Smash Lab

Season 2 Episode 1

Car Over a Cliff

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2008 on Discovery Channel

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  • Finally on the right track this season.

    Smash Lab has gotten a lot of flak for reasons good and bad. It will never be the same as Mythbusters, and the actors made some poor decisions in previous episodes, with extremely impractical technology. This episode brought the show into a new groove, with a new narrator, two new builders, and a more competitive format. In this episode, the goal is to allow a car to survive a plunge off a cliff. One half of the team builds airbags, and the other builds stabilizers. The technology is less over the top, and there is much more focus on the building process. The two new faces this season are builders, and they bring more of the gritty details of the projects to the show. If you disliked the past show, give this episode try before your write it off for good.
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