Snoop Dogg's Father Hood

Sunday 10:30 PM on E! Premiered Dec 09, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • It's a nice show and it has it's fun moments but there's way too much staging going on and it's as far from the hood as cats are from dogs.

    I was looking forward to this show but after two episodes of it I'm having my doubts if I'll give it a third view. Snoop Dogg, the notorious gangster and pimpslapping **** nizzle has it's own "reality TV-Show". It's too bad though that reality consists of a script with dialogue that's been written by a 12-year old.
    The show gets funny when you can see some of the wise-ass Snoop Dogg in his more natural moments but all falls down just a few moments later ruining it.
    Bill Cosby was more gangsta then this... I don't know... maybe I'll do one more?!