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"Trapped in a Boat"

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    Did everyone watch this gem??? It was by far the best episode yet, with Deanne almost dying and almost being hideously disfigured from that explosion. But seriously, do any of you understand electronics??? Voltage is not harmful, that's why they use high voltage in a tazer, however current is and will kill you. It only takes about .300 amps or 300 mAmps across your heart to stop it. Car batteries are extremely low voltage, about 12 v, yet they kept talking about voltage being dangerous. Car batteries have extremely high current. When she was shocked by putting her hand in salt water she could have easily died. Gadget wasn't much smarter as he was just lucky. The rubber soles of your shoes are not a great insulator, had the voltage been a little higher it would have gone right through the rubber soles and grounded him.
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