Sniz & Fondue

Nickelodeon (ended 2000)


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  • Kablam!

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  • Sniz and Fondue, the best way to spend 5 minutes of your life.

    Sniz and Fondue is a very funny show featuring Sniz, the crazy, spontaneous, mischeivious mole and his older brother Fondue, the reliable, responsible, stable mole. Sniz and Fondue contained many funny episodes and aired on the Nickelodeon show Kablam as a five minute short shown nearly on every episode of Kablam's history. The episodes of Sniz and Fondue usually contain an adventure and are sure to include a bunch of laughs. Sniz and Fondue make a great team with their exact opposite personallities, and create great entertainment. Sniz and Fondue was also featured as commercial on Nicktoons a couple years back, but it really did deserve it's own show. Although not long in length, had some serious potential to create one of the greatest cartoons of all time.
  • Very classic, and one of my favorites.

    This is a very good show packed to the brim with humor. Sniz is an excellent character that is always getting into trouble somehow or another, and Fondue is the smart one that always comes to the rescue. Sniz and Fondue go through multiple odd adventures. This show made it's debut on Kablam, which is one of my most favorite shows. This is an excellent show that makes Kablam's line-up of shows even better than it already is. I wish this show would come back because, I know it wasn't such a big hit, but I thought it had potential.
  • This was a really good short on a good show

    Sniz and Fondue is a show about to young moles and their parents. All I have heard about this show from other people is how bad it is and stupid it is. This was a funny show, with off the wall themes. I don't know why I like this show so much maybe it's because I loved Kablam when I was a little kid, and I have found memories watching this show on Friday nights. Sniz and Fondue is a very underrated, very underappreciated show. I really found this show entertaining and really enjoyed it.
  • It was unique.

    I have an obsession for strange and unique shows, this was definatly one. If they could bring back Sniz and Fondue and redo the entire show, I have a feeling with todays world it would do much better. It was about two moles who were insane, crazy, and really didnt even know they were alive. They constantly did off the wall, stupid stuff that no one normal would. And the show was actually entertaining. Something very few shows could ever obtain. If you can ever catch Kablam! and see this show, I have a feeling you might like it.