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  • I smell an Emmy!

    This is the best pilot I've seen since "Lost." This show has been perfectly cast. I know it's early, but the acting which aided the character development was very intriguing. I'm not normally a fan of Liotta, but he has managed to grab my interest this time around. Looks like John Wells will have another winner on his hands.

    Some of the other reviews have noted this show's slow pace. The pilot, though redundant at times, used this type of storyline effectively. Smith is an adult action show, much unlike that of CBS's lineup. Think about it, do we really know anything about Grissom's character on CSI other than his affection for his colleague or his infatuation with insects. This is the sort of thing we learn about Bobby in one hour, compared to six seasons of CSI. With that said, both are good shows for their own reasons. CSI is set at a fast pace for the MTV audience, while Smith is more for fans of older heist movies. From what we've seen so far, which is not much, I'd have to conclude that this is definitely one to keep an eye on (no pun intended) this season.
  • Great show. Dark, interesting and edgy storyline and so far some great music.

    I think the show brings back some old Miami Vice darkness and fresh life obstacles we all face. It has a tinge of the movie "Heat" which starred Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. I can get lost in the show for an hour before coming back to reality. It is suspenseful and gives you several angles at various timelines. The music in the first episode was excellent. I have a new favorite song from Imogen Heap "Hide and Seek". It is trendy and on the verge of creating something new with a touch of something old that is great.
  • Great show!

    I was so into this show while watching the series premiere. It did an admirable job at setting the stage for subsequent episodes. To me, the show is very reminiscent of the Ocean's Eleven/Twelve etc. movies and that's a good thing because I absolutely love those. I really liked how they showed the basics of the heist at the beginning of the episode and then went back later on to give it to you with all of the details attached. The cast is pretty impressive and the acting was definitely, at the least, up to par. There's no doubt that I will be watching this show again.
  • Big names can certainly attract an audience quite quickly. Ray Liotta is a name that will provide instant fans.

    Big names aside, this show has done quite well for itself. The concept creator, writers and directors deserve a lot of credit. We are beginning to see storylines that once existed solely in movies move to television. As a movie idea, this is not new. But, I am curious to see how far it can be taken on a television series. In what new direction can you lead the audience and how can you make them willing to follow you. Just like with the new pilot "Faceless," I wonder how many episodes can come from this, let alone how many seasons.

    I really wanted to like this show. Ray Liotta is one of my favourite actors and I thought, \\\'oh, oh - he\\\'s going to TV. The end of a career\\\' But Kiefer did it quite successfully, so I had hopes for Ray.
    Issues I had with the pilot:

    1. If you TAZER someone while you are holding them around the neck - you too will be tazered. It\\\'s called conduction.

    2. Ray\\\'s false conviction. \\\"That\\\'s it. I\\\'m through. Three or four more jobs and that\\\'s it. I mean it!\\\" Ughh-make up your mind. And one of the oldest movie/tv cliches in history.

    3. If I was to stake out a museum job, I wouldn\\\'t do it with three middle-aged men, all dressed in black, visibly pointing at things not art related. Detectives have a habit of reviewing historical security tapes.

    4. Invest in a gyroscope. I understand that the director wanted to convey \\\'action\\\' during the boat scene, but I had to look away until the scene was over, or go into epileptic shock.

    Like I said, I wanted to like this show, not even love it. But I grew to loathe it. Cross this one off of your list if you have any measure of quality for what you take in through your pupils. But then again, there is a proven market out there for mindless media for the masses.
  • Too slow, uninteresting characters.

    The pilot episode of \"Smith\" gave us absolutely no reason to care about ANY of the characters. It was also really slow and got boring several times, and this is supposed to be an action series, right?! I love heist movies and TV shows, but this one doesn\'t play out very well. It\'s a poor version of the actual \"Heist\" that NBC cancelled after just four episodes, not even giving it a chance. I really, really wanted to like this show, so I\'m going to give it one more chance on the second episode, but the pilot was a real let-down.
  • Put this one on your "Watch List." You won't be disappointed!

    LOVED this new show! Watched it because of Liotta and Madsen and Simon Baker was a bonus. On the edge of your seat was awesome....and NO commercials, except for the review of the new Jack Nickolson movie \"The Departed.\" Smith and Shark are the only new 2 shows on my list to watch this fall...SMITH WAS GREAT and since I recorded it...can listen to the music again and again!
  • Awesome; will be watching this one!

    What a pleasant surprise! Hadn't seen or heard much about the show, but thought I'd check it out because of the brilliant cast, and was thrilled to see that wasn't the only thing going for it.

    The pilot was brilliantly acted and directed, and the story had me hooked. I loved the way the characters were introduced, and am looking forward to their development through the rest of the series. They were all fleshed out nicely, but not much backstory's come to light yet, so hopefully that'll occur as the series goes on. I also hope Virginia Madsen's role becomes more prominent, as I'm a fan of her work, but I imagine it will, as I can see Bobby's home life being depicted as a real counterpoint to his work throughout the series.

    I'll be watching!
  • I didnt expect this at all

    This show is probablly one of the best this season. I was totally taken back by the plot. I didnt really know waht to expect just by watching the teasers for the promo for the show before the actual show aired. I knew Amy Smart from several movies and she played a badd@$$ that suited her perfectly in this show. I loved it. Then we have our main character who usally always plays a good guy. Its refreshing to see a Jackel and Hyde thing with him. Very good actor. I was confused for the first half of the program because I didnt quite understand what was going on but...after watching it..and sleeping on it...I now understand and think this show is deffinately going to have a rather large fan base...This show is great. END OF STORY!
  • great one of the best new shows this season

    I think this show is a cross between heat ans ocean's 11. I love ray liotta. Alot of critics didn't like the shield or any other cutting edge show that likes to think outside the box. not everything on t.v should be shown from just one point of view. this show is great and should stay on
  • The season premiere last night was amazing. I haven\'t seen TV this good in quite a long time! I hope this show makes it. The actors are brilliant! The story line is riviting. The plots are intense. Keep up the great work

    AWESOME! Suspenseful! Fascinating! Guilty Pleasure! I loved the cast line up. They all compliment each other with great style and talent. I think this show is a huge winner and will keep the CSI\'s, and the Law and Order\'s on their toes. This could be a new trend in prime time drama. You see the reverse side of the bad guy trying to get away with the crime, instead of the good guy trying to catch the bad guy. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this TV time together and we felt like it wasn\'t a waste of an evening. When it was over we both exhaled heavily and said what a great movie, then we realized, \"hey its a TV show and we get to watch it every week\".

    Keep it up!
  • I love it! I wasn\'t bored I was able to enjoy it without the blood and extreme details like some other shows.Keep it I love it!!!

    Love IT Love IT!!! My husband and I just found us a new TV show to watch! THANKS did I say That We Love IT? Unlike some other shows that have gross details I think this here is going to be a great TV show and I do hope that they keep it! I wasn\'t bored and like I said we were able to enjoy it with out all the blood and extreme details. My son likes to watch some shows with me and I hope this show is one that he and I can enjoy together as well. love it!
  • Sleek, fast paced drama based on the lives and deeds of highly skilled criminals.

    A taut, gripping show that captured my attention and held me rivieted, especially the final segment after the last commercial break. I am thoroughly invested in this show, and can\\\'t wait to learn more about the characters. The acting was first rate, and the plot development and devices were captivating. Though I anticipated this show since I first heard about it last spring, it still exceeded my expectations. I hope this show finds an audience and hangs on for a while. At least initially, this show appeals to an audience tired of soapy dramas and thin comedies. It may not be the best show on, but it ranks in the top 10.
  • Not a character in the lot about whom we can feel compassion or affection. Even Madsen is “conflicted.” Real life is chock full of depressing themes, do we need more twisted motives? Don\'t lionize “Bad guys with a heart” They’re bad guys. Get it?

    Outta nowhere comes a great waste of time and effort. Not a character in the lot about whom we can feel compassion or affection. Even Madsen is “conflicted” in what the right thing to do might be. Real life is chock full of depressing themes, we don’t need yet another show of twisted motives. Why should we be interested in how cleverly a team plans to steal things that don’t belong to them? Feeling compelled to find heros in a cast like this gives me the sensation of wanting to take a shower. Someone fell for it - “Bad guys with a heart.” Hey! They shouldn’t be lionized. They’re bad buys. Get it?
  • from outta nowhere comes a great show!!

    i looked at the schedule tonight and saw that the pilot of this show was airing so i thought i would check it out even thought i knew nothing about it. In just the first few minutes i knew i had accidentally discovered one of the best new shows on tv this year. honestly, ANY show with virgina madsen is gonna git my thumbs up but the entire cast of this ensemble is awesome. SO how come they haven't hyped the crap outta this show? anyways, i think this show is goning to be very interesting. guess we'll find out after a few episodes if i am right or just had too much red wine
  • If you enjoy lack of dialogue and lots of action then this show is for you. If you don't mind inconsistencies like one moment its daylight and within a split second its nighttime. I adore Ray Liotta but this is a pretty bad show.

    Very disappointing, the commercials were better then the actual show. Lack of dialogue, consistency, continuity, and plot basically gave the actors nothing much to work with. I don't see this show sticking around. It needs more than fine-tuning, Ray Liotta is the only redeeming aspect of this show. That man can act!
  • Well, there's only been one episode so far, but I'll give it a shot.

    Smith takes the concept of 'business man by day, thief by night' and uses that for an hour-long, weekly show. I've only seen the first episode so far, but it seems interesting. Ray Liotta is a great actor, and more than capable of sustaining my interest in the long term. The other actors in the show seem good as well, and some conflicts have already been set up, and those can carry out throughout the show as well.

    The first episode was good, and contained a surprise, and one that I don't expect to happen every week. But they will need to do more than just have him robbing banks and museums every week, or else it will get old fast.

    I look forward to seeing how they'll deal with that part of the plot.
  • Cant wait till it starts in 2 days. It should be a very good show because of what it is about.

    Some ppl might go against the show but i think it will be a good one. When i saw the first commercial talking bout the show i was caught. Gona take time to get used to the charactes but still it should be a good one. Really hope there are a lot of violence and more weapons in the show then just sex and robbing banks.
  • Bad guys with a heart

    The good guys and the bad guys, these two distinct groups of people have always been on so many TV shows and yet they might never disappear on the small screen. On TV, we discover that sometimes the good guys are not so good, and the bad guys are not all together bad. And we appreciate the producers' attempt to bring out the realest characters, in contrast to the old days--Heroes never makes mistakes, villians never have a heart.
    After Heist(a comic take on a group of thieves and their opperation) failed, this season we get two shows about grand theft: Smith and Knights of Prosperity. It shows that the producers think that we, the viewers, are little fed up with the heroes on TV. I think they are right. In the pilot of Smith, we can see how the team is gathered, how their opperation is carried out, how talented they are in their specialties, and how normal they are. What I like about this show is the documentary way of chronicling the characters, nothing fancy, but quite real. And the show cut deep into the bone of the characters and their emotions. I think this show is promising if CBS give it a chance.
  • A glaring continuity anomaly, Annie is outside the front of the museum and hears the shots fired and walks away in bright sunlight, but the gang leaves by the back entrance in the dead of night

    A very good first effort, but did get exasperated with a glaring continuity anomaly, Annie is outside the front of the museum and hears the shots fired and walks away in bright sunlight, but the gang leaves by the back entrance in the dead of night. Please explain that Mr Director
  • Simple, it was like watching a movie!

    They have obviously spent some more time on this one. Good music can make or break a movie or TV show. This show very very good I thought. The feeling I had after I watched it was, WOW! I felt lie I had just watched a good episode i=fo 24 or the movie Heat! Maybe I go to far with that but I like it when they get a few hollywod stars into a TV show if adds class or a different feel to it, maybe some weight too. A good move by the shows creators I think. The directing and screenplay is very good and the actiing is very good, Ray and Virginia are class and it is nice to see Mr Miller back again I have not seen him for a while.

    I am eager for the 2nd episode to see if it is consistently good and keeps up the pace and interest.

  • A darker, grittier Ocean's 11.

    The pilot was one of the more interesting ones I've seen thus far, possibly in the top three even. Robbery capers are always fun to watch because you want to see how the masterminds plan it out and how it all goes down, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the job, at least in this episode, was just the setting: the real focus was on the crew who were trying to pull it off. It's obviously a character drama that focuses on people involved and what they do and how they act given their personalities and their line of "work". The comparisons to "Ocean's 11" are obvious, but this is much less tongue-in-cheek, and the writers aren't out to prove how cool or clever the characters are. They're real people who do sometimes find themselves in a jam, and so not everything goes off with a hitch, and there are casualties. The drama from how everyone deals is what sets this apart from most other shows about thieves, because it's not afraid to showcase emotion or to not be flashy. Like I said, I really enjoyed the pilot, and I can't wait to see more episodes.
  • Just watched the pilot and its pretty good. It does appear to repeat the same story twice within it, adding extras the second time around, which is slightly odd. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the series pans out.

    I just watched the pilot and its pretty good. It does appear to repeat the same story twice within it, adding extras the second time around, which is slightly odd, but I imagine this will not be how the rest of the series will be written. The end does drag a little bit, and not much detail is gone into as to the planning of the mission (unlike Ocean's 11 for example), but its hard to judge it badly based on one episode. I'll be interested to see how the rest of the series pans out. Certainly one to watch!
  • Looks like one of the best pilots of the year!

    Of all the shows dramatically cancelled this year, at least there is some hope of tv getting back to some kind of normality this year. The pilots are all looking great this year and hopefuly most will last more than thirteen episodes or a single series, as many of last years pilots did. However, there are always a few that stand above the rest and Smith is one of those shows. With a killer premise that resembles the awesome British show Hustle and a truely jaw-dropping cast including Ray Liotta and Simon Baker, not to mention the gorgeous Amy Smart and Oscar nominee Virginia Madsen this should be one pilot series that stands the test of time. HOPEFULLY!!!
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