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Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 19, 2006 on CBS

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  • This series pilot really hit the ground running.

    CBS and Warner Bros. deserve credit for limiting the commercials in this premier episode. The extra 10 minutes allowed for better character development and plot development than a typical one-hour episode would have provided. Better yet would have been 2 hours, but be happy for small favors.
    I must say that I was truly blown away by this initial offering. All the characters are enigmatic to a certain extent. Bobby Stevens is really only doing the minimum needed to hang onto his paper cup salesman job; then we see him pack for a "business trip" at his second pad, deciding on which stack of cash to take from the safe by its size. Annie pays her dues as a Vegas showgirl, with sidelines in drugs, fake ID's and stolen credit cards. Joe has a stable full of eclectic classic cars in mint condition housed at his repair garage, but also knows his explosive devices. Hope Stevens does not seem to be a part of Bobby's present ventures, yet has a regular meeting with her parole officer. Is she retired, or is this due to unrelated (and perhaps undisclosed) criminal history? Is Charlie the gang leader, deal broker, fence, or combination of some or all of these? And Jeff -- is he a coolly vengeful sociopath who blows away anyone who disses him, or a paid killer? After all, he's the only one without another line of work.
    I liked how the heist did not go off perfectly as planned. Annie was just about to invoke "We gotta go!" because her old chum was recovered enough from getting tasered to go to the police kiosk. Then all hell broke loose inside the museum when the guard foolishly underestimated the firepower of his snub-nosed .38 up against automatic weapons. However, the fake tattoos did seem serve their purpose.
    Another nice touch was the getaway by speedboat a la Miami Vice, not really much of a stretch in the City of Three Rivers. Nobody needed to answer the question "How bad is it?" relating to the gunshot wound. The facial expressions and avoidance told the story. Musical selection "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap was inspired.
    This episode left a fan of this genre hungering for more. TV Guide's Fall Preview issue said the producers promised heists in episode #5 and #`10, leaving time to plan them and, yes, develop characters' relationships. One would have thought that CBS' standing in the ratings would have allowed for more patience in gaining a following.
  • Cuando los chicos malos son los personajes principales de una serie, la trama cuenta con mayores adictos. Y, si a ello sumamos la participacion de Ray Liotta, no podriamos esperar una mejor serie para esta temporada.

    Un asalto al museo por pedido, obras de arte que son solicitadas por un coleccionista, un grupo bien preparado de asaltantes dispuestos a todo por cumplir con los pedidos... y un amoroso padre de familia que desea salir del sub mundo para dedicarse a su esposa e hijos.

    Ray Liotta muestra su capacidad de actor en esta nueva serie llamada Smith. La doble vida que recorre cada uno de los asaltantes hace que el espectador sienta que todos, en algun momento, llevamos tambien una vida doble. La serie empieza con el asalto y va dando pasos hacia atrás para mostrarnos los pormenores del mismo: las reuniones previas, la logística para el asalto, el contacto inicial con los secuaces. Todo friamente elaborado, bajo la dirección de Bobby (Ray Liotta), quien es el jefe de la operación. Todo habria salido bien, si no hubieran matado a un policia y la perdida de uno de los asaltantes muestra el lado frio del crimen, que solo dejan al moribundo en un bote para luego hacerlo explotar en el agua. El objetivo se cumple, y se entregan las pinturas robadas, pero Bobby desea salir de ese mundo, pero sabe que no le sera facil.


    Es un excelente inicio de temporada. El solo hecho de contar con Ray Liotta nos dice mucho de esta serie. Las escenas de accion estan bien realizadas, y los personajes no sobreactuan y se ve la naturalidad en los mismo, sobretodo en la chica que finge una violación todo por llamar la atención de la policia. El escape por la carretera y su posterior fuga en bote es espectacular. No tuve tiempo para descansar las emosiones, pues los casi 46 minutos y escasos cortes comerciales impidieron darme un respiro. Lamentablemente, veo que solo se transmitiran tres de los 9 episodios. Prefiero no averiguar los motivos, pero al menos satisface que la temporada completa la podemos encontrar tanto ingresando a la pagina web oficial de la CBS como en Amazon. Una lastima que tanto auspicio concluya en tres episodios.
  • Bobby Stevens, who is a proffesional thief is aiming to retire after a couple of big gigs, is given his next assignment to break into the Tanner Meuseum in Chicago. Bobby and his crew are set to steal valuable paintings.

    There is three men wearing black and white masks and carrying guns and transporting another man who is wounded into a car. They then drive off. Then they switch the car for a boat. They get chased by the police so they run to escape. A man named Bobby Stevens i waiting outside of a building and looking around. He then gives a code and his team movies in position to execute their jobs. So that they can take one of the museum guards, they park a truck in an unauthorized parking space. They then ask the guard about the number of guards in the museum. Bobby is living a normal life with his wife and kids and leave for his job as a sales manager. AFter he leaves for his job he finds a package containing plans for a building, so he sends text messages to all the team members a date where they all have to meet. They then discuss the plan to steal the paintings from the museum. Bobby returns home, and his wife questions him about his trip. He then leaves again to meet with Tom and Joe and they try to get in and out without attracting too much attention and risk of getting caught. Then all of them meet again together. Bobby is waiting outside of the museum until everyone gets in place. Then this woman follows Bobby. Bobby then asks on the radio about the two guards and gets an answer right away. They take the paintings, and the guys get into the car and are on their way to the boat. Once they are on the boat the police follows them but when they pass the parked truck they blow it to stop the police.
  • The pilot of Smith was intoxicating.

    I look at 100 TV shows and can\'t stand any of them. I am lucky if there are 3 a week I like, these past 20 years. Stuck without cable, I fear they are dumbing down free TV to what they think the poor are--idiots.
    Until Smith. I watched it, frankly, because I watched every new series pilot, hoping I\'d connect with one. I did. Smith had me riveted from the start. There was something addicting about Liotta\'s young face sometimes showing out of his older face. Something just the other side of alienation about his sleek home and spare house. And when the two surfers got nasty, and then got theirs, to a great whistle, I was transfixed.
    The real Barbie doll just racheted everything up a level. Her old acqaintance finding her at the most importune time and then not giving up were like a movie unto itself.The coke sales and credit cards and booze just made it all like real life, in a dreamy way--a glad I\'m no longer part of that world way. Then there was the actual learning how they steal paintings from museums, the length of sophistication needed, the unreal fatal injuring of one of what I expected to be the weekly core group. Then during the get-away as the thieves look at the big city lights around the water they are speeding over, the dying buddy right there, their eyes all looking away from each other-- \"Hide and Seek\", by Imogen Heap. Never was a song so perfect, both in type of sound and words. While I sort of agree with another topic I saw here, --why is Hope suspicious?_-- I like her, like how they did her probation officer meeting so cool and unexpectedly. I can only guess that her husband and her were much closer before, so she notices a disconnect. This show really has taut writing that packs a punch when acted out.You don\'t need \"memorable lines\" when you have Smith so filled with memorable scenes! I felt fulfilled in so many areas, dying for more shows, one a day, maybe! If this one show can touch so many parts of my life and past, I don\'t doubt each will.It was a helluva cocktail!
  • A slew of new shows this season - I'm like a child in a candy store!

    Smith has all the offerings of a successful Crime Drama, good acting, solid writing and lots of action! The brilliance behind Smith is the believable and well written characters. The characters come from all walks of life with one thing in common - the job. Family men, convicts and murderers all united to make a score by any means necessary.

    There has been a slew of new TV Shows in the past couple years that embrace the anti-hero. Some of them have failed and some of them have succeeded, I am crossing my fingers with hopes that Smith will join the list that have done well. If allowed there is a lot of room for story development and that's all a loyal viewer needs!
  • PILOT... awesome!

    I was just watching a rerun of law and order SVU and i decided not to get up to do my physics homework and that i would watch abit of the next show comming on. Little did I know that I was watching a really exciting new show. So ... I never got up to do my physics and its still not done. The beggining really made me want to keep watching. I like the whole idea of following criminals (even though it's overused) and I thought their plan to steal the pictures was really tricky. I liked the main actor ( I don't know his name). I was slightly confused about who all the other guys were, but it was still awesome. A great pilot!
  • Starts off with a bang!

    This, the first episode of the series, does not get off to a slow start.

    It is presented in a kind of cool way too. A very novel cinematic, or I suppose simply dramatic, trick.

    At the beginning we are shown how the heist went down from a sort of idealized perspective. Kind of like we are a fly on the wall, who tends to look away at key times and miss a certain part of what is going on.

    Later in the show we see a less abridged version of what does down. It is not as smooth as the first perspective of what went down.

    The cinematography was excellent. The cast was great.

    The one thing about the show that makes it kind of risky to like it too much is the very concept that makes it interesting.

    How can they pull robberies like this every week? Also, if he only plans on pulling a few more job - what will other episodes have in them? Plus, if he pulls a lot more jobs, won't he get caught pretty quickly?

    The producers and writers must have something in mind to solve this conundrum. In the meantime, it is a good series. This pilot was very good. It will be interesting to see what comes next.
  • A drama about a gang of thieves that got off to an interesting start, enough to make me want to watch more, not enough to rave about it to my friends. I hope it picks up.

    I was attracted to Smith by the cast; I like the air of easy menace that Ray Liotta has - though it usually means his characters can be very similar. In this I found him carrying that air of menace under the surface, nicely controlled most of the time.

    Interesting set of characters. I don't know how much Hope knows - at first I thought she suspected an affair, but then with her being on parole I started to suspect that she had once been involved, but he was protecting her by not telling her anything, making her believe he had a straight job. I'll see how that pans out, could have consequences.

    I've been impressed with Johnny Lee Miller in the past, so I hope they keep him interesting. And the character who shot the surfers, was that simply because they annoyed him? Or was that the real reason he was there? He definitely felt the most amoral.

    Overall, I like the premise, but wasn't overlly keen on how the episode was put together. The double jump back in time didn't really work for me.

    I usually give a show a few episodes before deciding, and this is no exception.
  • So, why are we stealing?

    This is the third thieving show in less than a year and yet neither Heist, nor Thief, nor Smith seem to be having any fun with stealing stuff. Just because the job exists outside the law, that doesn't mean that the work is inherently interesting. And even if the director and writers have the skills to show off a unique and imaginative heist, we still need to see the characters care, especially if they're risking jail time. Who wants to go from their blaise job only to turn on the TV and see strangers feeling the exact same way about what should an exciting line of work? Passion is infectuous and right now Smith's biggest strike is that it lacks passion. It's an especially big strike considering the acting talent on board: Ray Liotta, Virgina Madsen, Amy Smart, Johnny Lee Miller, Simon Baker, and Franky G have all done solid to excellent work before. But everyone just seems bored, which is especially confusing seeing as all the characters, with the exception of Baker's, have cover jobs so stealing must be their true passion. The pilot is an hour long and yet it's completely unmemorable. We don't see any cool heist-planning, and we don't see internal character conflict (with the exception of Madsen, who does have an interesting secret). Instead, we see the ugly specter of John Wells (ER, The West Wing) who sticks to his mantra that all drama must come from relationship nonsense. Tom (Miller) just got out of jail and now he's torn over his feelings for Annie (Smart) who may have been responsible for him getting pinched. Bobby and Hope (Liotta and Madsen) are keeping secrets from each other. Gosh, do you think the reveal of these secrets will cause drama later on? Franky G clearly has feelings for his friend's wife. Only Jeff (Baker) gets to have some fun and it's because he's a sociopath and possibly gay (although the gay-thing is so subtle that I may just be reading too much into particular scenes). Unfortunately, a sociopath doesn't make sense in the framework of the professional theives unless he's brought on at the last minute. Jeff seems to be a familiar face and it's Franky G's friend who's the new guy on the crew (the friend is also the one with the biggest personal problems because he has heavy gambling debts. New + Addicted = Guess What Happens to Him).

    I don't want to give up on Smith. I gave up on Heist because the premise and the cast weren't strong enough to carry my attention through the pilot. I got through Smith's pilot, but just barely. John Wells has gathered some amazing talent together and if it would be a shame to let this cast go to waste on the same tired crap Wells has injected into his other shows. With smarter dialogue and smarter capers, there's no doubt in my mind that the cast of Smith will rise to the occasion and deliver an excellent show.
  • has a couple good characters, but is poorly writen and suffers from a serious case of suckiness.<br /> <br /> heist last year was a better show, and it ended up canceled after only four episodes, maybe five.<br /> &l

    has a couple good characters, but is poorly writen and suffers from a serious case of suckiness.

    heist last year was a better show, and it ended up canceled after only four episodes, maybe five.

    i've already stopped watching this one.

    now, to fill some space.

    lets see ... why is it that these reviews have to be 100 words long anyway? ... i can sum up a bad tv show in far less than that.

    i think drawing out the agony on a bad show's review should be unconstitutional ... i mean come on, this is america ... the land of fast food n bad tv.

    we know what a mickie d's looks like a mile away, and we know what a horrid tv show looks like before the opening credits.
  • An all-star cast gives us a story (and subsequent) character personalities we've seen many times before.

    I will admit, I tune into this show not for Ray Liotta headlining it, but to see two very talented female actresses in Virginia Madsen and Shohreh Aghdashloo. I was actually under the impression that Aghdashloo's character would be out in the field with the main group, but I was surprised to see that she is regulated to being the string-puller and deal-maker (which isn't really a bad thing). It's interesting how the show attracted such a diverse cast, including mid-level movie stars such as Liotta, Madsen, Amy Start, Simon Baker, and Aghdashloo. However, given the sheer amount of actors and time allotted, I don't see any one person shining above the rest. However, Liotta gets top billing and he (along with the rest of the cast) do a good show in this first episode introducing us to their various lives (although, as is normal in most dramas and even movies, many of the character's lives is either shrouded in secrecy, or not even mentioned for reasons pertaining to time..or even interest.) What we, the viewer, are supposed to care about is Liotta and his wife, played by Madsen. She quickly catches on to what could possibly be a double-life early on (so she's not totally oblivious), but she has skeletons in her closet as well so one can hope the writers elaborate more on that. Madsen is strong here, mainly due to her cold and sometimes creepy facial expressions with regards to Liotta and some of his supposed handi-work (an example would be when she hears on the news of a robbery at a museum, which Liotta's group was a part of).

    I suppose this series will play off a standard robbery each week and see us find the police, who are usually one step behind, inch closer and closer till they find their man, or are left tucking their tails. Whatever the case, I would give it a few more episodes before passing final judgment. But I personally think the pilot did the job it was supposed to do: get me to tune in next week.
  • Now I liked this - seeing crime from the other side of the fence and having a good 'adventure' along the way.

    I have to admit that I wasn't sure what to make of this show but I liked it. It didn't really have any slow spots and when it moved, it moved. The entire thing of watching your 'mild mannered spouse' turn out to be a calculating criminal mastermind was quite entertaining. Heck, when he went to the safe house and changed everything, I was surprised that he even went as far as changing the bills he had in his wallet (which makes sense in a way considering money do have serial numbers and large denominations have a better chance of being tracked than smalle bills). This is a guy who really thinks it through. And to see his ruthlessness at times in dealing with things when it goes against his wishes.

    For me, I have to admit that this would make me think twice about all my neighbors.

    Very enjoyable first episode. I hope the future episodes are the same.
  • Good Show. Bad Title.

    With the cancellation of the completely stunning Thief and the less-than-average Heist, the future already looks bleak for Smith. Tuning into the pilot, I was neither blown away or disappointed, but was mostly entertained, with the intriguing characters and the full-on darkness of the show itself being enough to keep me as a viewer. But, some advice, never, I repeat, never use that god-awful final act music. Ever. Again. I felt like literally tearing out my innards and stuffing them in my ears when I heard that painful computerized garbage.

    Many viewers probably tuned into Smith because of the all-star cast, and, honestly, I did too. My favorite characters so far are Jeff, Annie and Charlie. I loved Jeff because of his completely craziness and, though Amy Smart has the acting talent of an empty trash can, Annie was written so ruthlessly and cruel that you just have to love her. The scene in which she tazers an old friend of hers was hilarious and completely shocking. Shohreh Aghdashloo was also completely awesome as Charlie, the group's fence. Firstly, I love her voice, and she just reeks of pure class and sophistication, which is completely right for such a character. Hopefully she won't suffer the same fate as Linda Hamilton's fence on Thief, as Shohreh so deserves to be in this for the long haul.

    Virginia Madsen was also excellent. It was initially strange to see her on a primetime network show but she was perfectly cast here. Hope is a really interesting character, and is one of the major factors in drawing me back to the show. With her drug addiction and the question of how much she actually knows about her husband's work, she's definitely not one of those stereotypical "clueless housewives" you see on TV all the time.

    One aspect of the show that I liked was the fact that the core characters were treated as criminals, and not people you could feel a lot of sympathy for. I liked that it was something different for a network series, and the fact that you may not be rooting for these people much as the season continues. The only problem with this is the fact that it may not pull in viewers. If Smith does get cancelled, it'll doubtlessly be because it's airing on CBS, whereas a cable network like FX or HBO might have ensured a better future for the show. It's a shame, as this show has a lot of potential.

    Director: Christopher Chulack
    Writer: John Wells
    Rating: B+
  • Good episode to start off the series. I hated it that there was a witness left. The people that made this show had a good idea of thwe weapons they used in the episode. Specialy liked that sniper rifle scope was kol.

    Liked this episode a lot. Thank god they dont have any commercials. I wish this happend to my other shows that I watch. Must say i lieks the weapons in the movie and the way everything was organized was kol. Hope they dont get caught tough. Also likes the main car that was used(the escalade).
  • What Hollywood sees as novel can look distasteful to an audience.

    The main characters are criminals! I mean if they were stealing for the government or some higher purpose (“It Takes a Thief”, “Mission Impossible”), you could care, but they selfishly steal, con and kill for themselves. Is the network crazy? How does a viewer reconcile this immoral concept? This has been done before and it's failed miserably. Remember “Kingpin?” It was about Latin drug lords. Bombed. Remember “Thieves?” Okay, so they were stealing for the government, but in private time the thieves admitted they had a bloodthirsty lust to steal. This did not make them look good. Nor create empathy. People like justice to be served and wrongs to be righted, not see people get away with murder. I think most people are going to find it hard to identify with these unscrupulous characters. Perhaps this is their answer to “The Sopranos.” But “The Sopranos” creates empathy. They do their usual thug activities, but often in a clever way with entertaining dialog. Most of the plots revolve around stressful interactions with family, something viewers can identify with. Who can identify with this?

    Having said all that I wouldn't be fair if I didn't admit the ending was suspenseful and exceedingly well done. However, I don't understand the point of the cops stopping their chase just because of a side explosion. I guess the idea is this was suppose to intimidate them, but it would be better served by cutting to the cop and observing him radioing in with "Hold off."

    Liotta looked realistic portraying a family man, but seranading his wife at the piano came across as Hollywood fluff.

    Liotta doesn't look good screaming like a blowhard at his minions. It may work with other actors, but doesn't really go over with him. He works best with feverish anxiety as seen in "Good Fellas".

    Another thing: Liotta saying he'd go for three or four more jobs hardly looks like he's retiring. And the fact that an bosswoman is offering the work with a smile only cements the fact that he's working for evil.
  • Definitely not Robin Hood.

    Ray Liotta stars as a high end thief, he's not stealing for any reason other than payola. He's not righting any wrongs, he's fattening his wallet. He is given assignments by a mysterious female benefactor and is aided by a group of rapidly aging adolescents who live for the thrill of the score. Most of the thieves, excluding Liotta, are pretty forgettable. Add to the mix, yet another, blonde tart, which apparently are a requirement for drama series of late (see CSI Miami, Cold Case, Without A Trace, etc etc).
    It's Ocean's Eleven without the beautiful cast and only a t.v. show budget.
    Perhaps Liotta's other life, his wife and kids, are supposed to be a redeeming factor so the audience can somehow forgive him and his cohorts for blowing up buildings, stealing and killing people. His wife is played by Virginia Madsen, who, at least in the pilot episode, is so underused it's insulting to anyone who admires her work. This is definitely Ray Liotta's show, he can act, there's no doubt, but they need to find other actors of his calibre to play off of. Madsen is on board, but seemingly only in a very limited capacity thus far. Would it have been so taboo to use this intoxicating 40ish blonde in the mix instead of the 2 pounds above organ failure 20sometihng tart? Perhaps we'll find out should this make it beyond a handful of episodes. Watch if you're a fan of Liotta or even to catch a brief glimpse of Madsen, or even if you're a fan of shows that are on the other side of the law that turn the tables on justice abd "the system".
    P.S. All those advertisements for the upcoming theatrical movie "The Departed"....well I'll just say, I won't be running out to see the movie, instead I might see it when it's on the two for one rack at the video store, if even then.
  • Ray Liotta plays Bobby Steven a professional criminal for hire, contemplating retirement but he first must do several big jobs.

    LMAO See if this sounds familiar. The professional who wants to retire but wants to carry out a couple of "big jobs" before he quits. The botched robbery that results in one of his friends being dead. The professional leading the double life and fooling his family.

    If it sounds familiar that's because it's been done to death in Hollywood from "Heist" to "Inside Man" , "Ocean's Eleven" to NBC's series "Heist". Already that was bad sign for the series. On the plus side they have big movie star Ray Liotta in the lead which no doubt costs a lot of money.

    The acting was decent, I'll give them that but the rest of this series just reads like so many other Hollywood films that have been done before. I doubt it'll last more than one season but anything's possible.

    If you're a fan of Ray Liotta you might like it.
  • Great way to start off the show!

    Bobby Stevens seems to have it all. A great career, a loving wife, and two beautiful children. But underneath that fatigue, is a career criminal. Even he outruns the feds. And outsmarts them so far. He is very cunning and with Simon Baker as a cold-blooded womanizer, Amy Smart as a femme fetale, another dude that is a parolee but won't go straight for not too long. Great show and the criminals are the stars. Which is odd for a show which is 99% where the good guys are the stars!
  • A great Way to start a show that looks like it's going to be great.

    Well first I got to say it has great actors, great action, and an good story line. The reason I did not give it a 10 was because of the song they chose to play, after one of the guys on the team died and they were blowing up the boat. That had to be the wrost song, it was way to loud and may be it was just my T.V. but it sounded horrible. The only thing that they did wrong, meaning the girl Ann is she let that women from her high school see her, and know she might tell the cops.
  • cool new thief show which has the potential to be great

    cool show. liked how most of the episode was flashbacks. that was cool. then when they showed the non-flashback part, they added in extra detail which wasn't shown in the first 5 minutes of the show. lots of action and lots of smart stuff in there too. it's got some new cool actors in it too. amy smart is so sexy. this show is looking like it's gonna be going on for a long time
  • Ánother crooks have familylives too series??

    Like I said another series that shows us that crooks have other things to do then rob banks all day long. They realy have "normal" lives as well. After the great Sopranos and the fine series Thief is the world ready for Smith?

    I would say YES! even if it was just for the seeing Ray Liotta acting. I'm man enough to admit that I love this guy, in a huge platonic non-gay way ofcourse. After Goodfellas this man cant do anything wrong with me.

    The episode is well written, cleverly put together and the action is very good. The acting too is very good. I dont rank it higher then an eight because I just want to see where the series is going. A series of this kind lives or dies with not just with the action but also with the development the charactors in their social lives and what impact that has on their, dare I say it, "jobs".

    In short a solid pilot with lots of promise for the future.
  • Great actors, great action. Evrything's cool for this first episode.

    I saw a kind of 'avant-premiere' of the pilot. It lasted a bit more than 1 hour and I must say that I was very pleased with the way it was directed and edited. The story of this pilote is about a museum breaking led by Bobby (Ray Liotta) for a woman named Charlie.
    Several million dollars await them if they succeed and have the paintings that were asked. However the first scene shows us that it somehow went wrong.

    So who are these guys? What are they usually doing? And how did it come to this?

    Well I just can hope the next (how many?) episodes will be as good as this one!