Snoop Dogg's Father Hood

Sunday 10:30 PM on E! Premiered Dec 09, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Great show from Snoop! Interesting moments all time... great music, good look into Snoop`s life! From this show format- think this is THE BEST!

    I`m big Snoop fan so my precision may be no 100% but, this show make me feel atmosphere from Snoop`s life. Before time Doggy fizzle televizzle wasn`t good hit... but this:} when i watch it Father Hood for the first time i say YEA! thats what i waiting for! my man dont disappointing me. Before this show i dont know this side from Snoop life i mean- everybody can read BIO`s and stuff, but in this show i see Snoop`s behaviour ... sooo i get some chicken wing and beer and watch it every time! When i put this show and OZZZBrrr 1:1 haha *$#*#*@! P.S. In the last episode the moment with New video, i wana say Bravo this song kick a** i like it verry much, have frends who dont like it/ and manny people from WEB/BUT..this is one kind of oldschool inovation # we need somethink like this... we need some Sensual Seduction la la la
    Sorry from my bad english!