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Smush is an American game show hosted by Ken Ober and Lisa Dergan. Premiering in 2001, the show features four contestants that use clues to create new words or phrases, referred to as "smushes." In the first and second round, each contestant is given words, or clues, from which they must create the new smush, with the amount of clues given determining the points awarded. At the end of round two, a four-part question is given for extra points. After this, the hosts eliminate the two players with the lowest scores, and then the remaining contestants enter round three. In this last round, clues are given one at a time and the contestants have to create a compound smush as he or she adds words based on each subsequent clue. After seven clues, each of which is worth one point, the player with the highest score proceeds to the bonus round where he or she can win up to $8,000.