Snoop Dogg's Father Hood

Sunday 10:30 PM on E! Premiered Dec 09, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Season 2
    • Back to School
      Back to School
      Episode 8
      See the whole Snoop family embrace new beginnings on the season finale of "Snoop Dogg's Father Hood." When Snoop's oldest son Corde prepares to start high school, Snoop looks back at his own past and offers him some advice on how to survive this next chapter of his life. When Shante throws a back-to-school party for Corde, she realizes her son is already becoming a young man when he starts to distance himself from her. Meanwhile, Anthony gets the surprise of a lifetime when his internship at the radio station could lead to his dream of becoming an on-air talent, and the family schedules one final dinner together before the kids start school. Plus, don't miss special behind-the-scenes bloopers you won't see anywhere else!moreless
    • Snoop On the Move
      Where in the world is Snoop? Join the Doggfather and his crew as his gigs take him around the globe, everywhere from a California military base to his favorite city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands! When he returns home, the rapper also takes part in a celebrity basketball game to benefit foster kids and puts on his producer hat as he hits the recording studio with wrestler-turned-musician John Cena. Meanwhile, while her hubby is away on tour, Shante sends her crew on a wild goose chase (literally) to find animals for the new farm she is building in the family's backyard.moreless
    • Lil' Snoop
      Lil' Snoop
      Episode 6
      Like father, like son! Snoop's son Rook is well on his way to becoming another superstar in the family. He loves money, but he has no idea what it takes to actually make some! To teach Rook a lesson, Snoop casts his son to star in his latest music video, but can his boy handle the long hours and multiple takes? Meanwhile, Snoop puts the pedal to the metal when he takes on David Spade in a celebrity racing challenge. Will the Doggfather be left in the dust? Cori also gets a taste of the spotlight when she outshines Anthony at his radio station gig.moreless
    • Snoop's Got Heart
      Four years ago, Snoop started his own Youth Football League to provide opportunities to inner-city kids and their families. In order for his league to succeed, Snoop has clocked countless hours coaching and supporting these kids to keep them focused and on the right path. See what happens when Snoop takes one young boy under his wing and acts as his inspirational father figure. Meanwhile, Shante wants to spend more quality time with Snoop and takes him to a ballroom dancing class for a romantic date. Will Snoop show off his fancy footwork? Watch and see!moreless
    • Snoop's New Dogg House
      Even though he's the man of the house, Snoop has gotten squeezed out of his own space by his wife, his kids and his growing menagerie of pets. Instead, Snoop has been escaping to his tool shed in the backyard for some alone time, but the small, sad space is in desperate need of a manly makeover! So while Snoop and his sons head to Las Vegas for a few days, the "Man Caves" team arrives to totally pimp out his pad and give the Dogg Father everything he's always dreamed of. Meanwhile, Snoop and his sons take in Sin City and get the ride of their lives when they go off-road truck racing.moreless
    • Dogg Fight
      Dogg Fight
      Episode 3
      For Father's Day, Snoop and his family spend the day at Knott's Berry Farm to hang with the original Snoop (Snoopy!) and ride some roller coasters. Afterwards, Snoop meets up with his friend and former boxing champion Roy Jones, Jr. for a little basketball, but the subject quickly turns to the two teaming up in the boxing ring. Snoop can't pass up the chance to challenge the ex-champ, so he quickly starts training to get in fighting shape. But will his boxing dreams be slashed once he goes up against a real professional fighter? Meanwhile, Shante starts watching her weight and tries to motivate her family to eat healthier foods.moreless
    • Snoop the Sitter
      Snoop the Sitter
      Episode 2
      In honor of Mother's Day, Snoop decides that it's time for his wife Shante to have a night to herself, so he agrees to watch over his daughter's slumber party. But can the Dogg Father really handle fifteen screaming tweens cooped up in one small space? Meanwhile, Snoops' honorary son Anthony snags a gig at an oldies radio station, but when he shows up late, he quickly gets demoted to an intern. After a lecture from Snoop, Anthony realizes he still has a lot to learn, but will he be willing to work his way up--and eventually on-air?moreless
    • Quarterback Camp
      Quarterback Camp
      Episode 1
      In the season premiere of "Snoop Dogg's Father Hood," Snoop's oldest son Spank is given the opportunity of a lifetime when he's accepted at a high-powered football camp. But when he starts to blow off his responsibilities and not take the opportunity seriously, Snoop is forced to step in and explain to his son that this is his ticket to college and the NFL. Even with pep talks from football all-stars like Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, Spank is still slacking in the discipline department. Will Snoop be able to motivate Spank to step out of his shadow and make a name for himself? Meanwhile, his wife Shante considers building a barn in the back of their property to host a menagerie of new animals. Will Snoop approve?moreless
  • Season 1