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  • I just wrote a summary but I think the first one regarding Daunte Sutorious, (Della Hall) didn't go through and maybe the one written about the show did.

    If the second one went through I didn't mention her name, just our family, requesting personal family photos be removed, especially MY MOTHER'S photo.
    It has had an adverse effect on my mom's health and life. If Della finally manages to kill her, even from prison, I don't think you want to be involved.
    Thank you.
    Let's be fair, please. Della has caused enough harm to enough people. She knows what she's doing. This is her way of blaming her mental issues on my mom. She held a pair of sharp scissors at my mother's neck while she was sleeping when Della was only 7 years old threatening to kill her if I didn't do what she said. I doubt Della aka Daunte will ever get out of prison. I'm also surprised (we all are) that she's still alive, living in such close quarters with other people, but please do not help her continue to cause my mother's health to spiral with her face continuously being plastered across the screen and her friends telling her, "I saw you on tv!" Della's the one that always wanted to have fame and fortune. My mother does not want to be on television.SERIOUSLY.