Snooper and Blabber

Season 1 Episode 3

Real Gone Ghosts

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1959 on



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    • (Snooper's bomb goes off and the ship sinks)
      Blabber: The captain ain't gonna like it, Snoop. There ain't no ship!
      Snooper: Yeah, but like I said, there ain't no ghosts.

    • (Harum stops Blabber from running)
      Harum: Why the speed, Keed?
      Blabber: I saw a ghost! Let me through! Let me through!
      Harum: (opens door on himself) Be my ghost. (laughs as Blabber runs through him)

    • (the ghosts can be heard making a ghostly laugh on board the ship)
      Snooper: Something must be pretty funny up there, Blab.
      Blabber: Oh yeah? You laugh, I'm scrammin'! (runs away)
      Snooper: Come back here, you chicken detective you!

    • Snooper: (answers phone) Snooper and Blabber, private eyes. When others fail, we stay on the trail.

    • Narrator: Good evening. Welcome aboard the S. S. Gruesome for a ghastly tale of a ghostly ship. The story begins here in the captain's cabin. Come in, please don't be scared. You'll only be scared out of your mind, do you mind?

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