Season 2 Episode 9

Don't Know It Poet

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 1961 on CBS

Episode Recap

Snagglepuss runs a business in a fairytale like setting where he helps people with broken hearts find love.

His first customer is a man who is in love with a princess. Snagglepuss takes the job and the man gives him the address. He heads to the castle where she is and woos her.

She is pretty overweight and Snagglepuss can't figure out why any one would want her. He woos her and he goes to get the man and when the man gets there, she falls into his arms, however it is not the same women he is in love with.

We find out that his love has moved out and gone away. Snagglepuss is chased by the man and he wants his money back.

The End..