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Snakes & Loofahs

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Snakes & Loofahs is a children's film and an episode on Britain's popular kid series, Dramarama, from the Independent Television Authority. School is out and it's summer break for young Gemma, (Gemma Wardle) Meena (Aruna Shankar) and Pauline (Jane Fielding). The teens are lost in boredom, and they decide to become citizen detectives by forming a neighborhood watch team that scours the town for criminal behavior. The only problem is, the town is already clean, so the adolescents create some mischief to get exposure and spice things up. Gemma comes up with the idea to kidnap Mrs. Clough's (Eileen O'Brien) dog, and Meena hides an old lady's (Nora Fulton) garden hose for safe keeping. The group becomes instant hometown heroes after returning the stolen items to their owners. Pauline soon spots a strange man (Andrew Tansey) and his driver (Mark Johnson) in a suspicious car. The watch team secretly follows the car as it parks in front of Mr. Leamington's (Cliff Howells) house. When the men turn out to be real burglars, the kids must form an ingenious plan to save the day. Their idea results in a surprising and painful awaking for the burglars.