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    This tv show was awsome.


    Simon Baker was so good in that show.

  • America can't love bad guys?

    From what I understood, the main reason for show cancellation was about viewers getting in love with main characters which appear to be the badg guys, and this concept is totally unacceptable.. At least for Networks? But what about Breaking Bad? CBS closed this brilliant series with perfect cast because of that and Networks still let people enjoy the meth cooking for so long? I don't get this..
  • From the very beginning I thought This was one of the best Programs I've ever seen. But like most I've been totally entertained by, they've been gone in a heartbeat.

    The casting, writing, story plot and production was way, way aboveboard. Thus the quality of the production had little to do with its hasty demise. However I firmly believe that Smith's demise was do to the thing that's sweeping our nation like Locus in the springtime...That being Political Correctness. Think about it, the bad guys were better at winning the day. Can't have that happening, can we...?
  • CBS ignores the two main rules and under appreciates the work it takes to make a villain show be successful.

    I liked Smith both in concept and the execution of its action. Smith, though, never drew me into the characters enough for me to want to know more about them.

    CBS under appreciates the work it takes to bring people into a new concept - criminals as main characters. The writers failed to connect the viewers to the characters. The number of characters on Smith is normal for a TV series, but connecting viewers with an "anti-hero" requires extra work. The series had too many villain stars. Writers and producers must give the viewers a moral grounding and understanding of the villain stars.

    For awhile I thought this new concept (villain stars) wasn't possible, until I saw the new Showtime series Dexter. The Dexter writers, producers, and actors connected the viewer to this vigilante serial killer very quickly in the pilot. The story line makes it easier as there is only one "good guy villain" in this series. Viewers don't have to justify the actions of several characters.

    Some might ask is the only way to create a successful criminal show to do it on a pay cable channel, where restrictions on content are lower. The answer is NO!

    CBS should take an example from "It Takes a Thief." A broadcast series based upon one criminal is easier, but there also must be some social redeeming value in the main character. Dexter only kills other killers and while it’s an inappropriate action, the viewer realizes he is trying to channel his dark personality to help society not harm it or innocent people.

    The lead character must involve the viewers in the planning and execution of his jobs, while not assuming the viewer will all of connect the dots. Unanswered questions are ok for awhile and answers that raise new questions are ok. In the end, though, the viewer requires all the answers concerning the leader character’s character and his jobs.

    A new version of "It Takes a Thief" without the main character working for a government agency would be interesting. The series could be about the original thief's Son. He decided to go into the family business and has yet to get caught. The writers would need to develop his personality and abilities in depth and quickly. The viewer must connect on a social, emotional, and intelligential basis. In addition to his life story, the thief must instruct the viewer step by step on his individual jobs.

    Not until those who design shows realize these two important facts will broadcast TV have a successful villain based series. Smith failed to take heed of these basic obligations to the viewer.
  • Edgy, dangerous and smart with an absolutely fantastic cast

    When I first heard of this show, I immediately wanted to see it because of the amazing, high-profile cast. Ray Liotta, Virginia Madsen, Amy Smart, Shohreh Aghdashloo & Jonny Lee Miller in the same show? Too good to be true. In the first episode, you could tell that Smith was cutting edge, pushing the boundaries for cable TV. The protagonists were ruthless thieves who you loved to hate - unlike protagonists who are generally good and moral people who screw up once in a while. The main characters on Smith would be considered the villians on the crime dramas CBS usually airs, which was what made Smith so great. It went there, it was different. It's so easy to be the same, make a crime drama about moral detectives and lawyers who put the bad guys away. This show blurred the lines between good & bad. Bobby, the leader of the group of thieves and the main character, really loved his wife and kids but his life was so bland, you can understand why he needed some excitement. Another similar show, Heist which was axed as well, was all style, action, explosions and no character development or uniqueness like Smith. Smith was on the same caliber as the early seasons of The Sopranos.

    Smith was exciting, fresh and one of the most original dramas I have seen on TV in ages. But the general public of America wasn't ready to sympathize with the bad guys, which is why it got the axe. It's just too bad people enjoy conformity and sameness, or this show would have been a hit.
  • Smith is a high flying and fast paced action series that depicts the lives of normal people, who are incredibly skilled in executing high level crimes.

    Unfortunately, Smith was cancelled by CBS after only eight episodes, 3 of those episodes were shown on the air. However, it still was a very exciting show because it shows the lives of people, who are very deceptive and secret in plotting and executing the most elaborate and dangerous crimes in thief such as stealing priceless paintings or millions of dollars of gold. Each member lives a normal life, but the secret life of executing crimes is very meticulous and dangerous in crafting the thief of priceless materials. The show is centered on a normal salesman named Bobby Stevens, and he is manipulated by a woman that makes deals with him to steal items in for exchanged money, and he shares it amongst his crew. They are being chased down by the FBI after the first heist that ended in the death of one of their crew members during the heist and stealing priceless paintings. Overall, it was a good show, but it just didn’t get the ratings.
  • Excellent writing, acting and directing with complex plot lines for each character. Wonderful show!

    Bring it back. If it wasn't working against the other more-established hit shows, put it in another time slot where not much else is happening. Let its viewership build that way and I would bet money it will be the next runaway hit. Please don't let such a good show go to waste. Please Bring It Back!
  • What the hell man! This show was by far the "attention grabber" of the season. I have seen so many crappy shows that pilot and actually make it through their first season only because of the mainstream sponsorship association, it makes me

    Smith was an incredible show from the writing, directing, casting and acting. It was nice to see that after all the years of "Survivor" and "CSI" inspired shows that someone in hollywood actually had the inspiration to put this show together. This show was the ultimate reality game....because it really does happen!! Unlike the staged reality shows and beefed up investigator field work that we see on tv today. The problem that I see here is that the corporate advertisers and sponsors for this show are afraid of everything that they can't control. If..I..were.."Michael..Moore"..I..would..say,.."bring..the..troops..home..and..let' Smith" It's..just..way..less..organized!!
    You do the math.
  • Why?????? Why would you pull one of the best shows on TV. I rate this with Alias, CSI, Lost, and even Heroes..... Please bring it back! I know they filmed 6 episodes, so at least let us see the other three.

    Movie quality TV. They are 1 hour movies, Loaded with Movie actors and even has a movie budget. One of the best TV shows to come out this year... Second to only Heroes.

    \\\"Heat\\\" on TV.

    I miss it already.

    Action packed, Well acted, great script.

    Booooo CBS Booooo

    You are way offside on this one.

    Why would you pull one of the best shows on TV. I rate this with Alias, CSI, Lost, and even Heroes.....

    Please bring it back!

    I know they filmed 6 episodes, so at least let us see the other three
  • bring this show back

    This show was one of the best i have seen this year, this show needs a second chance.
    This show was a sure hit in our family every week.
    I believe this show was in the same catagory as Alias fantastic.!!!
    Great writers and actors in this show for it to not make it blows my not sure what they are thinking here in pulling this one off..
    A cartoon show will last 4 or more seasons but yet a good show like this they are taking it off.
    Im sorry but really what is this coming to when cartoons are taking the place of good old fashion tv programs..
  • Please bring Smith back i just loved that show,couldnt wait until I got home. it is a show that is mixed, with crime, passion, adventure. this show has so many roads to take . Bring back Smith please.

    I really liked the adventure that this show was taking in just the few short shows that it was on, but you get to see what crime life is all about and the problems that it can bring home. Please bring back Smith, Please bring back Smith, please bring back Smith.
  • Liked it more and more as it went on.

    This show started slow but picked up toward the end. When it was over I had myself a new show to watch but this happens ever year lets see how many of them last. Smith is a swift high tech heist show which I enjoyed. I haven't seen a heist show that I've liked in a while(not that theres been many) but it seems like a keeper as long as it keeps an audience.(Update: Smith was canceled after 3 weeks airing, how impatient is that?) It really had the makings of a good show but it just couldn't find the audience.
  • The Characters are all individually unique, and brilliantly casted and scripted. Ray Liotta is as always calm cool & collected. These characters are truly amazing in this show and dont understand why they scrapped it!!??

    For the first time in a very long time, is there a realistic show to watch. These guys dont give a F&^^* about what they have to do to get the job done. It is truly a incredible series and I was distraught to see that the networks had scrapped it.

    This is much better than shows like '24' where Jack defies the whole world including the government to save the day.. What alot of crap. Smith should stay and should be shown again, and have new series made, all it needs is a chance and to be shown on different television stations around the world..

  • I love this show!!

    Okay so I was flipping through channels a couple months ago and found this show..I fell in love with it, it was amazing. I could not wait until the next episode after I saw the first. I didn't even realize they were going to cancel it =( WHY???? Why does it seem to me, they cancel all the good shows...It only had what 3 episodes!! Wait for at least a season and see how it does, I think yall should bring it back..and for sure it what get good ratings. I miss Smith and want it back, I really get into it. It WAS A GREAT SHOW!!
  • Now I was one of the opposition to this show when it premired. It wasn't until 3 episodes in that I saw the turn in writing and acting. Then at the 4th episode I knew this show had some real potential but by then it was too late and the shwo had been

    Now I was one of the opposition to this show when it premired. It wasn't until 3 episodes in that I saw the turn in writing and acting. Then at the 4th episode I knew this show had some real potential but by then it was too late and the shwo had been banished to the net. A move that at least gave us the opportunity to see the turn the show was taking. You would think that an all star cast with Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen would be an automatic hit but as I alluded to earlier. The story was so slow and conveluted in the beginning that by episode 2 millions were gone. I myself saw it as Tuesday night filler or something to be recorded and watched later so what the heck. I found out too late like many people that the show had potenial and was going somewhere another failed series that hopefully will come out on dvd.
  • I thought that this show was an absolute good show with good potential. CBS never gave 'Smith' a chance. What if CBS cancelled CSI after 3 shows? It would have been a BIG mistake. Cancelling Smith is one BIG mistake.

    After seeing the previews for the show, I was sooo counting down the days it was going to air. SO,I made sure that at 11:30, I was home, to watch SMITH.
    I was always glued to the television waiting to see what would happen, how they would pull their tricks off, waiting for Hope to catch Bobby, and it was all good. If I was so glued to that in 3 shows, I know I would have been a Big Fan, a loyal one, cause I was a fan already, but it could have been bigger.
    I miss this show and I want it back. So please CBS Bring Smith Back, don't take another good show off the air.
    I can't wait to see what happens to Bobby, his wife and the crew. SOOOOO PLEASEEEEE!!!!! BRING IT BACK!!!
  • I think it was great and i was really disappointed when I found out that it was canceled.

    I loved Smith and I am really disappointed that it has been canceled. CBS shouldn\\\'t cancel a show based on viewer polls i was able to vote on shows that I\\\'ve never even seen before. That is not a good way to judge new tv shows- if CBS cancels Heroes then the are complete idiots.
  • What wrong with you people, did you have to make room for the next season of "Who Wants to Marry a Lobster". This is a great show.

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  • This show didn't deserve to get the axe! Enough of reality TV and bring back Smith.

    What was CBS thinking by axing this show. Pulling the plug after 3 episodes, they should have realized this show's potential, but maybe this show was just to daring for them. This show had great actors and storylines and didn't deserve to have CBS pull the plug. Maybe CBS will realize their mistake and bring back Smith...though I won't hold my breath, as they prefer reality shows. Maybe another network will pick up the show and give it the chance it deserves.
  • I cannot beleive they canceled this show. Last tuesday i was eagerly awaiting the third episode. and then i get some other garbage tv show. I thougt ok

    maybe theyre just subbing it for a while. But i am just shocked and horrified that this show was ended after 2 episodes. It was sooo good. i am i am i am iama m m m m m m i am ia man man man man man man man am am am am am am am ban ma ma ma ma mm a mam am am am am am am a ma ma ma am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am
  • I can't believe with all the garbage on TV that this show was cancelled.. I\'m sick of reality shows. I have never been a fan of them and now this season I actually started watching TV and loved this show, the acting was great... Comeon bring it back....

    Loved this show, I cannot believe that it was cancelled. I hate reality tv, come on how much dancing w/the stars and shows like this can a person w/any intelligence take. I use to love Frasier and the West Wing and now the only show left is House. bring SMITH back so the over 40 crowd has something to watch. I could care less about washed up celebrities.
  • What is CBS thinking? The show was not on long enough to gain a following.

    This show was the most innovative new drama this season. I felt like I was watching a movie instead of TV. This show was like something you usually only see on HBO or Showtime. I had just been spreading the word to my friends to watch the show and then it was pulled. Many of my friends are like myself and hardly ever watch TV after 10:00 because of our work schedule, so I was telling everyone to TIVO or DVR the show like I was, but then we could not find the show anymore. CBS has many other shows that are not half this good that have been on for years and the fact that they only gave this show 3 episodes makes me not want to watch CBS anymore.
  • This show was definitely new and different for CBS -- I guess they couldn\'t handle that.

    \'Smith\' was above and beyond the normal, worthless programming on CBS. I have avoided watching CBS over the past few years because I feel their shows have been pretty average and ordinary. \'Smith\' was a show that challenged that, and challenged the viewer. I feel that it was finally a show that could compete with the high quality primetime shows on ABC. Apparently that meant nothing to CBS -- maybe someone else can pick this show up???
  • I am so sad it is done!

    This was a really great addition to what is becoming a very boring line-up on network tv. I am so disappointed to hear that it is done! I told everyone I knew to watch for it, and to my shock it wasn\\\'t there. I don\\\'t think it was given a fair chance
  • This is a great show and needs more time to catch on!!

    Please bring this show back!!
    My husband does not like to watch tv at all. I have had him hooked on 24 for a couple years now and when Smith came out I was excited b/c I knew it was right up his alley. He loves it as do I.
    Hate that it has been taken off the air. So many shows are more for women than men, Smith is one that men can really get into.
    I really hope that CBS will realize what it could have with this show and put it back on the air!
    It just needs more time to catch on.
  • A bit too edgy for CBS?

    'Smith' is an intelligent, well done show. I think CBS may have more problems with the content that the ratings. While other shows like 'The Unit', 'NCIS', and even 'Shark' all manage to include a positve moral lesson in each episode, it's hard to build a moral into 'Smith's plot line. The subject matter doesn't lend itself to any positive messages, but it's gritty and perhaps a bit more realistic than just about anything else that's currently on. I think this show is great, but unfortunately I have to admit it's probably better suited to FX or HBO. I hope it makes it back, or gets resurrected on another network. I've got episodes 1-3 on my TiVo and they aren't going anywhere, so I can get a refresher when it comes back....
  • Smith

    Give me a break! Yet another good new show cancelled! With all the crap that is on the t.v. these days and they cancel the good ones! I loved Simon Baker in The Guardian (one more good show that was cancelled!) I was so excited to see he was in a new show, and that is what drew me to watch it. What a great show! Everyone at my office was watching it too! We would come in and discuss each week. Ray Liotta was great! Simon Baker was even better! And I really liked the girl (she played her bad girl part so very well. How many episodes did they even let us see???? Three maybe? At least let us see the rest that were made .. even if they put it on at some stupid time ...
  • This show was too smart for those that didn't get it. It was exciting and enticing. The cancellation was such a disappointment!

    I can not belive this show was cancelled. This show was fast and furious. It was refreshing compared to all of the FBI/CSI/Lawyer shows that are on every night. The characters/actors were great and the story was just taking off. I was anxious to see the next episode when I got the news that is had been taken off the air. What a drag!

    The presentation of the show was not like your typical crime dramas. Maybe the story was just too complicated for your average TV watcher. It was much like watching a movie at the theater but only one hour at a time. It was a great show!
  • The show looked like something you would watch on Saturday afteroon, cause nothing else is on, and waiting til the good shows start, no surprise CBS cancelled this time waster.

    The show may have had the writing and even the actors, but the special effects seriously looked like something from the 80's, if CBS wants an A show like the CSI's or Criminal Minds. Then it needs the special effects as well. The show looked so ghetto it's not funny, seriously it's no surprise it didn't last. It was the special effects that killed the show. The show should have been called "Waste of Time". A repeat of CSI did better in that time spot, so you know it wasn't the timeslot that killed Smith. I didn't think Smith would last and I was right. I just didn't think it would go that fast.
  • The show was awesome.If CBS doesn't bring it back I will influence people to stay away from CBS as I.To air 3 episodes then cut us off is simply selfish.Finish what you started.Switch it to another time slot or tell me how I could order the season on DVD

    This show was awesome. Ray Liota was spectacular and Amy Smart was stunning. Ray Liota doing what he does best. Laid back but fierce. Caring but observant. Respected and feared. Threats did help. Amy Smart's confident but slutty look gave her an advantage to keep men guessing on what she wanted. I love this show and I believe that this show didn't recieve the right exposure prior to launch which resulted with very few viewers. There should have been commercials 2 weeks prior to launch, airing during your high rated shows beginning at 5 PM until 11 PM. Thank You.
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