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  • The Idea behind the show is solid, the host(s) ruined this series success

    Personally I was excited about the idea's behind each episode. But the hosts and hostess, forgive my bluntness, are complete idiots and annoying as can be. These people they called engineers and scientists.. That's a joke. my niece in high school would have done a better job and it would have been more entertaining. Episode one for example, each of the teams ideas were implemented horribly, was there even any math done before attempting to construct the models? There was no real thought process involved in the hypothesizing and the physics of the experiments were complete fail. When crashing the cars, not even close to reproducing the realistic results.
  • Negative score possible?

    This might be Discovery's worst show ever...The only thing this show has going for it is the strongest community support that I have ever seen for its removal from the television. Its amazing...people unite around this get rid of it. That should be a very strong message to Discovery that their average viewer is smart enough to know that this show has more in common with the Jerry Bruckheimer crowd then it does with the Einstein crowd.

    After having attempted to watch a few times I am left with only 2 requests. Allow me to vote negative on the "Your score" scale, and for the mercy of humanity take this show off the air!
  • OMG!! who change the channel? oh wait... this is Discovery Channel!

    I can't stand this show, its amazing how Discovery can produce this! The show is flat, the ideas that the teams develop are so bad and I'm sorry "retarded"... no one of the solutions to the problems that they deal are able for the real world, so you just waste 60 minutes of you life watching people ensamble ridiculos junk.

    What I can say about the hosts on the show... well they are sloooww, they don't show emotions, no jokes, it feels like they just going with the script and that is all.

    MythBusters should be the only show of the kind that Discovery need, the perfect mix of science and fun.
  • Solid science/engineering show along the same vein as Mythbusters. Just avoid the first season, which had many, many problems. From what I've watched of season two, the show is only getting better.

    Despite a terrible first season, which I was only able to suffer through 3 episodes of, I think this show is a solid science/engineering show.

    It's similar to Mythbusters, but they do things on a much grander scale and on a much larger budget. Because of this, they get bigger/more explosions, but less of the practical (cost, time) engineering side. However, it's still quite enjoyable because of the interesting challenges they take on.

    I think the second season is a great improvement over the first, so don't judge the show too quickly (or just avoid the first season). It took Mythbusters a few season to really perfect their show as well. The new team members, new narrator, and fewer scripted lines on Season 2 are what makes me give it a solid 7.5. It would be higher if they explained their design decisions and methodology more.
  • I like the show alot because it shows us how de world can be a better place, with thinks we have made already.

    I like the show alot because it shows us how de world can be a better place, with thinks we have made already. Also I think Mythbuster is a whole different show and this show just shows us what's out there to make our lives better and saver. I don't know why all you people don't like this. Maybe it's too healty for the world. This is my view off this show like it or don't like it. I believe that this show has great potential to be a great show for everyone in a better and cleaner world to watch.
  • The hosts should be fired!!!

    If you've ever seen Mythbusters than just stay away from this show. I'm not saying it's a complete ripoff of Mythbusters because it's not, it has its similarities, but the general idea is somewhat different - but just stupid because of the hosts and the format of the show as a whole. The hosts in this show bumble about like four rookies, and are very very awkward. I lose interest a lot, and some of the stuff they do is just ridiculous.

    Some of the ideas in the episodes have some potential, and would actually be very interesting to see if it weren't for the four idiots presenting them. Some of the ways they carry out their 'ideas' are just retarded too.

    I definitely advise to stay away from this show, well well away...unless you have A LOT of time to kill! And even then....just watch reruns of Mythbusters for gosh sakes!!!
  • If you've never seen Mythbusters, then this show might be for you.

    I'm going to preface this review by saying that I saw the previews and ads, and said to myself, "Did they cancel 'Mythbusters'?", and then watched only five minutes of "Smash Lab" before falling asleep.

    There is no chemistry between the "Smash Lab" hosts, who are virtual clones of the 'Mythbusters' crew, except that the 'Mythbusters' are genuinely knowledgeable, funny, and enjoy what they are doing. There is no sense of anything from the "Smash Lab" cast, except that they exist. Even "Smash Labs'" stunts/gimmicks/demonstrations are nothing new.

    My guess is that the 2007 writers' strike left the Discovery network desperate for anything new, even if it meant plagiarizing one of its own shows.
  • I hope they continue to make this show just because it is quite funny to watch the show hosts bumble about, mess things up, and make utter fools of themselves. it would be great if they pushed the show even more in that direction.

    I hope they continue to make this show just because it is quite funny to watch the show hosts bumble about, mess things up, and make utter fools of themselves. it would be great if they pushed the show even more in that direction. After watching a few of the episodes you tend to get the feeling that the hosts have absolutely no clue what they are doing nor do they have any experience in their "specialization". the ideas guy. stop a runaway trailer with rockets? the engineer. yes we can put a 1 ton blanket over a house to make it fire proof. the designer. designer? interior, exterior, or landscape?

    the scientist. replace with a bobble head doll and you will get the same effect oh and infrared cameras see infrared light not "heat".
  • What were they thinking?

    The title says it all. This show is beyond bad. Words can not describe the idiocy that is this show. I have seen more science fall out of a second grade classroom than I see on this show. It is a waste of TV time, and takes away from what Discover channel is. The Scientist chick is an idiot, and reminds me of a bobble head doll. The ideas guy states the obvious every time he speaks, but then again so does the rest of the cast. I do not blame them. Maybe it is the producers that are at fault. What ever you have to do. Be it fire the producers and writers, or find a new cast, please do so. If you are not willing to do this then please get it off the air, and soon!
  • SO SO BAD!

    i truly dont understand how it is THAT BAD! I have never been so so excited about a show to have it suck THAT BAD! Compleatly over scripted, over budgeted, crap! One episode they covered a trailer park home in like $20K in carbon fiber - yea great idea! That crap needs to be yanked off the air before it fully discredits the entire discovery channel line-up. I just hope that Adam and Jamie (and the lovly Kari Byron) don't think that anyone in America is grouping that joke of a show with the amazing peice of scientific entertainment that is the mythbusters.... i wont even DVR this for fear that my one tv my give them the rating boast they need to film even one more between show plug!
  • I've given this show 4 or 5 chances now (ive watched every episode) and let me NOT be the first to tell you its terrible.

    Trying to ride the fame of longtime favorite mythbusters, smash labs was created.

    Its not that they create concepts that are ridiculous and unpracticle, they do it in a horrible way!

    Whats bad? Well first of all they go over the SAME information to the point of shear insanity from me. I feel like hitting someone in the face. In the same episode they explained what the team was doing 12 times and how they were doing it another 7 times.

    I can swear that there is only really 15 minutes of video in the entire show, the rest is to repeat the same information over and over and over again.

    The show needs to drastically improve, honestly at this point I wouldnt pay a dime to pass it on to another season.

    I realized I didnt explain a ton but just watch ONE show and you will want to turn it off within 15 minues.
  • Seriously... i feel like i'm getting dumber as I watch this show..

    Ok, mythbusters Is an amazing show.. the use science and engineering to get results and come to conclusions on things people actually care about... smash lab is like its retarded little brother... they use already used technology to solve.. well already solved problems... preventing cars from crossing the median? its called a gaurd rail... and if you want to reinforce a barrier to lessen injuries.. its called the SAFER barrier.. speedways use them, but it would be too expensive to use on highways. Carbon fiber reinforcing a house? I'm not sure how such a new show has the budget to wrap an entire house in carbon fiber.. but that stuff is beyond expensive... gravity driven fire escape elevator? given the aluminuim vs magnet braking effect is cool, if the main concept of the escaple platform was in any way viable.. I'm sure we wouldent be using fire escapes... the fact of the matter is 4 30 year old engineers or scientist or w/e they claim to be arent going to be able to find solutions to problems that havent already been thought of and thrown away. Take their over inflated buget and give it to the mythbusters... I'm sure they could find far more effective solutions to any of the problems that crash lab is doing.. and they're just special effects specialists..
  • Doing Calculus was more fun than watching this.

    I watched the first episode of this new series thinking that it might be good. I'm here to tell you the cold, hard facts. It's not, it's horrible. The producers seem to have wanted to try to outdue Mythbusters, but they didn't even come close. The entire thing seems rather acted, and I cover my ears every time the girl opens her mouth. There's really no science in the show. The cast isn't funny, or original. I wouldn't recommend watching it. These people don't have much talent, I question how far they made it in school, and would like to give it a big, fat, zero if I could.
  • worst ever?

    this show is very very bad. i would like to get 43 minutes of my life back. not a single thing worth mentioning. so called "scientists" look like scripted actors and are totally uninteresting. every time scientist girl opens her mouth you wonder if she even finished high school. there is no science involved, as most tests are flawed and with to many variables not in control. and the worst thing is that you know what is going to happen. so it is like watching bad straight to dvd movie title you can watch 5 minutes and you will know everything you need to.

    will not watch it again, and i hope it will get canceled to open up the airtime for better shows.