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A tribute to Smith, one of the best shows ever

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    [1]Dec 10, 2006
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    I love heist movies. I love Ray Liotta. I loved this show.
    I know I'm not very up-to-date, but I still can't really believe this show got cancelled after 3 episodes, while 7 were actually shot... Just... wow.
    I'm from Germany and just figured out how I can watch all the episodes on innertube.
    So, now I've finished watching all of them, and just wanted to say: This was one of the best shows ever so far. Definitely the best show this year (I ignore "Lost" and "Heroes", because they're something "different").
    There were three real great cop/crime drama shows so far (which I've seen). Boomtown, The Shield and Smith.

    I know it's not coming back, but as I said, still can't really believe it. Looking forward to the next projects of the makers of the show anyway. Great story. Dark. Great characters. Incredibly professional and beautiful looking. Great editing. Great cinematography. Great cast.

    Take care,

    Series masterpieces: Lost, The Shield, 24, Boomtown, Heroes, The Office (US), Arrested Development, Smith, Entourage, Blade. 6 running, 4 cancelled.
    Good, but not great series: Prison Break, Alias, L-Word, O.C., Rome, Sleeper Cell, The Nine, Sopranos, Studio 60, West Wing.
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