Season 2 Episode 8

The Bells and Whistles

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 2013 on NBC

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  • Karen - what are you THINKING?!

    I have to agree with mindmalfunctions - Jimmy's character is distracting and annoying. No one wants a petulant, spoilt brat around - let alone when they're also an adult and supposedly 'acting' in a musical. He has no real talent; without Kyle he'd be just another wannabee waiting tables forever. He doesn't see what an a-hole he is; but, even if he did, I doubt he'd even care. Derek on the other hand appears to at least *have* a soul and wants a shot at redemption, even if he can't maintain that want for long. Deep down (DEEP down) he's a (fairly) decent yet, despite all his faults, he's STILL better than the annoying Jimmy. Does Karen *really* want a boyfriend/partner she will be mothering for her entire life? God, I hope not.
  • Please kill Jimmy off.

    Smash was such a promising musical show and I was looking forward to season 2! Now I feel as almost all that has gone wrong in this second season is Jimmy's fault. We so didn't need these new characters, and they're not even interesting, nor bearable! I'm just starting to like Ana, but I don't think her probable future struggle against Karen during the preparation of Hit list will be as believable as Karen's against Ivy!

    Every episode I love Derek more and more, so I guess I can still watch this show... and the songs are really good!
  • Karen - Jimmy - Derek

    NO! Karen, what are you thinking? Jimmy is an rude, angry, aggressive man who acts like a spoiled child. WHY Karen? Why? Derek may be a slutty control-freak, but at least he's handsome and charming. I hope the Jimmy-Karen thing ends before it starts.
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