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Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 19, 2006 on CBS
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Bobby Stevens, a professional thief who is aiming to retire after a couple of big gigs, is given his next assignment-breaking into the fictional Tanner Museum (the actual Mellon Institute Building) in Pittsburgh, using to their advantage Amy Smart's character's knowledge of her Pennsylvania hometown. Bobby and his crew are set to steal some valuable paintings, when their carefully executed plan goes awry and they lead the Pittsburgh Police on a dramatic downtown chase, complete with timed diversionary explosions and a switch to speedboats, as the crew loses one of its members to a fatal wound from the cops. On the plane from Pittsburgh back to LA the crews relationships change in some interesting ways, while Steven's wife sees the live chopper video of the chase and museum on TV and wonders if her husband is part of it.moreless

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  • This series pilot really hit the ground running.

    CBS and Warner Bros. deserve credit for limiting the commercials in this premier episode. The extra 10 minutes allowed for better character development and plot development than a typical one-hour episode would have provided. Better yet would have been 2 hours, but be happy for small favors.

    I must say that I was truly blown away by this initial offering. All the characters are enigmatic to a certain extent. Bobby Stevens is really only doing the minimum needed to hang onto his paper cup salesman job; then we see him pack for a "business trip" at his second pad, deciding on which stack of cash to take from the safe by its size. Annie pays her dues as a Vegas showgirl, with sidelines in drugs, fake ID's and stolen credit cards. Joe has a stable full of eclectic classic cars in mint condition housed at his repair garage, but also knows his explosive devices. Hope Stevens does not seem to be a part of Bobby's present ventures, yet has a regular meeting with her parole officer. Is she retired, or is this due to unrelated (and perhaps undisclosed) criminal history? Is Charlie the gang leader, deal broker, fence, or combination of some or all of these? And Jeff -- is he a coolly vengeful sociopath who blows away anyone who disses him, or a paid killer? After all, he's the only one without another line of work.

    I liked how the heist did not go off perfectly as planned. Annie was just about to invoke "We gotta go!" because her old chum was recovered enough from getting tasered to go to the police kiosk. Then all hell broke loose inside the museum when the guard foolishly underestimated the firepower of his snub-nosed .38 up against automatic weapons. However, the fake tattoos did seem serve their purpose.

    Another nice touch was the getaway by speedboat a la Miami Vice, not really much of a stretch in the City of Three Rivers. Nobody needed to answer the question "How bad is it?" relating to the gunshot wound. The facial expressions and avoidance told the story. Musical selection "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap was inspired.

    This episode left a fan of this genre hungering for more. TV Guide's Fall Preview issue said the producers promised heists in episode #5 and #`10, leaving time to plan them and, yes, develop characters' relationships. One would have thought that CBS' standing in the ratings would have allowed for more patience in gaining a following.moreless
  • Cuando los chicos malos son los personajes principales de una serie, la trama cuenta con mayores adictos. Y, si a ello sumamos la participacion de Ray Liotta, no podriamos esperar una mejor serie para esta temporada.moreless

    Un asalto al museo por pedido, obras de arte que son solicitadas por un coleccionista, un grupo bien preparado de asaltantes dispuestos a todo por cumplir con los pedidos... y un amoroso padre de familia que desea salir del sub mundo para dedicarse a su esposa e hijos.

    Ray Liotta muestra su capacidad de actor en esta nueva serie llamada Smith. La doble vida que recorre cada uno de los asaltantes hace que el espectador sienta que todos, en algun momento, llevamos tambien una vida doble. La serie empieza con el asalto y va dando pasos hacia atrás para mostrarnos los pormenores del mismo: las reuniones previas, la logística para el asalto, el contacto inicial con los secuaces. Todo friamente elaborado, bajo la dirección de Bobby (Ray Liotta), quien es el jefe de la operación. Todo habria salido bien, si no hubieran matado a un policia y la perdida de uno de los asaltantes muestra el lado frio del crimen, que solo dejan al moribundo en un bote para luego hacerlo explotar en el agua. El objetivo se cumple, y se entregan las pinturas robadas, pero Bobby desea salir de ese mundo, pero sabe que no le sera facil.


    Es un excelente inicio de temporada. El solo hecho de contar con Ray Liotta nos dice mucho de esta serie. Las escenas de accion estan bien realizadas, y los personajes no sobreactuan y se ve la naturalidad en los mismo, sobretodo en la chica que finge una violación todo por llamar la atención de la policia. El escape por la carretera y su posterior fuga en bote es espectacular. No tuve tiempo para descansar las emosiones, pues los casi 46 minutos y escasos cortes comerciales impidieron darme un respiro. Lamentablemente, veo que solo se transmitiran tres de los 9 episodios. Prefiero no averiguar los motivos, pero al menos satisface que la temporada completa la podemos encontrar tanto ingresando a la pagina web oficial de la CBS como en Amazon. Una lastima que tanto auspicio concluya en tres episodios.moreless
  • Bobby Stevens, who is a proffesional thief is aiming to retire after a couple of big gigs, is given his next assignment to break into the Tanner Meuseum in Chicago. Bobby and his crew are set to steal valuable paintings.moreless

    There is three men wearing black and white masks and carrying guns and transporting another man who is wounded into a car. They then drive off. Then they switch the car for a boat. They get chased by the police so they run to escape. A man named Bobby Stevens i waiting outside of a building and looking around. He then gives a code and his team movies in position to execute their jobs. So that they can take one of the museum guards, they park a truck in an unauthorized parking space. They then ask the guard about the number of guards in the museum. Bobby is living a normal life with his wife and kids and leave for his job as a sales manager. AFter he leaves for his job he finds a package containing plans for a building, so he sends text messages to all the team members a date where they all have to meet. They then discuss the plan to steal the paintings from the museum. Bobby returns home, and his wife questions him about his trip. He then leaves again to meet with Tom and Joe and they try to get in and out without attracting too much attention and risk of getting caught. Then all of them meet again together. Bobby is waiting outside of the museum until everyone gets in place. Then this woman follows Bobby. Bobby then asks on the radio about the two guards and gets an answer right away. They take the paintings, and the guys get into the car and are on their way to the boat. Once they are on the boat the police follows them but when they pass the parked truck they blow it to stop the police.moreless
  • The pilot of Smith was intoxicating.

    I look at 100 TV shows and can\'t stand any of them. I am lucky if there are 3 a week I like, these past 20 years. Stuck without cable, I fear they are dumbing down free TV to what they think the poor are--idiots.

    Until Smith. I watched it, frankly, because I watched every new series pilot, hoping I\'d connect with one. I did. Smith had me riveted from the start. There was something addicting about Liotta\'s young face sometimes showing out of his older face. Something just the other side of alienation about his sleek home and spare house. And when the two surfers got nasty, and then got theirs, to a great whistle, I was transfixed.

    The real Barbie doll just racheted everything up a level. Her old acqaintance finding her at the most importune time and then not giving up were like a movie unto itself.The coke sales and credit cards and booze just made it all like real life, in a dreamy way--a glad I\'m no longer part of that world way. Then there was the actual learning how they steal paintings from museums, the length of sophistication needed, the unreal fatal injuring of one of what I expected to be the weekly core group. Then during the get-away as the thieves look at the big city lights around the water they are speeding over, the dying buddy right there, their eyes all looking away from each other-- \"Hide and Seek\", by Imogen Heap. Never was a song so perfect, both in type of sound and words. While I sort of agree with another topic I saw here, --why is Hope suspicious?_-- I like her, like how they did her probation officer meeting so cool and unexpectedly. I can only guess that her husband and her were much closer before, so she notices a disconnect. This show really has taut writing that packs a punch when acted out.You don\'t need \"memorable lines\" when you have Smith so filled with memorable scenes! I felt fulfilled in so many areas, dying for more shows, one a day, maybe! If this one show can touch so many parts of my life and past, I don\'t doubt each will.It was a helluva cocktail!moreless
  • A slew of new shows this season - I'm like a child in a candy store!

    Smith has all the offerings of a successful Crime Drama, good acting, solid writing and lots of action! The brilliance behind Smith is the believable and well written characters. The characters come from all walks of life with one thing in common - the job. Family men, convicts and murderers all united to make a score by any means necessary.

    There has been a slew of new TV Shows in the past couple years that embrace the anti-hero. Some of them have failed and some of them have succeeded, I am crossing my fingers with hopes that Smith will join the list that have done well. If allowed there is a lot of room for story development and that's all a loyal viewer needs!moreless
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