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  • American Terrorists!

    Thives, murderers, and assassins as American hero’s? Don’t needs it on TV when the real hero’s are our Military, Firefighters and Police. Useless air time. If \\\"Smith\\\" was working undercover for some kind of agency, maybe it would be worth the time to watch. Doubtful. I\\\'m surprise that Ray Liotta agreed to do this. Simon Baker too! Too much excellent talent wasted.

    I really wanted to like this show. Ray Liotta is one of my favourite actors and I thought, \\\'oh, oh - he\\\'s going to TV. The end of a career\\\' But Kiefer did it quite successfully, so I had hopes for Ray.
    Issues I had with the pilot:

    1. If you TAZER someone while you are holding them around the neck - you too will be tazered. It\\\'s called conduction.

    2. Ray\\\'s false conviction. \\\"That\\\'s it. I\\\'m through. Three or four more jobs and that\\\'s it. I mean it!\\\" Ughh-make up your mind. And one of the oldest movie/tv cliches in history.

    3. If I was to stake out a museum job, I wouldn\\\'t do it with three middle-aged men, all dressed in black, visibly pointing at things not art related. Detectives have a habit of reviewing historical security tapes.

    4. Invest in a gyroscope. I understand that the director wanted to convey \\\'action\\\' during the boat scene, but I had to look away until the scene was over, or go into epileptic shock.

    Like I said, I wanted to like this show, not even love it. But I grew to loathe it. Cross this one off of your list if you have any measure of quality for what you take in through your pupils. But then again, there is a proven market out there for mindless media for the masses.
  • this just wasn't good enough. the acting's boring, the characters are one-dimensional, the pacing was far too slow, the soundtrack was annoying, and the plot made little sense. plus, it's all been done before. even Heist was more captivating than this!

    I watched the pilot of Smith, and I have to say I wasn't impressed. the concept is completely unoriginal; a group of bad guys who steal stuff! anybody remember Heist? or Thief? the whole starting at a tense scene and then going back in time to explain how the tense scene came about is a fairly standard plot device, but doing it twice in the same episode? that really annoyed me. the acting was uninspired to say the least, the characters were boring, and the storyline was confusing. and to top it all off, that song they played at the end was terrible. I won't be watching this again.
  • Did I miss something?

    The promo\'s lured me in to watch the show. After watching it I had a sense of dejavue. I seem to remember a show that was on briefly last season called \"Thief\" starring Andre Braugher, which was surprisingly similiar...a group of men stealing stuff for a woman who setup the \"jobs.\" Hmmm, interesting. Another thing that confused me (ok, maybe I missed something, please correct me if I\'m wrong) is that I seem to remember the actual museum heist taking place during the daylight but the escape taking place at night?? Help me understand.
  • The show looked like something you would watch on Saturday afteroon, cause nothing else is on, and waiting til the good shows start, no surprise CBS cancelled this time waster.

    The show may have had the writing and even the actors, but the special effects seriously looked like something from the 80's, if CBS wants an A show like the CSI's or Criminal Minds. Then it needs the special effects as well. The show looked so ghetto it's not funny, seriously it's no surprise it didn't last. It was the special effects that killed the show. The show should have been called "Waste of Time". A repeat of CSI did better in that time spot, so you know it wasn't the timeslot that killed Smith. I didn't think Smith would last and I was right. I just didn't think it would go that fast.
  • Completely unoriginal -- so, in that sense probably 10X better than most shows developed for this year.

    I haven't looked at the other comments on this show, so this may be redundant. First: understand that I love Ray Liotta, and have since he was on Another World or Somerset, or whatever sucky soap he started on. He does a great job as Smith. That said, these writer-producers, if honest, need to start sending their residual checks straight to Donald Westlake, whose crooked characters Dortmunder (comedy) and Parker (psycho, written under the R. Stark pseudonym) and whose plots they have totally and shamelessly ripped off. Read the Westlake (and \"Stark\") books. You\'ll see.
  • Not a character in the lot about whom we can feel compassion or affection. Even Madsen is “conflicted.” Real life is chock full of depressing themes, do we need more twisted motives? Don\'t lionize “Bad guys with a heart” They’re bad guys. Get it?

    Outta nowhere comes a great waste of time and effort. Not a character in the lot about whom we can feel compassion or affection. Even Madsen is “conflicted” in what the right thing to do might be. Real life is chock full of depressing themes, we don’t need yet another show of twisted motives. Why should we be interested in how cleverly a team plans to steal things that don’t belong to them? Feeling compelled to find heros in a cast like this gives me the sensation of wanting to take a shower. Someone fell for it - “Bad guys with a heart.” Hey! They shouldn’t be lionized. They’re bad buys. Get it?
  • If you enjoy lack of dialogue and lots of action then this show is for you. If you don't mind inconsistencies like one moment its daylight and within a split second its nighttime. I adore Ray Liotta but this is a pretty bad show.

    Very disappointing, the commercials were better then the actual show. Lack of dialogue, consistency, continuity, and plot basically gave the actors nothing much to work with. I don't see this show sticking around. It needs more than fine-tuning, Ray Liotta is the only redeeming aspect of this show. That man can act!
  • Hard to follow if you tuned in late

    I\'ll tell you the problem as I see it: It was hard to get into if you missed the initial episode. I actually missed the first 2 episodes, but tuned in following a strong recommendation. After watching for about 10-15 minutes, I realized that I didn\'t know who was who or what the heck was going on, and I didn\'t really care, so I changed the channel. I\'m sure if I\'d have persevered, I\'d have eventually caught on (not that it mattered as it turned out), but at that point, it just didn\'t grab me. Maybe the same thing happened to others who missed the initial show(s). I\'ve started watching other serials, like 24 or Sopranos, in their midst and was immediately drawn in. That just didn\'t happen me anyway.
  • Too slow, uninteresting characters.

    The pilot episode of \"Smith\" gave us absolutely no reason to care about ANY of the characters. It was also really slow and got boring several times, and this is supposed to be an action series, right?! I love heist movies and TV shows, but this one doesn\'t play out very well. It\'s a poor version of the actual \"Heist\" that NBC cancelled after just four episodes, not even giving it a chance. I really, really wanted to like this show, so I\'m going to give it one more chance on the second episode, but the pilot was a real let-down.
  • A glaring continuity anomaly, Annie is outside the front of the museum and hears the shots fired and walks away in bright sunlight, but the gang leaves by the back entrance in the dead of night

    A very good first effort, but did get exasperated with a glaring continuity anomaly, Annie is outside the front of the museum and hears the shots fired and walks away in bright sunlight, but the gang leaves by the back entrance in the dead of night. Please explain that Mr Director
  • An excellent show about really nasty people and the heinous things they do for money. Big money.

    This is one of the best crime dramas on TV, maybe almost as good as early 'Sopranos' or 'Shield.' It has a wicked soundtrack, it's beautifully shot and choreographed, and sports some of the best acting I've seen on a network show. The characters are, basically, incorrigible scum; but, they pull off their heists with such style, I find myself very much hoping they stick around for a couple dozen episodes. No doubt most or all of them will meet nasty ends, but in the meantime, 'Smith' is a good place to indulge in some cathartic mayhem and villainy. The soundtrack is phenomenal--Rancid, Dirty Pretty Things, Imogen Heap, Thom Yorke, and the Ramones have all popped up early on in the series. I expect the music to stay high-end as the first season progresses. 'Smith' is not for an audience who needs to cheer for the forces of law and order. It's all about the bad guys, and not saying sorry.
  • Does anyone remember 'Heist' from earlier this year?

    So 'Smith' appears to be the first casualty of this season's new shows. Hardly surprising really when the similar crime caper show 'Heist' was cancelled after only 5 episodes earlier this year. It appears that the TV channel execs are unable to learn from their earlier mistakes. A current trend seems to be to copy an existing show format, either successful or a failure, slightly repackage it and stick an aging movie star into the lead role. Examples of this are 'Shark' with James Woods - obviously based on 'Justice' and 'E-Ring' with Dennis Hopper loosely based on 'JAG'.
  • Bad guys with a heart

    The good guys and the bad guys, these two distinct groups of people have always been on so many TV shows and yet they might never disappear on the small screen. On TV, we discover that sometimes the good guys are not so good, and the bad guys are not all together bad. And we appreciate the producers' attempt to bring out the realest characters, in contrast to the old days--Heroes never makes mistakes, villians never have a heart.
    After Heist(a comic take on a group of thieves and their opperation) failed, this season we get two shows about grand theft: Smith and Knights of Prosperity. It shows that the producers think that we, the viewers, are little fed up with the heroes on TV. I think they are right. In the pilot of Smith, we can see how the team is gathered, how their opperation is carried out, how talented they are in their specialties, and how normal they are. What I like about this show is the documentary way of chronicling the characters, nothing fancy, but quite real. And the show cut deep into the bone of the characters and their emotions. I think this show is promising if CBS give it a chance.
  • Edgy, dangerous and smart with an absolutely fantastic cast

    When I first heard of this show, I immediately wanted to see it because of the amazing, high-profile cast. Ray Liotta, Virginia Madsen, Amy Smart, Shohreh Aghdashloo & Jonny Lee Miller in the same show? Too good to be true. In the first episode, you could tell that Smith was cutting edge, pushing the boundaries for cable TV. The protagonists were ruthless thieves who you loved to hate - unlike protagonists who are generally good and moral people who screw up once in a while. The main characters on Smith would be considered the villians on the crime dramas CBS usually airs, which was what made Smith so great. It went there, it was different. It's so easy to be the same, make a crime drama about moral detectives and lawyers who put the bad guys away. This show blurred the lines between good & bad. Bobby, the leader of the group of thieves and the main character, really loved his wife and kids but his life was so bland, you can understand why he needed some excitement. Another similar show, Heist which was axed as well, was all style, action, explosions and no character development or uniqueness like Smith. Smith was on the same caliber as the early seasons of The Sopranos.

    Smith was exciting, fresh and one of the most original dramas I have seen on TV in ages. But the general public of America wasn't ready to sympathize with the bad guys, which is why it got the axe. It's just too bad people enjoy conformity and sameness, or this show would have been a hit.
  • Liked it more and more as it went on.

    This show started slow but picked up toward the end. When it was over I had myself a new show to watch but this happens ever year lets see how many of them last. Smith is a swift high tech heist show which I enjoyed. I haven't seen a heist show that I've liked in a while(not that theres been many) but it seems like a keeper as long as it keeps an audience.(Update: Smith was canceled after 3 weeks airing, how impatient is that?) It really had the makings of a good show but it just couldn't find the audience.
  • Big names can certainly attract an audience quite quickly. Ray Liotta is a name that will provide instant fans.

    Big names aside, this show has done quite well for itself. The concept creator, writers and directors deserve a lot of credit. We are beginning to see storylines that once existed solely in movies move to television. As a movie idea, this is not new. But, I am curious to see how far it can be taken on a television series. In what new direction can you lead the audience and how can you make them willing to follow you. Just like with the new pilot "Faceless," I wonder how many episodes can come from this, let alone how many seasons.
  • A bit too edgy for CBS?

    'Smith' is an intelligent, well done show. I think CBS may have more problems with the content that the ratings. While other shows like 'The Unit', 'NCIS', and even 'Shark' all manage to include a positve moral lesson in each episode, it's hard to build a moral into 'Smith's plot line. The subject matter doesn't lend itself to any positive messages, but it's gritty and perhaps a bit more realistic than just about anything else that's currently on. I think this show is great, but unfortunately I have to admit it's probably better suited to FX or HBO. I hope it makes it back, or gets resurrected on another network. I've got episodes 1-3 on my TiVo and they aren't going anywhere, so I can get a refresher when it comes back....
  • America can't love bad guys?

    From what I understood, the main reason for show cancellation was about viewers getting in love with main characters which appear to be the badg guys, and this concept is totally unacceptable.. At least for Networks? But what about Breaking Bad? CBS closed this brilliant series with perfect cast because of that and Networks still let people enjoy the meth cooking for so long? I don't get this..
  • Well, there's only been one episode so far, but I'll give it a shot.

    Smith takes the concept of 'business man by day, thief by night' and uses that for an hour-long, weekly show. I've only seen the first episode so far, but it seems interesting. Ray Liotta is a great actor, and more than capable of sustaining my interest in the long term. The other actors in the show seem good as well, and some conflicts have already been set up, and those can carry out throughout the show as well.

    The first episode was good, and contained a surprise, and one that I don't expect to happen every week. But they will need to do more than just have him robbing banks and museums every week, or else it will get old fast.

    I look forward to seeing how they'll deal with that part of the plot.
  • A darker, grittier Ocean's 11.

    The pilot was one of the more interesting ones I've seen thus far, possibly in the top three even. Robbery capers are always fun to watch because you want to see how the masterminds plan it out and how it all goes down, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the job, at least in this episode, was just the setting: the real focus was on the crew who were trying to pull it off. It's obviously a character drama that focuses on people involved and what they do and how they act given their personalities and their line of "work". The comparisons to "Ocean's 11" are obvious, but this is much less tongue-in-cheek, and the writers aren't out to prove how cool or clever the characters are. They're real people who do sometimes find themselves in a jam, and so not everything goes off with a hitch, and there are casualties. The drama from how everyone deals is what sets this apart from most other shows about thieves, because it's not afraid to showcase emotion or to not be flashy. Like I said, I really enjoyed the pilot, and I can't wait to see more episodes.
  • Now I was one of the opposition to this show when it premired. It wasn't until 3 episodes in that I saw the turn in writing and acting. Then at the 4th episode I knew this show had some real potential but by then it was too late and the shwo had been

    Now I was one of the opposition to this show when it premired. It wasn't until 3 episodes in that I saw the turn in writing and acting. Then at the 4th episode I knew this show had some real potential but by then it was too late and the shwo had been banished to the net. A move that at least gave us the opportunity to see the turn the show was taking. You would think that an all star cast with Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen would be an automatic hit but as I alluded to earlier. The story was so slow and conveluted in the beginning that by episode 2 millions were gone. I myself saw it as Tuesday night filler or something to be recorded and watched later so what the heck. I found out too late like many people that the show had potenial and was going somewhere another failed series that hopefully will come out on dvd.
  • Smith is a show about a group of people involved in high stakes heists. The show\'s focus is on the lives the group members lead. It has a star cast including Ray Liota and Amy smart.

    The first episode was made to mimic a generic heist movie with little character development and lots of action. Even though the story-line was lacking the directing, acting, and music selection was top notch; which gave me reason to see the next episode. Episode two of smith really opened this series up. The characters gained depth and the plot thickened (hey what else can you ask This reminded me of the one two punch style of the Kill bill movies; all the action in the first one all the plot in the second. The music used thus far in this series is varied and quite good. A little indie, rock, and punk makes me a happy viewer. All in all I have hope for this series and will continue to watch it until it turns into corporate junk.
  • Great show and so far, so good!

    This is a great show so far and so good and that it is led by the great actor who usually plays bad guys Ray Liotta. The criminals are the stars of the show and that is unusual since it is the good guys that are 99% the main characters. It shows their lives as 9-5 workers but one of them is a recent parolee and one of them is a cold-blooded killer. Great show so far!
  • I can't belive this. WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE MY ANGER

    I can't believe we have to sit through shows like Next Top Model and Survior.

    I've been a ray liotta fan for a long long time. I am so glad to see him finally progress to a role on national television.

    This so fits him perfectly. I'm sure it's not intented to be, but I hope this show is a heavy "crime" mild "comedy" and by the looks of the pilot it proves to be one.

    The bit with the cat was absolutly brilliant. The type of crime comedy that makes most men laught.

    The girl specifically asks him not to loose that cat, so he takes it with him! BRILLIANT!!!

    I can't wait to see that happens as this show progresses. Although I must say that bringing the FBI into the show with episode II may be a bit pre-mature, if this show expects to have more than one season of life.
  • CBS ignores the two main rules and under appreciates the work it takes to make a villain show be successful.

    I liked Smith both in concept and the execution of its action. Smith, though, never drew me into the characters enough for me to want to know more about them.

    CBS under appreciates the work it takes to bring people into a new concept - criminals as main characters. The writers failed to connect the viewers to the characters. The number of characters on Smith is normal for a TV series, but connecting viewers with an "anti-hero" requires extra work. The series had too many villain stars. Writers and producers must give the viewers a moral grounding and understanding of the villain stars.

    For awhile I thought this new concept (villain stars) wasn't possible, until I saw the new Showtime series Dexter. The Dexter writers, producers, and actors connected the viewer to this vigilante serial killer very quickly in the pilot. The story line makes it easier as there is only one "good guy villain" in this series. Viewers don't have to justify the actions of several characters.

    Some might ask is the only way to create a successful criminal show to do it on a pay cable channel, where restrictions on content are lower. The answer is NO!

    CBS should take an example from "It Takes a Thief." A broadcast series based upon one criminal is easier, but there also must be some social redeeming value in the main character. Dexter only kills other killers and while it’s an inappropriate action, the viewer realizes he is trying to channel his dark personality to help society not harm it or innocent people.

    The lead character must involve the viewers in the planning and execution of his jobs, while not assuming the viewer will all of connect the dots. Unanswered questions are ok for awhile and answers that raise new questions are ok. In the end, though, the viewer requires all the answers concerning the leader character’s character and his jobs.

    A new version of "It Takes a Thief" without the main character working for a government agency would be interesting. The series could be about the original thief's Son. He decided to go into the family business and has yet to get caught. The writers would need to develop his personality and abilities in depth and quickly. The viewer must connect on a social, emotional, and intelligential basis. In addition to his life story, the thief must instruct the viewer step by step on his individual jobs.

    Not until those who design shows realize these two important facts will broadcast TV have a successful villain based series. Smith failed to take heed of these basic obligations to the viewer.
  • Smith is a high flying and fast paced action series that depicts the lives of normal people, who are incredibly skilled in executing high level crimes.

    Unfortunately, Smith was cancelled by CBS after only eight episodes, 3 of those episodes were shown on the air. However, it still was a very exciting show because it shows the lives of people, who are very deceptive and secret in plotting and executing the most elaborate and dangerous crimes in thief such as stealing priceless paintings or millions of dollars of gold. Each member lives a normal life, but the secret life of executing crimes is very meticulous and dangerous in crafting the thief of priceless materials. The show is centered on a normal salesman named Bobby Stevens, and he is manipulated by a woman that makes deals with him to steal items in for exchanged money, and he shares it amongst his crew. They are being chased down by the FBI after the first heist that ended in the death of one of their crew members during the heist and stealing priceless paintings. Overall, it was a good show, but it just didn’t get the ratings.
  • This show didn't deserve to get the axe! Enough of reality TV and bring back Smith.

    What was CBS thinking by axing this show. Pulling the plug after 3 episodes, they should have realized this show's potential, but maybe this show was just to daring for them. This show had great actors and storylines and didn't deserve to have CBS pull the plug. Maybe CBS will realize their mistake and bring back Smith...though I won't hold my breath, as they prefer reality shows. Maybe another network will pick up the show and give it the chance it deserves.
  • The show was awesome.If CBS doesn't bring it back I will influence people to stay away from CBS as I.To air 3 episodes then cut us off is simply selfish.Finish what you started.Switch it to another time slot or tell me how I could order the season on DVD

    This show was awesome. Ray Liota was spectacular and Amy Smart was stunning. Ray Liota doing what he does best. Laid back but fierce. Caring but observant. Respected and feared. Threats did help. Amy Smart's confident but slutty look gave her an advantage to keep men guessing on what she wanted. I love this show and I believe that this show didn't recieve the right exposure prior to launch which resulted with very few viewers. There should have been commercials 2 weeks prior to launch, airing during your high rated shows beginning at 5 PM until 11 PM. Thank You.
  • Excellent first episode - really gave me the feeling that this show has substance and will keep me entertained in the future. Highly recommend everyone to check it out!

    With many of my other favorite shows currently on a hiatus, I\'ve been looking for new shows to entertain myself during the nighttime. I had spotted a trailer for \'Kidnapped\' in the cinema during the summer, and it looked like a show that was worth giving a try. So that\'s exactly what I did and all I was left with afterwards was disappointment. The show lacks substance, the characters were unrealistic, and I don\'t feel like the series, with those characters, and the storyline portrayed in the pilot will be able to develop something watch worthy for an entire season, yet alone more than 1 or 2 episodes. \'Smith\' on the other hand not only offers the viewer an enticing story with substance, but also charismatic characters who act their roles convincingly and can draw you into their emotions and thoughts, in particular \"Bobby\", the character played by Ray Liotta. I\'m looking forward to seeing more of this show in the weeks to come and I hope all of you reading this will give the show a chance and learn to enjoy it as much as I do.
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