Smash - Season 1

NBC (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Bombshell
    Episode 15

    As opening night approaches, Rebecca Duvall is replaced by an ensemble member; Dev's job opportunity threatens the outcome of Bombshell; Frank and Julia must push their discrepancies aside while "Bombshell" opens on Broadway; Lyle returns with bad news.

  • Previews
    Episode 14

    A crisis hits Rebecca Duvall (Uma Thurman) as Bombshell is set to face its first audience; Frank is forced to adjust to Michael's return; Dev tries to reconcile with Karen.

  • Tech
    Episode 13

    Derek starts up a relationship with Rebecca, Karen decides between 'Bombshell', or staying with her boyfriend, and Julia and Eileen argue about rehiring Michael Swift.

  • Publicity
    Episode 12

    Karen becomes best friends with Rebecca Duvall (guest star Uma Thurman). Meanwhile the tension between Tom and Derek rises.

  • The Movie Star
    Episode 11

    The arrival of Rebecca Duval does not go well and "Bombshell" is turned upside down. This leads to Ivy and Karen to try and overcome their history as they unite against their new rival. Meanwhile, Tom and Sam's blossoming romance heats up.

  • Understudy
    Episode 10

    As Tom and Julia celebrate their anniversary, Marilyn's new leading lady Rebecca Duvall (Special Guest Star, Uma Thurman) gets stranded in Cuba which, leads to Derek asking Karen to fill in.

  • Hell On Earth
    Episode 9

    Ivy and Karen once again go head to head as they compete for an orange juice commercial. Julia deals with the repercussions of Frank finding out about she and Michael, while Tom deals with his recent discovery that his beau is a Republican. Eileen tries to replace Derek, and Ellis will do anything to get himself to the top. Tom and Julia come up with a title for the piece.
    After confronting Michael, Frank decides to leave Julia and Leo.

  • The Coup
    Episode 8

    As the team deals with the fallout of the workshop, Eileen is forced to deal with her estranged husband as her daughter pays a surprise visit. While, Derek asks Karen to help him steal the show away from Tom and Julia.

  • The Workshop
    Episode 7

    It's time for the team to present ''Marilyn the Musical'' to possible investors however, Ivy struggles to perform and Karen must make a difficult decision. Meanwhile, Julia and Michael must face up to the consequences of their actions.

  • Chemistry
    Episode 6

    Julia is struggling to avoid Michael while, Eileen and Ellis' friendship continues to grow as they hang out at a local downtown dive bar. Also, Karen books a side job at a bar and Ivystarts to have issues with her voice.

  • Let's Be Bad
    Episode 5

    The tension between Michael and Julia increases as past emotions resurface meanwhile, Ivy believes that all is not right in her relationship with Derek. Karen puts her talents to use at a government party and Eileen joins forces with Tom's assistant.

  • The Cost Of Art
    Episode 4

    Karen decides that she needs to start learning how to get ahead in the world of Broadway. Meanwhile, Eileen tests a new fundraising strategy, Tom goes on a date and, Derek throws a party for a hot young celebrity (guest star Nick Jonas).

  • Enter Mr. Dimaggio
    Episode 3

    The actor favored by everyone to take on the role of Joe DiMaggio is harboring a secret. Meanwhile, on a trip to Iowa for a baby shower Karen has some important decisions to make about her future. And Eileen finds that some potential investors may have been turned against her by her ex-husband.

  • The Callback
    Episode 2

    'Marilyn' Director Derek Willis makes the two potential leads jump through hoops for the ultimate role of Marilyn Monroe. Julia and her husband find new roadblocks in the road to adoption, and Eileen struggles to keep 'Marilyn'financially viable in the midst of her strenuous divorce.

  • Pilot
    Episode 1

    In the pilot of Smash we are introduced to Tom Levittand Julia Houstona song-writing duo who had planned on taking a break from the business of Broadway but, find themselves drawn back in when they get the desire to produce a musical based around the life of Marilyn Monroe. When a demo of one of the tracks goes viral the project attracts the eye and ear of tenacious producer Eileen Rand and, although causing a conflict that of directorDerek Wills. But the biggest and most important task is to find their Marilyn after, auditioning a range of girls they whittle it down to two but, who do they go for. Ivy Lynn a veteran of the stage who wants to break away from the chorus line to get her break as a lead orKaren Cartwright a fresh talent who is trying to follow her dream of becoming a star.