Snoops - Season 1

ABC (ended 1999)


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  • Swan Chant (a.k.a. Swann Song)
    Glenn and Suzanne (now working for the agency), have to take care of a famous singer addicted to drugs. Rose Carmody, widow of a millionaire, asks the agency for help. The son of her ex-husband is contesting his will. The agency is part of the will, and Glenn decides not to take her case. Manny takes it behind her back and Rose becomes the new owner of Glenn Hall Inc. Roberta decides to leave the agency to work as a creative consultant on a new TV show about private investigators. Jamie asks Glenn to join her in her band and go on tour with her. Suzanne decides to go back to Washington. Rose fires Glenn from the agency and she decides to leave.moreless
  • The Stolen Diskette (a.k.a. Slipped Disc)
    The FBI is after some diskettes that are supposed to be with Glenn. Turns out a kid copied criminal information from the mob family Kushner computer and told that Glenn had them. McCormack decides to leave the police and Agent Shivers asks Glenn if she can join the agency.
  • Blood Lines
    Blood Lines
    Episode 11
    Caroline is very sick from leukemia and Glenn has to find a matching donator. After she tracks down her birth mother's rapist, she has to convince him to donate his medulla. He demands a deal. He will only donate his medulla if the charges of rape against him are dropped. Dana is investigating Sam, a mentally disable man that works in the police office. He has been hiding drugs for money, thinking that he is helping people. After Dana tells him the truth, he kills the drug dealers. He runs into Ms. Jennings rapist in the hospital and threats to kill him. Dana tries to make him stop, but he shoots her and she dies.moreless
  • A Criminal Mind
    A Criminal Mind
    Episode 10
    Under hypnosis a man draws a map, which leads Glenn, and Dana to a dead woman buried inside an oil drum. Roberta and Manny team up with a bounty hunter to recapture an escaped bank robber.
  • The Grinch
    The Grinch
    Episode 9
    A man puts a hit out on his wife and he comes to Manny to get him to carry it out. Glenn must discover who's breaking into people's homes and stealing their Christmas gifts.
  • True Believers
    True Believers
    Episode 8
    Glenn Hall Inc. along with Greg and Dana (she has now rejoined the force) must save a woman from a kidnapper. The woman's father had them kidnap her to save her from a cult but he wasn't really her father, just an actor who later winds up dead. They suspect the cult of kidnapping her for financial reasons but then start to question the parents. It turns out she had kidnapped herself.moreless
  • Constitution
    Episode 7
    A man is suspected of killing his mother-in-law. His future father-in-law suspects a man of being gay and he hires Glenn to find out. Turns out he's actually a gay basher.
  • Separation Anxiety
    Separation Anxiety
    Episode 6
    Glenn helps a 14-year-old girl find her biological mother. Dana is being stalked.
  • The Heartless Bitch
    A man comes to Glenn wanting her and Dana to find the recipient of his dead wife's heart. Manny and Roberta must find out if a woman is cheating on her fiancée.
  • Higher Calling
    Higher Calling
    Episode 4
    Glenn and Dana must find a tape, which might cause a political scandal if exposed. Manny helps his priest find out who is blackmailing him.
  • Strange Bedfellas
    Strange Bedfellas
    Episode 3
    The man that Glenn is dating becomes a client when his store is robbed of some money and it's believed to be an inside job. Then the prime suspect is found murdered in her tub. A computer disk found in a safe in the wall at the murdered woman's house and it's discovered that the disk contains some information on her boss that was worth having her killed for. Glenn finds out that her boyfriend has some underworld connections and that his name is Jason not Jack. Manny must prove that a man is faking back and neck injuries.moreless
  • Bedfellas
    Episode 3
  • Singer in the Band
    Singer in the Band
    Episode 2
    Roberta goes after a deadbeat dad who won't pay his child support. Glenn goes undercover as an amateur country singer to lure a serial killer who preys on female country singers.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    A woman comes to the Glenn Hall Inc. private detective agency hoping that they can prove that her cousin was murdered and that she didn't die of a heart attack, as it appeared she did. Not only do they prove that she was murdered but they find out that she was murdered by her cousin and her cousin's nephew-in-law for the inheritance.moreless