Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2006 on CBS
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Bobby and his team get ready for their next job—starting with raiding an empty cash transport vehicle. Wanting to discover what Bobby is up to, Hope chooses to follow him. Macy moves into Joe's apartment following the continuing harassment from Shawn's bookie.

The FBI starts to question whether the team is as ingenious as their previous gigs led them to believe.moreless

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  • Los preparativos para el asalto de piedras preciosas continua. Han conseguido las armas, el camion... solo falta dar el golpe final.

    Poco a poco los delincuentes estan armándose para cometer el robo de piedras preciosas, y si es media tonelada de ellas, deben tener el mayor cuidado. Bobby se re encuentra con un viejo amigo para las fechorías, pero su problema de alcohol le impedira llevar a cabo este trabajo. El delincuente muerto del primer episodio tiene la deuda con un conocido prestamista, que al no tener el dinero consigo, se las arregla para atormentar a la familia de el. Por otro lado, Hope continua dudando de su esposo, pero ella tambien posee un pasado delictivo que nos van mencionando poco a poco. Y, el resto de los maleantes, preparo el asalto a un camion de seguridad usando una ametralladora 0.50, temible aun para los que se encuentran protegidos por el blindaje de la carrocería o de los vidrios.

    El golpe final esta cerca, pero no sabemos que tanto les depara el llevar a cabo este atraco.


    2 minutos: 2 minutos duro una de las mejores escenas de asalto que se haya visto en televisión. Friamente cronometrado, toda la escena transcurre en la carretera, y el solo hecho de ser apuntado con una ametralladora 0.50 hace temblar al mas rudo de los policias. La banda de Bobby continua con los preparativos del mejor asalto que hayan planificado. Media tonelada de piedras preciosas (¿oro?) merece contar con los detalles técnicos que cumpla con las exigencias del cliente.

    Pero, la vida romántica de Bobby y Hope sigue interesándonos. ¿Qué pasado oculta Hope? ¿Por qué tiene ella que presentarse con la policia para ver si cumple o no su arresto? ¿Sabra sobre las actividades que desarrolla Bobby, aquel esposo ejemplar y padre responsable?

    Creo que esta serie no debio ser hecha para señal abierta, sino mas bien en cable. Dentro de la temática de The Sopranos, Smith cuenta con tomas de diferentes angulos, una trama dura, buenas actuaciones (Ray Liotta es, de lejos, el mejor maleante de la serie), y ha conseguido que los espectadores lo sigan fielmente.moreless
  • A good move forward on the plot

    I enjoyed this episode much more than I did "Two". I felt that more got accomplished and it was more in line with my expectations of a crime being committed every week. I like how Smith is having to stay on top of so many things...his paper cup selling job, his wife following him, in addition to the complicated crimes he plans. I like the way they are giving us some backstory on each character like the Hawian guy chasing the Assie and the fbi going after the ex-husband in jail. I enjoyed the love scenes with Macy and the good looking latin guy. Sorry but I haven't memorized all their names yet.moreless
  • This was a great episode! Annie is really going to get herself in deep. Hope is looking a little too upset; it did not go well with the rest of the show. They reached for too mcuh drama there. The love scene's were yummy! Skip Annie's.moreless

    The only real problem I had with this episode was the camera angles and lighting. Did anyone else think it was too dark? Also the Hope issue. She was too depressed and it took away from the rest of the excitment. These are bad guys, but they are the bad guys you like. Franky G in a love scene! I will take that any day! I am really glad he and Macey are going to be together. The scene where he finds her and Ryan in the closet and then stays the night was AWESOME! Well done!

    The scene where Bobby and Hope get romantic was great on Bobbies end, but they need to lighten up Hope a little. Other than that a love scene between Ray and Virginia...YUMM!

    Will Annie get to Jeff? Time will tell. The next episode should be really great! I got to see some of the filming. So I have a little insight into it. I can't wait!moreless
  • An Episode with a lot happening.

    They sure do think things out when doing a job. First the aussie and brit (I love seeing those two together) rob a military place. It was so cute how they used kittens to set off the alarms until the place thought it was always kittens. Then they stole a gun which would be used later on to steal an armored truck. They then have to plan to get the armored truck whick they need to rob gold from an airplane. THey set up getting trucks and a flat tire and near accedent to get the armored truck. Meanwhile, hte fbi interview the girls ex husband who she set up. She is sleeping with Tom and still trying to entice his buddy. Plus Mrs. Madsons character follows her husband who sees her and she lies. Plus his boss is also questioning him about his whereabouts. Then a mob guy comes and harrasses the guy who died wife.moreless

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