want to be their best friend. Debra Messing as Julia, well, that woman has so many talents, Tom needs to find love and Derek needs a good kick up the ass. Ivy is the best thing for him and he is going to throw it all away. A fantastic show and so original. Love it.
  • I want more SMASH!

    I don't want NBC to cancel SMASH. I'm addicted to the show and want more! I love the music and the story of the show. Please come back in the fall.
  • DontCancelSmash

    please join the facebook . com / DontCancelSmash
  • bombshell smash

    I'm so going to miss the wonderful music.. Such a shame!
  • SMASH is my Favorite TV Show

    I LOVED SMASH!! I thought it was the best musical show ever. Glee is over rated and Smash appealed to people of all ages. Smash was also the ONLY show I watched on NBC. Looks like I won't be watching NBC anymore. I truly hope another network picks up the show!
  • Loved it!

    I loved this show. The music was great. I will so miss watching it every week. Bombshell on
  • I'll miss it!

    Yes the show had some issues, but I still was so eager to see more and above all, to listen to more amazing songs!

    This is only my humble opinion, but I think that Smash have stoylines and original songs Glee can only wish of having!

    It's so sad to see such quality going to waste :(

    a FANTABULOUS TV SHOW! Why cancel it! Why I Really do not understand! BAD DECISION!!!
  • Jumping the Gun

    I love this show and according to the end of episode 15 there is a 2 hour finale screening on the 26th of May. you have been a bit premature in labeling it Ended!! We still have 2 hours to go! The episodes are called The Nominations and The Tonys.

    I am very disappointed this has ended. I really enjoyed it. Oh well, I can add it to the list of shows that I loved but the networks didn't - The Finder, The Secret Circle, Last Resort, Vegas, Chaos (that's going back a bit!), Animal Practice, Eureka (but that had a good run), Go On, The New Normal and now Smash. Off to have a sob in the corner...
  • Appalling Decision!

    Why would NBC cancel the most exciting program on television? I just don't get it. In response to one reviewer's unkind remarks about Katharine McPhee, I assume this person never saw her sing beautifully with Andrea Bocelli, do an amazing performance on the Chris Botti special on the Public Broadcasting network, or win runner-up on American Idol which everyone knows she should have won. She's also incredibly beautiful. Yes, Megan Hilty is a wonderful singer and great looking as well. They both are immensely talented--love the episodes where they sing together. I just hope that NBC will NOT cancel one of the very few programs that I enjoy watching.

    Smash has so much potential if only you develop it more! Get someone else to step in with a new fresh pair of eyes! I hate this! Most of the shows I love gets cancelled!
  • canceled? SO typical, NBC......

    WHY do i ever watch a show on the NothingButCanceled network? remember what happened to "harry's law?" first season, great. second year, totally different, nearly unrecognizable from the first. then the idiots at the peacock shuffled it ALL over the week---finally to saturday, where networks surely move shows they want to kill. result: canceled. now the DUMMIES at nbc are repeating the pattern with "smash," one of the freshest, most entertaining works in an era when all we really have are reality shows ad nauseum bookending one good program out of fifty. it is akin to rodgers and hammerstein meets 2013. all i can say is thank god "nashville" is on abc or it would be last thing: so the nbc "execs" aren't watching? who CARES??? all they should care about is if WE are we were.
  • Love the Show

    I really like the show. Since coming back it's fresh and much better. I record it on Saturdays and then watch it later when some other god awful show is playing on NBC. Move this show to a good timeslot and let it soar.
  • Please save Smash!

    It is so sad to think that Smash might not be renewed. I love, love, love the show. I can't even imagine what dumb, mindless reality show will be taking it place. NBC wake up! Move the show back to Sunday!
  • My favorite television program!

    I can't wait for the next episode of this show each week. The cast is outstanding--so much talent! I especially enjoy the musical performances, as I am a huge Katharine McPhee (Karen) fan. Ivy is perfect in the role of Marilyn, and Derek (Jack Davenport) is a superb actor and very appealing. The show's concept is unique and exciting. Who doesn't love a great musical? Anjelica and Debra are two of the most talented actresses in show business. Tom (Bombshell director) is just adorable-- wonderful actor and singer. Jimmy is fantastic as well. What about all the stars who have made guest appearances on Smash--Liza Minnelli, Bernadette Peters, Jennifer Hudson, Sean Hayes, Uma Thurman? I just love everything about Smash--hope it's around many more seasons!
  • you can save smash

    when smash came on it was to be a show (musical)good voices new songs young wanabees looking for sucess. but we got an old worn out woman and her ex bickering,gay lovers,a wife who strayed and a director who tried to bed all the girlsannd you showed it ther wrong time slot now to muddy up the situation a salt and pepper love affair send allthat junk packing go back to the music if i had wanted a story withththad all the crap you projected i would watch young and restless they have 40years of it
  • I love smash... but I hate Jeremi Jordan

    I don't know what's his part in the story... I thinl that he is not the man that karen needs in her life... I still see smash because I love jake davenport so much, but each time jeremi jordan show causes me off the TV.. Sorry for my english I'm from Venezuela.
  • I'd be smashed if this show was gone!

    We live in Canada, we love this show! Please advertise it more, it is so unique. Loved Sean Hayes guest appearance! Great Casting all around.
  • I absolutely love this show!

    This is the best show that nobody is watching! 10! 10! 10!
  • television expert

    smash has some problems every show has but every time i watch this show all i want to do is be there with them and that is what makes this show ao great. i have fun waching it and isnt it what its all about?!
  • Going South

    What's going on with Smash ? I loved last season when they concentrated on the plot of making of Bombshell, the rehearsals and stories between characters. They have lost it this season, the plot is a mess. What happened to the writers ? Did they hire someone else ? I can see this is the end of the road for Smash....
  • Background noise--irritating

    I was happy to read that I am not the only one who finds the background noise (NY street, music) a problem. I am 67 and loved Smash last year. This year, I will probably not watch it because I have so much trouble discerning what the actors are saying amid all the maybe-realistic, but unpleasant noise. Also, so far, I'm disappointed in the choppy story-lines. Disappointed this year, sorry to say..........

  • Background noise is too loud

    Its hard to concentrate on the characters because of the loud background noise this season. In my opinion, your target audience is not 12 year old boys. Please consider turning it down. Attract with good writing and

    music. An example of this noise is the conversation on the streets of New York by two of your characters. We know the subways, buses and taxies are there. But I can not hear the dialog for the sound effects.

    In addition, thank g-- I have a DVR so I speed through the commercials. Which are still loud, by the way.

    Is the deal with sponsors that you'll make the music louder so the commercials can stay at their same rude volume?
  • Smash

    Is anyone else have a sound problem with the Smash show? Commercials are fine but no sound for the show.
  • Lost!

    Smash has lost it's way. This was a wonderful show. I loved it, but it has sold out. It has been transformed into a boring mess with a bunch of arbitrary musical numbers strung together by a corny, disorganized plot.
  • Somebody wake me.

    I can't believe this. I lived for this show last season. Ivy. They have completely deconstructed her and turned her into this boring, plain, beige character. Where is the hot mess of last season? Tom. He is barely present and when he is he just follows Julia around like a dog. Derek is a whiner. There are several different storylines cooking and not one of them is very interesting. I like the addition of Jennifer Hudson, but again her story is boring. The story with the two guys writing the musical is interesting but Jeremy Jordan's character is so unsympathetic that I cringe when he comes onscreen. The only positive thing I can say about this season is that Leo is gone. I think it will be canned very soon.
  • Unwatchable

    This show can't go any lower. What a disaster -- all those talented people on the screen, and the writing seems to have been done by a bunch of high school drama club geeks with bad hangovers. The dialogue is ridiculous in its bitchiness, the characters obnoxious, the plotting absurd. I suspect all the favorable notes on the web are the product of "guerilla marketing" by the backers of the show. No one who really enjoys Broadway can find this fiasco appealing in any way.
  • I love Megan Hilty

    I love the show, but I wish they would feature Megan Hilty more, and the other girl less. (The other girl being Katherine Mcphee). She just doesn't in my opinion have the range or acting chops of Megan Hilty. Plus, when Megan sings Marilyn, there isn't a dry in the house. KM doesn't have that same ability, yet the show seems to promote her above Megan. I'd be happy to hear if anyone agrees with me on this. Aside from this one frustration, I love the show.