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What happened to Smith?

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    [1]Nov 11, 2006
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    What happened to Smith?  did they cancel it?  it had a very interesting plot that actually went somewhere unlike many other shows that these stupid networks continue to air.  Why would they cancel it?  I didn't even know of this show til my friend came over and brought a burned dvd over with the 1st three episodes on it.  I watched all three and was greatly looking forward for a 4th episode.  Jeeze they didn't even give this show a chance to breathe and they all ready trashed it?  Unbelievable.  Maybe if these networks actually aired for a full season, people that are interested, but just not aware that it's on tv yet should not be considered low ratings.  I didn't see this when it aired on tv but I saw it now on my friends burned dvd and I love it.  I can't believe they ended it before I even knew it existed.  They need to air it long enough for people to talk about it, and circulate the word throughout everyone. In the time they cancelled it, I don't think too many even heard of it yet, I sure didn't. BAH
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