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  • I watch thing show almost everyday

    I'm 14 years old. I started watching thing show the summer of 2011. I stopped watching in the summer or after of 2012. I just starting watching it again. I remember in 2011, I was looking though and saw the Smurfs on Kids on Demand. I watched a couple episodes and then, I started recording the episodes. I watched the last episode of season 9 and was confused. How do they get back to the village? They were in the movies but I don't understand how they got back home in season 9. And on this site: it is not in the right order at all. The Smurfette episode is definitely the first because how could she have appeared in the episodes before it? 20 minute episodes are paired with 10 minute episodes which is not right. It should be 10 and 10, and just 20. I understand with Smurf Quest. If you forgot, here are the smurfs that went on the time travel in season 9: Papa, Grandpa, Smurfette, Brainy, Hefty, Clumsy, Handy, Greedy, Vanity, Grouchy, Jokey, Painter, Lazy, Baby, Sassette, Snappy, Wild, and Smoogle (not a smurf). Main Smurfs that did not go on the time travel or even really appear in season 9: Farmer, Harmony, Tailor, Poet, Nat, and Slouchy.

  • Very Smurfy

    Hard to believe this great show jump the shark in season 5 when they decided to turn three full grown Smurfs into Smurflings and it get's worst with Season 9 Time traveling episodes.

    But Smurfs seasons 1-4 will always be the best.
  • Smurfity smurf smurf

    LOVE IT it is a Belgian comic and television franchise centered on a group of small blue fictional creatures called Smurfs, created and first introduced as a series of comic characters by the Belgian comics artist Peyo (pen name of Pierre Culliford) in 1958. There are more than one hundred Smurfs, whose names are based on adjectives that emphasize their characteristics, e.g. 'Jokey Smurf', who likes to play practical jokes on his fellow smurfs, 'Clumsy Smurf', who has a habit of creating havoc unintentionally, and 'Smurfette' -- the first female Smurf to be introduced in the series.

    Thank you so very very much for returning closed caption.I watch every single day but am so hard of hearing I miss a lot of the dialog. Thank you again you have made us old people happy.
  • What the smurf was this smurf?

    I was a cartoon addict when I was a kid but I hated these little blue mothersmurfers. Except for Smurfette of course, I would smurf her.
  • Smurfs Rule!

    I have fond memories of watching the Smurfs as a kid. I even enjoyed watching again on DVD!
  • ultimate best show for all people to enjoy

    i remembered watching this show since i watched it from youtube. as for it's best rankings for this show, this show deserves 5 awards. 1 for the best episode titles which has good parodies like "it came from outer smurf", 2 for the best voice actors like paul winchell of gargamel, don messick as papa smurf, and lucille bliss as smurfette. 3 for the best fairy and pixie cartoon characters such as pussywillow pixies (i love acorn), princess periwinkle, and the ice wand fairy. 4 for the best children characters such as denisa, gargamel's godniece. petula is one of my favorites because she wants fun toys, and not of the non-fun toys lol. and 5 for the best screenplay, awesome character design, best graphics, and the best music ever in a cartoon besides dexter's lab, the flintstones, and ed edd n eddy.

    a note to every fan of the smurfs: my all time favorite female human characters are princess periwinkle, denisa, and melina.
  • Interesting characters!

    Silly and great for kids!
  • I honestly can not stand this show

    I really tried giving The Smurfs a chance to impress me and make me like them, but it kept on disappointing me again and again. OK, I will be fair in saying this show is a classic and it had an interesting premise, but there are a lot of faults that make this show come up short. Now the show does have great animation and artwork for the time, it flows nicely and smoothly, and I have to say the episodes were pretty original, but it all goes downhill from here. I was annoyed with the Smurfs with how they keep using the word Smurf in every sentence, and I mean all the sentences. It's like 99.99% of the sentences they speak have the word Smurf in it, it's irritating to say the least. I also have to ask, why is there only one female in the entire show. I know there is another girl that will appear later in the series but honestly, one female are you kidding me?? There are 100 Smurfs and 99 of them are men, couldn't they make it 50 men and 50 women? Gargamel was the main villain in the series and watching his plans to catch Smurfs makes me feel like I am taking a look at Team Rocket's predecessor, and also I know he wants to make them into gold or eat them, but what does he have against them? He was apparently humiliated by them, but I saw the episode and he wasn't humiliated, he was just crushed by a rock and made a fool of himself by catching them for the rest of his life. But lets take a look at the stupidest bit of this show, in one episode Gargamel is turned into stone and is dead, but Papa Smurf wants to resurrect him because they would be no better than him or something and they do bring him back. You have GOT to be kidding me!! These guys have been hounded at, chased, nearly killed, and threatened by this guy for God knows how long and you want to bring him back?!?! IDIOTS! I just can't stand this show, and I am sorry if you are a fan of The Smurfs but it just does not work for me. My advice is to go see The Snorks, which is like the smurf underwater, but it's way better than this.
  • oh god

    i remembered watching this when i was a kid and it just digusted me how someone can create something so creepy and stupid. the smurfs were like little aliens to me and i didn't like them one bit. no action, no nothing. damn smurfs, do something funny for once. lol.
  • I love the eighties!

    The Smurfs used to be one of my favorite shows! It makes me miss the eighties a lot! Basically Smurfs were little blue people that were "three apples tall" running around the woods and getting into trouble. But they were just so cute!! I still think about the Smurfs and think it would be very cool to see them back on tv. I'd actually watch it (even though my friends would tease me for the rest of my life.) The Smurfs were just plain awesome!!! Especially Papa Smurf! He was always my favorite! Long live the Smurfs! They'll always be my favorites!
  • Liked this show as a kid!

    I used to love this show as a kid and
    Not just me but my older brother and sister did
    As we woke up every Saturday morning just to watch that
    Show of those cute little blue things. The smurfs as they
    Tried to outrun their adversary Gargamail and his evil cat Azaerial. We meet a whole entire assortment of Smurfts ranging in different personalities. We met Papa Smurf the father figure and official leader in the group. Grouchy the lovable deep down has a big heart. Smurfette the lone lady in the group. Brainy is very smart but tends to get on people's nerves. Really a great show!
  • The Smurfs were a staple of my childhood! Even as I was growing out of watching cartoons, I started watching the little blue folks around age 9, and continued to watch well into my teens. I really grew up watching them!

    The Smurfs were a fun part of my childhood that I will always fondly remember! It surprises me at this day and age, with being able to watch almost whatever you can think of on TV, that they don't show re-runs of the Smurfs! I would LOVE for my kids to be able to see this cartoon. It was back when my world was still innocent, I wasn't yet being bombarded with horrible kids shows with endless raunchy humor and sexual innuendo's. I'm appalled at some cartoons nowadays that are supposed to be for children (I'm not talking about adult cartoons like South Park or Family Guy, I mean cartoon's actually made for children), and yet the kids shows contain allusions to sexuality. I notice that my kids don't pick up on it, but I certainly see it, and one day they will, too. Our world may have outgrown the innocence of the Smurfs, at least I have the good memories!
  • Little Blue People.

    I love this show! It's amazing! I wish it was still on. This show is the most original show ever! I mean little blue people . . . who would of thought of that! I am in high school and I still watch this show. It was amazing! The smurfs are so unbelivably cute! I really just want to kiss them! Ha ha just kidding. But, seriously this show is pure genious. I love this show and the storylines. And, I love all of the popular smurfs. They are so adorable. This show is adorable. It is pure genious and should be syndicated!
  • This tv classic brings back memories of my childhood. The 80s saw the best cartoons ever in my opinion. Clean, funny and really aimed at young audiences. I recently bought the DVD boxset and now I got my 6 yrs old daughter hooked on this show too.

    Though the storyline was simple, it's very entertaining because of it's simplicity. The graphics might not compare to today's cartoons but the sentimental value can not compare. I love this cartoon and thanks to having it on DVD, now I can always watch it anytime I want and reminisce the old times. I have recently introduced this show to my daughter and she likes it too. Another way to connect with her... By showing her the things I enjoyed when I was about her age. She gets a hoot whenever Gargamel tries to find the Smurfs and fails. Now she can't wait for the next DVD release. And neither can I...
  • A True Classic

    The Smurfs was one of my favorite shows growing up.

    This show was so much fun because there so many different Smurfs to choose from. If you did not like one then there was 100 more to choose from. Nearly every episode shows how they manage to survive the most dangerous of situations. They were always able to escape from being eaten or turned to gold. There were so many classic episodes and so many memorable moments from this series. The Smurfs were so small that almost everything became a struggle but they always stayed together and pulled through it all.

    The Smurfs was one only cartoons that I would watch regardless of what else is on.I highly reccomend this show to anyone. 9.5
  • Little blue people who get into all kinds of crazy adventures.

    I like watching this whenever i can on boomerang. I just dont get tired of their advetures. My favorite episode is probably clockwork smurf it was great.Im in high school and I still like it. Gargamel and his cat make a great villan. My favorite smurfs are Papa smurf, baby smurf, hefty, jokey and vanity. The episodes are imaginetive and its always something new so you wont get board (unless youve seen the episode many times). There are more then 400 episodes in all. I dont have much else to say exept that this is a must watch show fo anyone.
  • Well, when it comes to the smurfs you either loved it or hated it. I loved it but I know some people who hated it and thought that the smurfs were dumb and annoying. Like I said, I loved it. I thought that the show was cool.

    I have to admit, the idea of 100 little blue people living in mushroom houses does sound kind of silly but the show was actually really cool. My favorite characters in the cartoon were Hefty, the strong and in my opinion coolest one, Smurfette, the only girl smurf, PaPa Smurf, the oldest smurf and he was the leader of the smurfs, Handy, the one who built and fixed everything, and Vanity, the one who was always looking at himself in the mirror and talking about how great he looked. Some of the other popular characters were Brainy, Jokey, Lazy, Grouchy, and Greedy. Later in the series other new characters were added like the smurflings, grandpa smurf, wild smurf, and puppy. I really didn't like the new characters and I think that they should have just stuck with the characters that they already had. I didn't see the need for new characters. But really, the cartoon was really cool and I liked it alot.
  • My Favorite classic cartoon.

    Whenever someone has a childhood,It can be wrecked.But this show doesn't.This is what a Child could love,not that retarted Regular Show or The stupid Problem Solverz.So it's basically about these little blue creatures (Maybe that's what inspired Avatar) who live in a forest and their houses are mushrooms.Oh,how cute!But wait,there's an evil guy named Gargunfunkel (or something like that) who wants to eat them.Now,I just love this show.Smurfette will always be the hottest character ever.But why didn't that villian eat them already.Well,who cares.I give this an A.Score:


    Humor:It's cute,but it's not really funny.

    Music:La La La La La La.Classic

    Voices:I Didn't know they had Squeaky voices.

    Man this is a kids childhood.But a show ripped it off and they decided to call it The Snorks.But who cares.This show is cute and Perfect.And I am looking forward to the The Smurfs movie in Augest With Katy Perry as Smurfette
  • smurfs that are always getting in to troubble

    This show is about how a village of smurfs live with each other and how they dodge gargamell and the other bad creatures that lurk with in the woods. Papa smurf is the one that always trys to guid them to the right path but as always one of them always slips up and just does whatever he or she wants and then ends up getting caught by gargamell or traped by other creatures. Papa smurf then tries to get them out of there madness before its to late because Gargmell is always trying to cook them and try to do terribble things to them. To conclude the smurfs is a pretty good show.
  • Smurfy in every sense of the word.

    For any child growing up in the 1980s, a Saturday morning just wasn't a Saturday morning without those little blue men in the medieval woods, the Smurfs. The Smurfs were a happy bunch of uniformed blue humanoids who lived in a village of mushroom-shaped houses in the medieval woods; each Smurf had a different personality that made him special. The three Smurfs that got the most attention were Papa Smurf, the ringleader, Brainy Smurf, who always reprimanded every Smurf at least once over things he wasn't satisfied with (what an ego!), and the lovely Smurfette, the first female Smurf, though she wouldn't be the only one. The Smurfs were not without their dangers, though; many villains came and went, some were one-shot deals, and others were more recurring, like the cold-hearted Chlorhydris, despiser of love, the ever-snorting Hogatha, and the evil wizard known as Balthazar. But the Smurfs' most persistent nemesis was Balthazar's nephew, Gargamel. He, along with his feline companion, Azrael, always schemed to get his hands on the Smurfs for self-redemption; he was a failure in Wizards' School, and was a ne'er-do-well as a wizard, and the Smurfs were the only thing that would give him redemption and respect; each time he caught at least one, the Smurfs would also be the thing that separated Gargamel from redemption and respect.

    Yes, this truly was a classic show, with the presence of a classical music score (arranged by Hoyt Curtin), and the cheerful mood of the blue men, this show was really, really, really cute. Or, as the Smurfs would say, it was really smurfy. And the millions of viewers who saw it in its initial run in the 80s and reruns afterwards would more often than not agree with them.
  • I Liked this

    The Smurfs were a large group of smurfy blue creatures living in a smurfy mushroom villiage. Their smurfin enemies were Gargamel and his cat Azrael who seemed to have no goal in life but to capture the Smurfs. They said smurf so many times in each smurfin sentence that you have to wonder what the smurf the writers were thinking, but saying that, I was lucky to finally grow up and marry a man who father was a spitting image to Poppa Smurf, except he wasn't blue. (lol)
  • Ahhhh the 80's<br /> Back in those days, it seemed like anything was possible . . Check out these lil' blue folk and their many adventures

    The Smurfs was a brilliant slice-of-life saga of a hidden village in a remote forest. If you've never experienced this eye opening show; you just haven't lived my friend. The Smurf village is made of polka-dot mushroom dwellings and headed by wise, old Poppa Smurf. The world of the Smurfs is also populated by 99 other smurfs (baker-smurf, carpenter-smurf, brainy-smurf, etc), a witch, a gargoyle, and various other adversaries of the general "smurfiness" of the forest. The show even had it's own breakfast cereal back in the day: Smurf Berry Crunch; it was friggin' awesome :)
    I know that it's an old show and apparently very retro now - but if The Smurfs Movie ever came to fruition, folks certainly would flood the theaters~!
  • Childhood...We were such idiots:)

    HaHa... The smurfs...When i was a child i remember that after i just came back from school i sat and watch tv shows without any inturraption(forgive me if i spelled wrong)This show was one of them...I remember that i wanted to watch it hours and hours that i did not want to see it ending but of course as every good thing it had an end...

    (Sorry about that i don't know the girl smurf name...I checked out and i could not be sure)Any way...I allways wanted to be that girl in the show.She was a little crazy but she was the only one over there and everyone cared about her.And one more thing what was very hillarious was the clothes...There was a tailor and it was making dresses but their clothes were never changed and it maked me really laugh those days too:)

    The little creatures who lives in the mashroom...I did not notice that they were that small those days...I'm not sure if i knew what was mashroom is before this cute cartoon but i did remember something or 2 things clearly...

    1)How i was afraid in the cast while narrator was saying"If you are good enough you can see "The Smurfs" but if you are a naughty child you can hear the scream of Gargamel" or something like that-its past i don't remember clearly-

    2)And second is...How much i loved Smurfs:)
  • I can't say I liked the show, but it was a decent show.

    Tons of little blue men, and one girl smurf. Yesss, it's a classic in the making. The Smurfs had tons of episodes, over 400, so it must have been good for people in the 80s then. The voices were okay and the characters ranged from good to not so good. All the plots were similair in a sense and the animation was crummy, as most Hanna Barbarra toons were. It's just because this show is so well known that made it get hi rankings. It was strange to see little blue creatures and it made it appealing to children and kids. See if you like this show, and write what you think.
  • Head cartoon of Saturday mornings.

    I enjoyed getting up on Saturday mornings and tuning in watching The Smurfs. It and Alvin and the Chipmunks were the two best shows during the early to mid 80s, not that I am saying that other cartoons sucked. I don't understand why others consider this show in the demonic nature. Sure, there is not such thing as a smurf, but it was a decent cartoon that Hanna Barbera produced that just got crazy at times.

    However, I do have a down side to the show. I think Hanna Barbera made the mistake in creating the "magic crystals" seasons, the seasons where they put the crystals together at the beginning of the segment and were whisked off to a far away land. Those episodes were terrible, which in my mind, that's when the show "jumped the shark". It pains me to say this, but I am glad NBC canceled the show before the "magic crystals" episodes completely destroyed the whole idea of The Smurfs.
  • one of best shows of the 80s.

    This cartoon show had a simple premise but possesses a very rich universe. There are a lot of characters in this show, all of them seem to function well as an ensemble. There are a few villains but enough to give the smurfs a very bad day. Gargamel evil plans are keeping the smurfs on their toes every now and then, this gives the storylines conflict and escapist tales. The smurfs were popular as little figurines. This is a very good show and a good merchandising toy line. Pokeman was a bad show, sadly kids were fooled into buying that merchandise. The smurfs are a good product line.
  • As a kid show, how could you not like this so.

    This was a great childrens program. It had the cute little blue smurfs that in a way are like elfs to me. They live in the forest and get along with all of the wildlife. THey go around helping all teh animals out and the people out to. Even thier enemy the help out. Poor gargamal. the main bad guy alwasy got the short end of the stick. HHe never won against the smurfs. Pappa smurf was the kindest and super father of the bunch he could do no wrong. I really like the smurfs best before the kid smurfs were added, they brought it down for me. I as a kid i loved it. Now, its only okay, but for the time and as a kid, it was one of the best.
  • This was a smurfing classic show

    I like the show, who can forget Gargamel and his sinister laugh, his theme music, the Azeral's meow, and his sidekick Scrouple. Who can forget the background music to the show (depending on the scenes). Who can forget the Smurfs theme song "La La La La La La. La La La La La." You were an 80's child that you were pondering why Smurfette is the only female Smurf and why did baby Smurf never grew up. My brother and I read the comic when the show was big. Do you remember the Smurf Volcabulary. "Let's pick some Smurf-berries!" "It's a Smurfy day." "Great Smurfs!" "Smurf-a-roo!" Remember Papa, Grandpa, Clumsy, Hefty, Handy, Clockwork, Grandma, Tailor, Brainy, Clumsy, Grouchy (reputated for saying "I hate..."), Slouchy, Jokey, Lazy, Poet, Vanity, Wild (a la Tarzan), Scaredy, Push-Over, Barber, Nobody, Greedy (or Baker), Painter (the Smurf with a French accent) and the Smurflings. Jokey smurfs everyone off with his presents that when opened they explode. Who can forget Jokey's laugh. There are some unusal episode I watched, one called "Purple Smurfs", "The Trojan Smurfs", the episode where there is a giant Smurf that captured Gargamel in a sac, and where the Smurfs had television by a chrystal. Remember Big Mouth and his wife Big Nose. You can't forget the Stalker, and Yojan and Peewit, and the stork they fly Papa Smurf flies with. I will never forget the episodes where they warp in time with the magic chrystals. And some episodes end with Brainy getting kicked, and landing on his head upside-down. What sick smurfing puppies.
  • It was another one of the great classic 80's cartoons.

    I liked this show even though it was the same thing over and over again, alwys getting captured by Gargamel and put into a little cage, because he was going to put them into a stew or something. I liked Azereal that was a cool cat, he was trh true victim, just doing what his owner says, and always having stuff fall on him or hit his tail. Smurfette, I know this is so overdone, but was everyone banging smurfette I guess we will never know. They might have been blue due to some std or something we don't know. That was a great show and I remember everyone had smurf sleeping bags, lunch boxes, shirts you name it they made money off of it, that's because of how great it was.
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