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  • Narrator

    I love the show but can only watch a small portion of it due to the horrible voice of the narrator. She's toooo dramatic and impossible to listen to for very long.

    PLEASE replace her.

    I'd be happy to audition.

    Honestly, anyone else would be better.

    First - the narrator. Too annoying to listen to for an entire program. Someone with a smooth, nice voice would be beneficial. Second - sometimes when witnesses, are being interviewed, the only clip "entered" are a few short words, then back to narration. That interrupts a smooth flow.

    So, replace the narrator (contact me ;) ) and either allow more on camera time for the witnesses and so forth, or just leave them completely out.

    The STORIES, themselves, are great.

    I can't tolerate that horrible, nasally, excitable voice long enough to finish an episode! It's horrible!
  • TV show - SNAPPED

    I think that the voice of the woman who narrates Snapped is extremely irritating. I wish producers would change it to one that is pleasant to listen to. Thank you.
  • looking for an tv show

    did you air a show that a women tries to kill her husband with 3 heavey medals or maybe she does don't remember but if you could please help me find this I would be so you very much
  • suggestion for a show

    I don't know if this is the correct way to go about this, but I would like to see a Snapped episode about Carole Cottini Gold. She is the former playboy bunny who is doing a life sentence for conspiring to murder her husband. she is in prison in Arizona.
  • It is just me?

    I happen to know a group of people who are part of a big investigation unit. I asked them if the ratios of crime is much higher among females than males, and their answer surprised me.

    It is just me... or all the cases presented in this show are female killers? What happened with the males?

  • Interesting but Limited Scope

    While a well-done show without the cheesiness of so many "reenactment" approaches to the topic of real crime, the limited scope of the show becomes repetitive.

    Impressed with the live interviews of many of the people involved in the cases - from Law Enforcement to family, crime scene analysts, forensic behavioral therapists and even perpetrators of these tragic crimes - definitely the show's strength.

    Focus on "the perfect life" to "kill the husband" as the primary plot for seasons of a show like this have drained it of any surprise after only a few episodes, hence my 7.

    A good show for real crime buffs who prefer less reenactment and more reality. My recommendation: watch it over time to keep your perspective fresh.


    Just saw the Tracey Richtor episode. I just can't understand how a jury felt like there was no reasonable doubt in that case. There was never any explanation or attempt to explain her injuries. I hope an appellate court overturns this.
  • I just wrote a summary but I think the first one regarding Daunte Sutorious, (Della Hall) didn't go through and maybe the one written about the show did.

    If the second one went through I didn't mention her name, just our family, requesting personal family photos be removed, especially MY MOTHER'S photo.
    It has had an adverse effect on my mom's health and life. If Della finally manages to kill her, even from prison, I don't think you want to be involved.
    Thank you.
    Let's be fair, please. Della has caused enough harm to enough people. She knows what she's doing. This is her way of blaming her mental issues on my mom. She held a pair of sharp scissors at my mother's neck while she was sleeping when Della was only 7 years old threatening to kill her if I didn't do what she said. I doubt Della aka Daunte will ever get out of prison. I'm also surprised (we all are) that she's still alive, living in such close quarters with other people, but please do not help her continue to cause my mother's health to spiral with her face continuously being plastered across the screen and her friends telling her, "I saw you on tv!" Della's the one that always wanted to have fame and fortune. My mother does not want to be on television.SERIOUSLY.
  • Snapped? Unstabe and mental people would just SNAP and KILL a loved one.

    First time I have seen this show and it gave me chills of how crazy some people really are. Its so hard to believe that a woman would risk everything she has, her life, freedom, family for a man...why? because he cheated...they all do...but you don't see every woman kill their husband! Its definetly a mental issu here, an unstable person can only snap and kill...healthy minded people will snap bc its only normal to react that way when bad news is heard, but healthy minded people would also leave their partners, or divorce them...but not kill them....

    Everytime I watch Snapped, it makes me think how you just dont know who people are these days...Doctors, lawyers, housewives, Pastors, Nurses, Teachers....professionals in society and one day they just SNAP and kill....there's more to it than just rage, jealousy, bc they were born killers...

    Women get too caught up in their relationships...where some women live only for their man, their man is everything, they cant go on without their man...its time women wake up to themselves and realize that men dont revolve their life around us, thats why they cheat and lie...their love is not as strong as ours..we are more emotional than men..but men react differently...they walk away bc there's another woman on the way...and life goes on for them...SO why would any woman waste their time and energy and life to SNAP and committ a crime just bc men want to do their own thing????

    WAKE UP WOMEN...we live in the 20th, committment, respect, loyalty, faithfulness, honesty doesnt exist dont allow urself to be in denial and think otherwise....walk away from a relationship the minute you see the slightess problem....dont wait until you SNAP and the next thing you wake up on deathrow...bc men arent worth it......

    Anyhow, i do love the show...its a shame we dont have it back at home in Australia...
  • True Crime Stories all starring women. What more could you want?

    I'm a true crime junkie. I've read over 200 books in the genre and continue to love watching shows on TV about true crime. Like "City Confidential", "Snapped!" focus' on a narrative that's interesting, concise and well thought out. Only 30 min, it's the perfect little thing to sit down to and have a cup of tea (with or without poison!). Each episode focus' on the crime, setting, investigation and also if available, interviews with the women themselves. I'm so glad to see that Oxygen is running a new series this October. I've watched every eppy once or twice and can't wait to see what they've cooked up now.
  • reality at its best

    This is an awesome series. It shows the truth on crimes. It also gives us unsite to a killers mind from time to time. It shows the how and why's of a killer. Women are not usually depicted in crime drama's or crime realities. In Snapped however women are the focus of the crimes. It shows why these women do what they do. What motivated them and why they are where they are today be it in Jail or free. Great show
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