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SM:TV Live

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SM:TV Live was the ITV's answer to Live and Kicking. First broadcast in 1998, SMTV was tipped to be just another Saturday Morning Program. Ant, Dec and Cat were the original presenters trying their hardest to pull viewers across from BBC1. At first, nobody watched it. But ITV didn't give up that easily and in 1999, SMTV got the nod for a second series. The show was revamped with a new set and sketches. It also used the stars who would later be on CD:UK unlike before. Then 6 months into recommission of the 2nd season, ratings reached a record high for any show. And these figures kept up until Ant and Dec left in 2001. SMTV put Live and Kicking out of business!Anyway, Ant and Dec left and viewers worried about the future of the show. Someone from Hollyoaks I think he was James Redmond joined Cat but he is best forgetting about then he got sacked and Tess Daly and Brian Dowlingjoined Cat. Tess and Cat always argued and Tess wasn't budging so Cat Deeleycalled it a day. H and Claire joined Tess and Brian and H and Claire turned viewers away with their annoying voices and viewers flicked onto BBC1. Then H and Claire decided to leave and Tess and Brian were alone. So Ministry of Mayhem presenter Stephen Mulhern and Shavaughn Ruakere joined them. Never heard of Shavaughn? Well she was never there and she was the one who was dead annoying when she decided to turn up. but eventually she got sacked and Tess and Brian left about 5 weeks after each other. Des Clarke[/person joined Stephen as SM:TV Gold was aired for the very first time. SMTV Gold had classic clips and shown the best bits. There was no female presenter so each week a female celebrity would come in an guest present. People included Michelle Heaton and Cheryl Tweedy. At the start of each show, the guest presenter would "slap" Stephen. And as the name suggests(SMTV Gold) it was almost time for the show to come to a graceful end. Ratings were still sliding especially to the new and improved Saturday Show. So on the 27th December 2003, all of the cast of the past (rhyming there lol) came together for the final SM:TV Live/Gold. It came to a fantastic finale and now it was time to hand over the reigns to Stephen, Holly and Michael down at the Ministry of Mayhem. Ok, so Stephen already had the slot but ITV couldn't be arsed finding another presenter that looked good and presented good. Des Clarke had big eyes half way down his face and a big chin so they didn't let him carry on because of that. The very sexy [person]Holly Willoughby joined Mr Mulhern for the Ministry and Michael Underwood also switched channels to join. So for all of you who don't like M.O.M but loved SMTV, SMTV didn't get its good ratings until June 1999 so there is stil hope for M.O.M which will reach the same point in June 2005!Lets leave Stephen and Holly to it and stop living by the archives.moreless