Season 1 Episode 2

The Callback

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2012 on NBC

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  • ahhhh.....didn't go the way some of us wanted...

    The reason I titled my review the way I did is that.....spoiler coming for anyone who hasn't watched the second episode of "Smash"ed yet...........................................Katherine McPhee's character, Karen, is so likeable that you hate to see her lose out on the part and yet you kind of feel good for Ivy getting the role because she has put in so many years of hard work on Broadway and, for better or worse, she is better connected with the "Broadway machine"....and sleeping with the director can't hurt !! LOL. I will say that I felt a lot more sympathetic towards Ivy when she revealed that she was reading a lot of books about Marilyn to try and prepare for the role. She also really nailed it in the scene where she talks about Marilyn thinking she might go crazy because of her mother being crazy......still, I kind of think it's an act because she has been in show business so long. I still think there are major problems ahead for Karen (Katherine McPhee) and her boyfriend after she blew him off in this episode.....and as for the other couple....maybe there is still hope for Julia (Deborah Messing) and her husband after he nixed the idea of adoption and then showed up for her "I will protect you like a lion" speech to her unborn adopted Chinese daughter's mother in the Adopting Parents group therapy scene. I know this sounds confusing which is why I think they need to cut this story line. The low point of the episode was the long drawn out sequence with Julia talking to her son about maybe not adopting a little girl that she had promised him for a almost a decade....give me a break, Deborah Messing deserves better. Even after the negatives I mentioned above I still love this show for the original songs, the choreography, and the awesome singing and dancing performances....I am still very interested to know what will happen to these characters in future episodes...I am still Smash(ed)