The Smurfs

NBC (ended 1989)





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  • I honestly can not stand this show

    I really tried giving The Smurfs a chance to impress me and make me like them, but it kept on disappointing me again and again. OK, I will be fair in saying this show is a classic and it had an interesting premise, but there are a lot of faults that make this show come up short. Now the show does have great animation and artwork for the time, it flows nicely and smoothly, and I have to say the episodes were pretty original, but it all goes downhill from here. I was annoyed with the Smurfs with how they keep using the word Smurf in every sentence, and I mean all the sentences. It's like 99.99% of the sentences they speak have the word Smurf in it, it's irritating to say the least. I also have to ask, why is there only one female in the entire show. I know there is another girl that will appear later in the series but honestly, one female are you kidding me?? There are 100 Smurfs and 99 of them are men, couldn't they make it 50 men and 50 women? Gargamel was the main villain in the series and watching his plans to catch Smurfs makes me feel like I am taking a look at Team Rocket's predecessor, and also I know he wants to make them into gold or eat them, but what does he have against them? He was apparently humiliated by them, but I saw the episode and he wasn't humiliated, he was just crushed by a rock and made a fool of himself by catching them for the rest of his life. But lets take a look at the stupidest bit of this show, in one episode Gargamel is turned into stone and is dead, but Papa Smurf wants to resurrect him because they would be no better than him or something and they do bring him back. You have GOT to be kidding me!! These guys have been hounded at, chased, nearly killed, and threatened by this guy for God knows how long and you want to bring him back?!?! IDIOTS! I just can't stand this show, and I am sorry if you are a fan of The Smurfs but it just does not work for me. My advice is to go see The Snorks, which is like the smurf underwater, but it's way better than this.