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  • I thought that this show was an absolute good show with good potential. CBS never gave 'Smith' a chance. What if CBS cancelled CSI after 3 shows? It would have been a BIG mistake. Cancelling Smith is one BIG mistake.

    After seeing the previews for the show, I was sooo counting down the days it was going to air. SO,I made sure that at 11:30, I was home, to watch SMITH.
    I was always glued to the television waiting to see what would happen, how they would pull their tricks off, waiting for Hope to catch Bobby, and it was all good. If I was so glued to that in 3 shows, I know I would have been a Big Fan, a loyal one, cause I was a fan already, but it could have been bigger.
    I miss this show and I want it back. So please CBS Bring Smith Back, don't take another good show off the air.
    I can't wait to see what happens to Bobby, his wife and the crew. SOOOOO PLEASEEEEE!!!!! BRING IT BACK!!!