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    [1]Mar 10, 2007
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    This show was a brilliant crime drama.   A South florida TV critic said this show's downfall was that the public cannot

    sympathize with a gang of thieves and killers.  That remark totally misses the point.    This was a great show that had suspense and mystery.   We know who the crooks are, but we watch them try to stay ahead of the cops.  We know they're killers.  The producers are not making the viewers into sympathizers of murderers.  Thats a sick accusation, and unfair.   We dont have to sympathize with the characters to enjoy this show.  Unfortunately it was canceled.  They maybe should have given this show more publicity.  This show deserved to stay on the air at least one season.  Where were the ratings?  Where were the loyal CBS viewers?  ...CBS
    pissed me off.   The pilot was rerun on the first saturday a
    after the premiere.  Guess what the **** at CBS did:  they screwed with the pilot episode to fit more commercial time in.  They chopped down some of the scenes.  

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    [2]Jan 8, 2008
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    I started making a list to demonstrate how wrong the South Florida was, but I realized it was pointless. There are tons of shows that require you to be sympathetic of thieves and killers in order to work.
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    TV Shows: Hustle and Leverage are both excellent examples of sympathy to criminals. Criminals stealing/conning people for good, robin-hood like characters.

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