Snoop Dogg's Father Hood

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Snoop Dogg's Father Hood

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Join rap star Snoop Dogg as he gives you an inside look at his home and family. Meet his wife Shante, his sons Cordell and Corde, and daughter Cori. See Snoop stress out trying to balance the roles of father, husband, rap superstar, and businessman.

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AIRED ON 1/25/2009

Season 2 : Episode 8

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  • Great show from Snoop! Interesting moments all time... great music, good look into Snoop`s life! From this show format- think this is THE BEST!

    I`m big Snoop fan so my precision may be no 100% but, this show make me feel atmosphere from Snoop`s life. Before time Doggy fizzle televizzle wasn`t good hit... but this:} when i watch it Father Hood for the first time i say YEA! thats what i waiting for! my man dont disappointing me. Before this show i dont know this side from Snoop life i mean- everybody can read BIO`s and stuff, but in this show i see Snoop`s behaviour ... sooo i get some chicken wing and beer and watch it every time! When i put this show and OZZZBrrr 1:1 haha *$#*#*@! P.S. In the last episode the moment with New video, i wana say Bravo this song kick a** i like it verry much, have frends who dont like it/ and manny people from WEB/BUT..this is one kind of oldschool inovation # we need somethink like this... we need some Sensual Seduction la la la

    Sorry from my bad english!moreless
  • The life of rapper, Snoop Doog. This show displays the everyday life of Snoop Dogg's family and how great of a father he is to his wife and kids.

    This show is the best reality TV Show out there right now. Most of the other shows are drama crap like the Hills, but I love how this shows the side of Snoop no body really gets to see. He's such a great father and would do anything to help his kids out. Despite the fact that he's always getting in some sort of, it's always for the benefit of the family. For example, getting in the boxing ring with Roy Jones Jr, to get in shape so he can live longer for his children. Now that is something that needs to be highlighted!moreless
  • Gets boring at times

    even though the show is a classic it can boring so i changed the channel then i watch the exciting parts E! shouldnt cancle the show becuse half there shows dont even make since Deinese Richards sucks Lohan Sucks Kardashian is okay i think E! The Soup is like the only other good show they have Girls next door is jsut so stupid just gay retarted and the channel needs help bad wwith its idol obssetion David cook won a month ago and there still talkin bout it i think its boring at times thats my opinaion al right my opiionmoreless
  • I luv this show.

    This is the best show in the whole wide world. Its entertaining and funny. I love every thing about it. Especially Snoop Doggs son Corde. He is so so sexy. And he is only 13 years old. He is the best looking thirteen year old I've seen in my whole life. And Corde's muscles are too beautiful and big. I love his arms. He is one of the only reasons why I watch this show. But another reason why I am a fan of Snoop Doggs show is because of the things he says. Like on the Snoop it like Beckham episode, he hollerd "Where the hood at. Are you not entertained." I thought that was so funny. I love Snoop Doggs father hood!!!moreless
  • This show is a lot better than I thought it would be!

    I admit, I thought this show would be a ghetto "Run's House" but I actually like it. It shows that not all rappers are out running the streets and being 'gangsta'; some people actually help raise their families and involve themselves with their children. Aside from Snoop having a lifetime high, he's actually pretty fun to watch interacting with wife and kids. His kids are a bit rowdy but whose kids aren't. His wife Shante seems pretty no-nonsense, well, for the show that is. I like the fact that they still go on dates and trips, and I love the respect he shows her. I recommend the show for families, it's very entertaining.moreless
  • 2007 E! Entertainment Television, Inc
  • 2007 E! Entertainment Television, Inc

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