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    This tv show was awsome.


    Simon Baker was so good in that show.

  • Excellent writing, acting and directing with complex plot lines for each character. Wonderful show!

    Bring it back. If it wasn't working against the other more-established hit shows, put it in another time slot where not much else is happening. Let its viewership build that way and I would bet money it will be the next runaway hit. Please don't let such a good show go to waste. Please Bring It Back!
  • What the hell man! This show was by far the "attention grabber" of the season. I have seen so many crappy shows that pilot and actually make it through their first season only because of the mainstream sponsorship association, it makes me

    Smith was an incredible show from the writing, directing, casting and acting. It was nice to see that after all the years of "Survivor" and "CSI" inspired shows that someone in hollywood actually had the inspiration to put this show together. This show was the ultimate reality game....because it really does happen!! Unlike the staged reality shows and beefed up investigator field work that we see on tv today. The problem that I see here is that the corporate advertisers and sponsors for this show are afraid of everything that they can't control. If..I..were.."Michael..Moore"..I..would..say,.."bring..the..troops..home..and..let' Smith" It's..just..way..less..organized!!
    You do the math.
  • bring this show back

    This show was one of the best i have seen this year, this show needs a second chance.
    This show was a sure hit in our family every week.
    I believe this show was in the same catagory as Alias fantastic.!!!
    Great writers and actors in this show for it to not make it blows my not sure what they are thinking here in pulling this one off..
    A cartoon show will last 4 or more seasons but yet a good show like this they are taking it off.
    Im sorry but really what is this coming to when cartoons are taking the place of good old fashion tv programs..
  • Please bring Smith back i just loved that show,couldnt wait until I got home. it is a show that is mixed, with crime, passion, adventure. this show has so many roads to take . Bring back Smith please.

    I really liked the adventure that this show was taking in just the few short shows that it was on, but you get to see what crime life is all about and the problems that it can bring home. Please bring back Smith, Please bring back Smith, please bring back Smith.
  • I love this show!!

    Okay so I was flipping through channels a couple months ago and found this show..I fell in love with it, it was amazing. I could not wait until the next episode after I saw the first. I didn't even realize they were going to cancel it =( WHY???? Why does it seem to me, they cancel all the good shows...It only had what 3 episodes!! Wait for at least a season and see how it does, I think yall should bring it back..and for sure it what get good ratings. I miss Smith and want it back, I really get into it. It WAS A GREAT SHOW!!
  • I thought that this show was an absolute good show with good potential. CBS never gave 'Smith' a chance. What if CBS cancelled CSI after 3 shows? It would have been a BIG mistake. Cancelling Smith is one BIG mistake.

    After seeing the previews for the show, I was sooo counting down the days it was going to air. SO,I made sure that at 11:30, I was home, to watch SMITH.
    I was always glued to the television waiting to see what would happen, how they would pull their tricks off, waiting for Hope to catch Bobby, and it was all good. If I was so glued to that in 3 shows, I know I would have been a Big Fan, a loyal one, cause I was a fan already, but it could have been bigger.
    I miss this show and I want it back. So please CBS Bring Smith Back, don't take another good show off the air.
    I can't wait to see what happens to Bobby, his wife and the crew. SOOOOO PLEASEEEEE!!!!! BRING IT BACK!!!
  • I think it was great and i was really disappointed when I found out that it was canceled.

    I loved Smith and I am really disappointed that it has been canceled. CBS shouldn\\\'t cancel a show based on viewer polls i was able to vote on shows that I\\\'ve never even seen before. That is not a good way to judge new tv shows- if CBS cancels Heroes then the are complete idiots.
  • What wrong with you people, did you have to make room for the next season of "Who Wants to Marry a Lobster". This is a great show.

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  • I cannot beleive they canceled this show. Last tuesday i was eagerly awaiting the third episode. and then i get some other garbage tv show. I thougt ok

    maybe theyre just subbing it for a while. But i am just shocked and horrified that this show was ended after 2 episodes. It was sooo good. i am i am i am iama m m m m m m i am ia man man man man man man man am am am am am am am ban ma ma ma ma mm a mam am am am am am am a ma ma ma am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am
  • me & my husband just love the show!!

    We looked forward to being able to say that we have to stay home to watch SMITH. The action and the storyline are awsome! Please please please bring it back! Why take off a show just when the world is starting to get hooked. I personaly dont just sit and watch a show like I did SMITH but from the very begining I was hooked. Why can\'t the network take off a stupid show like the amazing race or survivor instead. oh wait that would be to easy. Iso just do the public and the network a favor and bring back this show. Thank you.
  • CBS axes great show, but alert viewers can bring it back!

    If you are upset that CBS cancelled Smith, consider filing a complaint.

    With enough viewer complaints, CBS may reconsider its cancelling of the marvelous fast-paced Smith with its excellent cast including Ray Liotta, Virginia Madsen, Simon Baker and Amy Smart and the show's superb writing.

    Blame it on CBS's bad marketing, its only giving the show three episodes of airtime, and CBS's lack of promoting online viewing of earlier episodes of Smith for those who needed to catch up.

    CBS could have given a better re-cap at the beginning of episodes for new viewers just tuning in. It could have re-run the episodes during off-hours, much like Bravo does, to allow viewers to catch up. Call CBS viewer relations at any time day or night to leave a message, or, to reach a live person, call during the hours of 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.-3:30 p.m. EST - telephone CBS viewer relations at 212-975-3247.

    You may also email (short for audience services).

    You may also go to CBS\'s feedback form online to submit your complaint at Smith is still listed in the shows on that feedback form. You may also sign this online petition to CBS to bring back Smith.
  • BRING BACK SMITH!!! It is the best show on CBS this Fall!!

    Smith is the best new show I\\\'ve seen this season!! It is exciting to watch because of all the surprises in the show. You never know what will happen next!! I looked forward to Tues. nites with CBS at 9:00 p.m. because of Smith! I can\\\'t believe it was cancelled!! What is wrong with the network?? Instead they put on stupid shows like sitcoms!! BRING BACK SMITH!!!
  • I loved Smith and couldn't wait for new episodes.

    I really enjoyed this show and found myself making sure to not miss an episode. With so many new shows on tv, for this one to get the axe was very frustrating. This show was full of action, right from the very beginning and we were just getting to know the characters. I thought this was the best new show of the season.
  • Watch a crime ring in action! All the excitment, mystery, action, and drama you could ask for. With a steller cast, great storyline, this is not ashow you want to miss!

    I was online the other day and was disappointed to read that Smith is on it's way to being cancelled. With an incredible cast, awesome story line, great action, and (important to me) incredible soundtrack, this is one of the best action dramas I have seen in a very very long time. If you haven't watched this show yet you don't know what you are missing. If you are looking for a show that has substance and a solid story line, you don't want to miss this. Some critics say that Smith glorifies crime but I believe it shows the chaos that insues with this life style. So tell everyone you know that they have to watch this show. With solid character development, and raw emotion, I honestly hope to see this show again.
  • I need my Smith Fix! Please bring it back! I love this show!

    This is absolutely the BEST show on network television. Or should I say, \'was\'. I am furious that it isn\'t on. I couldn\'t wait until Tuesday night. I was so excited tonight was the night! Did Bobby tell his wife he knew she was following him? What happened with the thugs that were looking for the dead guy because he owed them money??? What happened with his girlfriend and son? OMG I just can\'t believe it\'s not going to be on anymore. Smith is the ONLY drama I have watched on network television since Thirty Something was on back in the 80\'s. I am so disappointed. CBS made a huge mistake by taking this off the air. The reality shows are crap. Guess I have to go back to watching The Food Channel. Ugh.
  • Possibly the most unbelievable show ever! Awesome!

    When I first watched the premiere of Smith I was astonished at how clever and breath taking it was. It was just amazing how the characters were portrayed. They keep me glued to the television screen because I could not believe they actually stole what they did and got away with it. I really enjoyed how bold the characters were as they brilliantly escaped the police and at the same time controlled their double life. Frankly, it’s the best television show I have ever watched!! Please bring it back!!
  • Smith is one of the best shows I have ever seen. I look forward to it every week, and now it may be getting cut? After three episodes? It never even got a fighting chance. Maybe if they cut the reality crap, great shows like Smith would stand a chance.

    They keep boring and lame shows like NCIS, Numbers, and The Unit, but when a truly great show like Smith comes along, they cut it, and after just three episodes! Not to mention all of the stupid reality shows that they have. This is rediculous!!!! Smith is amazing, it made me look forward to Tuesday's! It has Ray Liotta in it, and that should be enough to keep it right there. Simon Baker, Jonny Lee Miller, And Frankie G were a great cast choice as well. They leave us hanging in the middle of the team preparing for another big job. It's not right!!!!!
  • CBS is taking this show off the air? It has a terrific cast and it is a great escape from all the other shows out there. It keeps me on the edge of my seat the entire hour and I dread the end of each episode. Smarten up and keep this show on! It's a hit!

    For the last 3 weeks I have set my life around being on the couch in time to watch "Smith". The pilot episode was out of this world and the following 2 episodes made me dread the end of the 60 minutes. I love the cast, storyline and the non stop action. It is great to have such entertainment on in the middle of the week on network tv. It is a much needed break from all the forensic shows and reality tv programs that have taken over every channel. Keep this show on. It is a keeper. What else can I say!?!
  • Word has it that Smith was cancelled!! I am absolutely devastated!! It is the best new show of the season!! Excitng and adventurous, it kept me glued to my seat the whole 60 minutes. I can\'t imagine t.v. without this show!!

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't imagine Tuesday nights without Smith. Probably, because it was opposite House,it didn't have a chance to gain the viewers. I, for one, changed my loyality from House to Smith because I love Ray Liotta and the rest of the cast that makes up this new superb show!!!!

    I love this show! It is amazing and very interesting. I hope they pick it up next fall because I really want to see what is going to happen between all the guys and what his wife is going to find out! It is an amazing show! Good job! I love the fact that you have a wife who seems to have this secrect from her family and husband but he also have a secret from his wife and family! The best part is his cars his other house and the fact that is like a Mr. and Mrs. Smith! This is an exciting show! Keep it up!
  • This show has a group of awesome actors that play a group of awesome characters. Every episode they do some cool stuff so what's not to like? Watch it now!

    This show has a group of awesome actors that play a group of awesome characters. Every episode they do some cool stuff so what's not to like? It's an adrenaline rush every episode and you don't know what's going to happen to the characters which you surprising care about even after spending such little time getting to know them.

    Ray Liotta pretty much emulates his Goodfellas performance here which isn't a bad thing. It definitely has that kind of quality feel to it.

    Ultimately if you like a quick adrenaline fix this show is your cup of tea. Highly recommended! :D
  • A phenomenal new show of the new CBS and television season.

    I love this show! Seriously, it is \"my new best friend\". After just watching the first 5 minutes of the show, I was awe-struck, and couldn\'t believe what went on in each scene. Everything was just about perfect i.e.the acting, how Bobby\'s crew planned everything. It sure gets a superb rating from me; and I can\'t understand anyone who would even give this show a somewhat low or mediocre rating. In my opinion, that is just low, and they must be very picky. If it don\'t fit their agenda, then the show is bad. What a bummer. But go Ray Liotta,Virginia Madsen,Frankie G, Simon Baker, Jonny Lee Miller,Amy Smart and Shohreh Aghdashloo!!!! Outstanding job.
  • I have paid to watch much worse films then this a-moral violent and utterly fantastic show. How refreshing to not be talked down to as an audience. If it keeps hitting this hard it’s going to be a great ride. Who writes bad guys like this? It’s unique.

    From the opening action teaser it’s fast hard and edgy. Ray Liota does a great job. Their seems to be a trend towards attracting quality Hollywood actors to TV rolls and I have to say I really like it and I think it brings the whole show up to another level. Fantastic job by everyone, I’m blown away and can’t wait for more.
  • FABULOUS!Best show of the new season!Can't wait for next week! New,Exciting,Sexy and Different.Finally something new. Not even close to any other drama out there. The characters are complex & mysterious and leaves you wanting more. Keep this one comin

    FABULOUS! This is definatly the best show of the new season!I can't wait for next week! New, Exciting, Sexy and Different. Finally something new. Not even close to any other drama out there. The characters are complex & mysterious.The chemistry between them all works really well on screen. It really leaves you wanting more. I'm so bored with all of the "reality TV" and same ole' detective/crime programing. This one is not your cookie cutter drama like on all the networks right now. I even watched the pilot on the computer the next day and have set the tivo to record them all so I can watch them over again. Keep this one coming!
  • Great show. Dark, interesting and edgy storyline and so far some great music.

    I think the show brings back some old Miami Vice darkness and fresh life obstacles we all face. It has a tinge of the movie "Heat" which starred Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. I can get lost in the show for an hour before coming back to reality. It is suspenseful and gives you several angles at various timelines. The music in the first episode was excellent. I have a new favorite song from Imogen Heap "Hide and Seek". It is trendy and on the verge of creating something new with a touch of something old that is great.
  • Great show!

    I was so into this show while watching the series premiere. It did an admirable job at setting the stage for subsequent episodes. To me, the show is very reminiscent of the Ocean's Eleven/Twelve etc. movies and that's a good thing because I absolutely love those. I really liked how they showed the basics of the heist at the beginning of the episode and then went back later on to give it to you with all of the details attached. The cast is pretty impressive and the acting was definitely, at the least, up to par. There's no doubt that I will be watching this show again.
  • I didnt expect this at all

    This show is probablly one of the best this season. I was totally taken back by the plot. I didnt really know waht to expect just by watching the teasers for the promo for the show before the actual show aired. I knew Amy Smart from several movies and she played a badd@$$ that suited her perfectly in this show. I loved it. Then we have our main character who usally always plays a good guy. Its refreshing to see a Jackel and Hyde thing with him. Very good actor. I was confused for the first half of the program because I didnt quite understand what was going on but...after watching it..and sleeping on it...I now understand and think this show is deffinately going to have a rather large fan base...This show is great. END OF STORY!
  • I love it! I wasn\'t bored I was able to enjoy it without the blood and extreme details like some other shows.Keep it I love it!!!

    Love IT Love IT!!! My husband and I just found us a new TV show to watch! THANKS did I say That We Love IT? Unlike some other shows that have gross details I think this here is going to be a great TV show and I do hope that they keep it! I wasn\'t bored and like I said we were able to enjoy it with out all the blood and extreme details. My son likes to watch some shows with me and I hope this show is one that he and I can enjoy together as well. love it!
  • The season premiere last night was amazing. I haven\'t seen TV this good in quite a long time! I hope this show makes it. The actors are brilliant! The story line is riviting. The plots are intense. Keep up the great work

    AWESOME! Suspenseful! Fascinating! Guilty Pleasure! I loved the cast line up. They all compliment each other with great style and talent. I think this show is a huge winner and will keep the CSI\'s, and the Law and Order\'s on their toes. This could be a new trend in prime time drama. You see the reverse side of the bad guy trying to get away with the crime, instead of the good guy trying to catch the bad guy. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this TV time together and we felt like it wasn\'t a waste of an evening. When it was over we both exhaled heavily and said what a great movie, then we realized, \"hey its a TV show and we get to watch it every week\".

    Keep it up!
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