The Smurfs

Season 1 Episode 10

Soup A La Smurf

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 03, 1981 on NBC
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Soup A La Smurf
Bigmouth's soup becomes unappetizing when Papa Smurf puts a formula in it that disfigures the hungry ogre.

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  • "Smurf trickery" at it's best

    To me, this episode is the funniest of Season #1. It is "Smurf trickery" at it's best. The story starts when Brainy,Hefty,Clumsy and Greedy were off to pick Smurfberries. When suddenly there was a loud thumping in the woods and the four smurfs saw a large,lumbering figure heading for Gargamel's place; so they decide to investigate. The "figure" is a gluttonous ogre named Big Mouth and he nearly clean out Gargamel's pantry. Taking advantage of the ogre's appetite, Gargamel said that he would prepare him a tasty dish of "Soup ala Smurf," and when Brainy,Clumsy,Hefty and Greedy heard that, they went to warn the village.

    Of course, in the woods, Gargamel and Azrael lost their way, but Big Mouth manage to find the Smurf village by following Smurfette and Feather (their stork) when they were on the look-out for Gargamel and the ogre. But Papa Smurf has a plan - And that's all I could tell you of the story.

    I love it when the Smurfs say: "Oh yes he does! Yes he does!" And "No it isn't! No it isn't!" Those parts crack me up! And I love the expression on Gargamel's face when he turned Big Mouth into a pig.moreless
  • Well written

    The Smurfs used to be one of my favorite cartoons. Even now I like watching smurfs when I have a chance . There are many funny characters mostof them are smurfs with funny names depending on how are they behave . There is also Gargamel who always try to catch them but in the end he always loses . In this episode Bigmouth make a soup but it becmoes unappetizing when Papa Smurf puts a formula in it that disfigures the hungry ogre . Smurfs find themeselves in real danger but as always everything ends with a happy ending . This cartoon is good one and every kid should watch it .moreless

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