Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2006 on CBS

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  • Three plot innovations -- for broadcast network TV anyway.

    While not quite as action-packed as the pilot, this episode is nonetheless pretty exciting. The caper engineered by Annie gives us thrill-seekers some action to drool over Details of the lives of our characters are starting to be revealed in an enticing way, which one would expect from John Wells.
    Hope seems to know enough about Bobby's preferences to strongly suspect he was behind the Pittsburgh job. Search as she might, there's no evidence in her home to back up her hunch. Too bad she doesn't know about his other pad. The fact that she knows Sean to have been an associate of Bobby from the past leads us to believe that she at least knew about Bobby's supposedly former life of crime; if not having been a partner in it.
    Bobby unexpectedly keeps a 10% share of the proceeds to be given to Sean's widow and child, over Annie's objections. While Bobby did get his $500,000, he still needs to accelerate his earnings to meet his retirement schedule. I like how his meeting with his investment advisor could easily be likened to that of a CEO who is facing an SEC investigation.
    Annie, formerly known as Dorothy Collins from Pittsburgh, has unintentionally left the FBI a trail to follow. Their visit to her parents is unproductive since her mother has long been out of her life for unknown reasons; and her father does not cooperate. When Dad warns her of the investigation, she disposes of the only cell phone he could use to reach her.
    It turns out that the two guys Jeff killed in Hawaii were the brother and cousin of a drug dealer. When he gets questioned by the police about this he manages to obtain the sketch-artist's drawing of Jeff that was provided by a witness to his getaway. The fact that the drug dealer knows to start his search for Jeff in Laguna Beach leads us to the conclusion that the killings were not merely an impulse crime, but possibly revenge or contract killings.
    Now as for the bike-jacking -- that has got to qualify as an impulse crime. And while it's true that Bobby has told them all to lay low, there's really little likelihood that Jeff's capture for this adventure would lead the FBI to any other crew members.
    Now please forgive me if these next observations are erroneous -- I hardly see any theatrical movies and I don't have cable TV. This was the first time I have seen a bike-jacking depicted on network TV. The other two innovations I noticed were the selection process for the vehicle to be stolen and used in Annie's caper. I thought this was portrayed in an interesting way by having Tom and Jeff search through parking garages until they found a vehicle with just the right turning radius, ground clearance, and speed for their needs. Other crime shows mention the use of a stolen vehicle only in passing. And the third was the IT "Chop Shop" that Annie visited after her successful boosting of credit records.
    As the episode concludes, we learn that the next heist is under way and soon.
  • After a great start the show takes a dive...

    I had high hopes for this show, the pilot was well done, had suspense, and good writing and acting. this episode was just ..silly. the motorcycle chase was totally stupid and had no logic in it. Frankly dont know why they put that in. and characters went from interesting to dislikable. and thats a shame considering the quality of actors involved.
    Well i put the blame totally on the writers. Since this has been cancelled we will not have a change to see the writers redeem themselves. maybe thats for the good. I havent seen the third episode, maybe i never will. at the moment i cant say im that interested anymore :( such a shame.
  • Totally exciting, its definately not boring.

    There is always something going on in this show, your on the edge of your seat to see if they get caught or what there gonna do next. I hope this isn't the last of this show, i look forward to watching it every tuesday and the actors are great, there characters just don't care and do what they want. I don't see this show on the program list anymore I hope CBS didn't take it off and it comes back even better than it already was. I can name a lot of other shows that should be taken off the air and this isn't one of them.
  • A must watch for guys like me!

    My teenage daughter always gives me the same type of dumb looks when I watch movies and shows like this. Whatever!!

    Smith is great! Loved the pilot and second episode. I loved Thief on the FX Network and was crushed when I heard rumors of the show getting the axe just after a short 6 episode season. My heart is now once again content with a great bunch of thieves. Ray & the cast are great! Although I wish they'd have cast a different girl member of the gang. That whipped cream bikini scene in Varsity Blues just killed it for me. Boo!!

    This is definitely the show for guys who like to root for the bad guys!
  • This episode was character development with out a doubt. Hope is becoming more involved in the story. Annie is striking out on her own. She had her own team in that computer room. Bobby is dying inside because of his kids.

    I thought this was a well played out episode. There are many underlying things going on with each person. That's what keeps the mystery alive, it keeps us watching and wanting more. I feel Charlie is underplayed though. I would like to see more of her. What's her story? We still don't really know. Bobby does not have the money he wants to get out now. He took his price and made it clear to Charlie he would have no less than half million for himself alone. He needs a certain nest egg to hide his family when this is done. Can he really leave it though...You could see it on Charlie's face that she does not think he can. She knows it is deep within his personality to do what he does.

    Annie is playing with fire. She is going to cross Bobby at some point. I think I see it coming. She is getting in a little over her head (maybe?) Her trouble with Tom is going to cause a problem as well, a loose end, as they said so many times on episode 2.

    I did not really get the bike stealing thing. What was that about? Bobby tells them to lay low, so they steal a motorcycle and have a rather dramatic chase through the beach front. I'm not sure were there going with that.

    More mystery...Who did Jeff kill? Who is the guy looking for Jeff? Does Bobby know about this? My guess is no. There is a few questions that are very intreging and mysterous. Cliff hangers? Not really. Just enough to make you wonder...will it bring you back for episode 3? The writers did there job as far as I'm concerned! I want to know, I'll be back!
  • Read this review and others at My favorite new crime drama, Smith, continues as we learn more about the thieves, their families and the FBI agents who are looking for them.

    Its interesting that group of burglars has already been so sloppy that the FBI has made one of them. But that’s what makes it exciting. It’s nice to see that the team isn’t so mechanical that they can’t make mistakes. There is a lot to come back to haunt them and we have only gotten through two episodes.

    Now, our hot head Jeff, has issues with rage and impulse crimes. If you ask me he will make the most waves in the pool of criminals. Not our friendly immigrant, Tom, the ex-con on parole. Not even the former brunette beauty, Annie, who can’t stop working (stealing) and who has given the FBI their only lead as of yet. Although as crazy as Jeff is, I’m guessing that when he comes to toes with the vengeance seeking Hawaiian big man, victory will be on the side of the thief.

    Smith demands from us to enjoy the hell out of what crimes are happening and not think about how they got the enormous military artillery or blueprints to museums. With Hummers going through buildings and jet boats setting off explosions all we need to do is sit and enjoy. Too bad Hope isn’t doing the same. She will hopefully be careful with her private investigation. Or else she may lead the FBI straight to Bobby.

    I see Liotta’s acting in Smith as being as powerful as it was in Goodfellas. He plays someone who always has to look behind him for a knife or a set of handcuffs. That’s how I got to know this guy. He is forever the nice guy bad guy to me and he belongs in no other role than that of this standard; a great criminal and great family man.

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  • Bobby's little secret maybe unravelled!

    The FBI try to look for this Smith person not realizing that it is the job of five people after one of them dies in the pilot. Bobby's wife Hope thinks that he had to do something with the Pittsburgh Museum crime and that she becomes suspcious of him. While the feds question the woman that Amy Smart's character attacked in the alley.
  • Bobby's wife becomes suspicious and starts phoning people (i didn't get where she got the numbers though). Annie comes up wioth her own job. Bobby says hes only gonna do this for another 6 months and then he quits...

    I thought it was good (but i thought the pilot was good too). I would really like this series to go at least a full season because i think this story has good potential once it gets rolling. Too many people got turned off by the pilot but i really think people should give this a chance to get going. It's like some really good books; the first couple chapters are kinda blah but then you get really into it if you can make it through those chapters. I think it will be interesting to see how Bobby's kids will react to him inevitably getting caught and to see how Bobby will react to his kid's reactions. Because i really think he loves those kids alot. It's a sort of twisted story line but I think it has good potential.